Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 54

Day 54 / 211 Days Until I Ship

I scrapped SGU entirely and went for the BSG miniseries today.

So, first off:  SGU sucks. It just does. I tried. I really, really tried. I have the stubbornness of an ornery mule and once walked on a broken leg for 5 days before allowing myself to be taken to the hospital on the off chance it was sprained (Mom was not happy). I was going to be pedantic. I was going to finish the series this time, but I only made it as far as the first 10 minutes of "Water" before giving up the ghost and saying to hell with it. I hate all the characters except Eli and, occasionally, Rush. Young is awfully whiny for a man of his rank and Chloe... well, there are homicidal feelings involved. I tried watching "Seizure," just because it has Rodney in it, but it was just I've no fraking idea what's going on so I gave up on that too and decided to go with BSG because, if SGU was trying to be it, I might as well watch the real deal.

(Though I feel I'm going to take some of the people, significantly alter their "destinies," and use him in the AJ 'verse. 'Cause it's AU and I can do that.) 

So, BSG. The miniseries... well, to be honest, until the bombs start dropping, is kinda crap. Adama's speeches - the one at the begining where he says "You cannot play god and then wash your hands of the things you created. Sooner or later, the day comes when you cannot hide from the things you've done anymore" and the one at the end, about finding Earth - are just drop dead amazing, though, and I admit to several tears through the the last 2 hours of the miniseries. Because you can't watch a nuclear apocoyplse, even on TV, without tearing up. 

Plus, knowing who all the cylons are now just makes things that much more interesting this time around, even if a) I know the writers didn't actually plan anything at all and b) my stalwart and earnest desire for a fic where the final five know they're cylons from the begining is probably deviant in the extreme. 

The Lee/Kara angle is still fresh enough for me not to be annoyed by it, and the tension between Rosin and Adama is lovely and perfect for this kind of situation. Though I admit my primary ship for BSG is Chief/Anders, despite there being all of 5 fics in the universe for it - or so I've found. 

Random thoughts include: 1) The graphics are beautiful. Just wonderful. 2) BSG is proabably the most "realistic" of what space battles would be like. 3) Baltar is much more sympathetic a character this time around. 4) Vengence is overrated. 5) I watch this and keep imaging what Iohannes would say about it. I keep intending to write a fic about it, but I can't figure out exactly how to go about that yet. And, plus, I'd really like to finish S2 one day. 6) I've too many projects going at once, it seems. How did my July end up so busy? 7) Hoping to finish my McShep match fic tonight so I can work on popkin's bday present and then get back to the AJ 'verse. 8) No news on what we're doing about the concert yet. 9) I've just now arbitrarily decided to see if I can find a way to work a Rush/Chole angle into a fic I write for SGU. As a challenge to myself. Though I may forget. 10) Destiny was so my favourite character in SGU. Apparently this is obvious, given my feelings for Atlantis (which are such that I've named my iPad after her. My previous iPods were "Overlord" - from Dune - and "Andromeda Ascendant" - from Roddenberry's significantly underrated Andromeda. I've portable harddrives named "HAL" and "Skynet" as well.) 

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I was once going to write a complete AU where Eli was Rodney's annoying assistant XD

Papa Adama is my favorite. He's one of the few characters on the show that my opinion never wavered on. I ship Chief/Anders too. Haven't dared look for fic, though. I need to rewatch with the knowledge of who the cylons are this time - I'll probably notice things I missed the first time. I like the names you gave your various techs XD
Ah, but Eli is Math Boy. Hint hint. Nudge. Wink.

Papa Adama is definately my favourite. He's such a good, solid character - really representing the Jovian ideals of a "King of the Gods" that he's meant to portray (or so assume) without the womanizing Jupiter got up to. Everyone on Galactica is his child.

There are a couple Chief/Anders fics on my rec list - they're not brilliant, but they do. "Good" is my favourite of the two. I only discovered them because the writer wrote a McShep marriage of convience fic, and I'm a sucker for those. In any fandom, really. It's a strange kink, I guess, but it's mine. I embrace it.

Mom calls me crazy for naming my tech after usually evil AIs, but she names her stuff after TOS characters, so she's not got a leg to stand on. Especially since she's up to "U" in her number/letter of drives.
Isn't "fraking" just such a brilliant word?

Chief/Anders sounds like it has potential. It has the advantage of being two characters I already like.

I think one of my favorite things from BSG was when Chief built his own viper from spare parts and whatever he could scavenge.

I'm itching to rewatch, but I gave all the disks back to my brother, including the ones I hadn't watched all the way through. *sighs*
fraking is my new favourite word. And the more I watch BSG the more I want Cheif/Anders. I've a vague idea for a fic... but I really want to finish S2 of the AJ 'verse first.
That part was great, I admit. Though I just watched the part in "Fragged" when Chief went rambo on the cylons and am kinda in love with that.
they're on netflix if you want.
Will have to make some time for that then. Although you've now got 1 season head start on me *headdesks*

I'm sure "fraking" ended up in my vocabulary for a while after watching BSG the first time.

it only took me 1 day to watch all of S1... and if it wasn't for the fact I wanted to get some writing in, I wouldn't have stopped today. God, how did it get to be afternoon already?