The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 55

Day 55 / 210 Days Until I Ship

Today was "33" thru "Kobol's Last Gleaming," which essentially means I watched all of S1 in one day. God.

So the thing about BSG is this: you can't watch just one. It's like fries. Or M&Ms. Looking back over S1, it's easy to see how formulaic the whole thing is. I mean, "Bastille Day" is like so many ST episodes it's not worth listing them all. Ditto for "Colonial Day." But, like fries, you can't stop after just one. It gets under your skin and you just have to keep watching.

What's the gateway drug of choice these days? Because maybe that's the better corollary.

Anyway, with the exception of "Bastille Day" and "Litmus," I really enjoyed S1. Though I must say I'm enjoying it in different ways than I did on my first viewing. Knowing who all the cylons are - and what happens in the end - really changes my perspective on things. For instance, Baltar and Boomer are both far more sympathetic characters than before, and I'm looking at Chief - who is mostly defined by his relationship to Boomber in the early episodes - in a whole different light than I did the first time (though he's still my fav, after Adama Sr). I'm waiting anxiously for Sam, though - despite the fact I hate how he's mostly defined by his relationship to Starbuck until S3. 

That all being said, I love the style and feel of BSG - it's very dark, and desperate, and running on passion most of the time, in a way that more than makes up for it's failings. It is beautifully written - in that, no matter what direction the story goes, however bizarre, the words themselves are beautiful. Adama Sr's are just beautifully done (and I may actually be crushing on him. I will have to examine this and get back to you guys on that, as it feels Oedipal just thinking about that) and Roslin has some lovely ones as well. The graphics, filmography, and music are above and beyond most other SyFy of the time. (Though I do still hate it for helping get ENT cancelled.) 

It's failings are mostly in the whole "courtroom episode" and "jail episode" direction. The religious discussions are still intriguing at this point, rather than vaguely repetitive, and the whole "redemption is death" thing hasn't been overdone yet. Plus, I've still yet to be serious annoyed by the Lee/Kara thing yet, so that's always a plus. 

Random thoughts include: 1) Always listen to your NCOs. Military SyFy always stresses the officers and rarely acknowledges this point, though pt2 of "Kobol's Last Gleaming" does this well. 2) I've completed half a puzzled watching this and got like no writing done, so that's the plan for the rest of the night. 3) Looks like my "free" tickets will end up costing $500 in total travel expenses, so that looks out of the question now. I'm not really upset, though my brother is devastated. 4) My back is killing me. Seriously, it might actually be. 5) I did somehow manage to more or less finish the mix for S2 of the AJ 'verse. I still need to do the image - and finish the fraking season - but that's something at least. 6) The first few episodes of S2 of BSG are some of my least favourites, so we'll see how that goes tomorrow. 7) RL is annoying. 8) Having watched the series once before, I now veiw almost all of "Kobol's Last Gleaming" as an Oympian style family fight. Jupiter and Juno going at it, with Apollo and Posidon caught on the sidelines. 

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BSG does have beautiful music, and it has some fantastic speeches/lines. By the end of the show, I was so angry by Boomer's actions that I had no sympathy left. Of course, that was my first time viewing. Watching it again, knowing what's coming, I'll probably feel pretty bad for her. But Chief is love and Sam ♥
I think half the love I have for BSG is music related. The music does everything for it - hightens everything. The rest is because of the wonderful quotes you can pull from it. That speech I quoted yesterday from the miniseries is one of my favs ever.

But, yeah. Boomer is... in many ways, she was corrupted by Cavil. Twisted. And the rest of her felt betrayed by her crewmates, who accepted Athena but not her. So you can kinda feel sorry for her, at least in S1.

Chief and Sam are definately <3. (I was telling my brother " < 3 " of something once on a instant message chat, and the messager change it into a heart automatically. It was very akward.)
The music is gorgeous. My friend shared the OSTs with me, and I am so grateful. It really takes powerful scenes and makes them even more poignant.

Oh, I felt sorry for Boomer. I'd feel for her, and she'd do something and I'd get angry with her - in the end, I just threw my hands up and went "UGH." She just repeatedly made bad choices, and she let her jealousy of Athena poison her even more, and then as you said - Cavil twists her.

They're some of my favorites :D (Oh, hawkward. I know on facebook a <3 automatically turns into a ♥ - but it could definitely lead to awkward moments.)
Boomer actually reminds me of my best friend from high school. Not all the time, mind you, but they'd both have the same way of letting their emotions get the better of them - and doing not so great things as a result. Granted, my BF never shot someone, but still.

(Yea. My brother thought I'd gone insane. I rarely use emoticons outside of fandom squeeing.)
Mm, your friend does sound like Boomer.

(Yeah, I'm much the same way. Though I rarely text.)
I used to work for AT&T, so texting has become second nature to me. It's easier and more conveient than actually having to talk to people.

Yes, I am exactly the social parriah that makes me sound like.

But, yea, she was totally like Boomer. Her mother once grounded her (not that this ever really amounted to anything, as the BF practically lived in my dorm room anyway) on the night of a big school dance, so I had to go down to the dance (which I'd never planned on attending), find the BF's boyfriend of the time (who I'd not yet met) and explain exactly why his date wasn't showing up.

Actually, I had to do that with a lot of her boyfriends... (on retrospect, I ended up hitting a lot of them too. And about half of them were named Anthony. Huh.)

God. That was a weird trrip down memory lane.