For any and all wishing to see pics from my St Louis Trip, I've now got a photobucket account where you can veiw them. Not all pics are up yet and I haven't quite figured out how to rotate the pics yet (d'oh) but I'll get it all up. Eventually.
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Oooo - you've got some gorgeous pictures there :D I'm amused that you never look happy in pictures though.
well most of them are self portraits, and I can't seem to be able to take a picture and smile at the same time. Thought there are some in the last batch mom took that I'm smiling in. Mostly, though, I was POed the entire time - but you knew that already.
not really. I do "stoic" really well. (I've been unironically compared to Data and Spock all my life).

but mostly I seem to lack control of my facial muscles while doing self-portraits. I'm too caught up in trying to get all of me in frame for it really work. I'll post some smiley ones later tonight/sometime tomorrow, promise. Even if I have to go back a couple of years to find some. ;)
I don't want you to feel as though you have to post some smiley pictures - I mean, I'd love to see them if you feel like posting, but I was just amused at your expression in all the pictures.

There are worse people to be compared to XD

And I don't feel obligated. I'm planning on posting some from other events anyway, for my HS friends who want copies of pics from there. Most of those are smily.
yeah. I've not booted up the computer with the pics on them yet... too distracted by bsg. and mcshep match fic. God. I WILL finish it. Tonight. I swear. Even if it turns out to be early hours of tomorrow morning.
The gardens look lovely in the photos and the caverns look very interesting, they remind me of some caverns I visited in Ibiza
the gardens were truely lovely. my only regret about the caverns is that the lighting was such that it was hard to get good pics.
and the built in flash on cameras doesnt help much either

I have a setting on my Nikon that is rear slow flash that actually flashes twice but not tried it somewhere like that yet.

I might have to go down Nottingham's caves to try it out
yeah, all i have is this anceint point and shoot. mom has a nicer nikon, with real lenses and everything, but practially that one is easier to use, as I don't really do a lot of "artistic" shots. Oh, I try for them - I think I've about 20 of me trying to capture a water droplet from this trip alone - but it's mostly spur of the moment artisticness. I long ago realized that my muse - and talent - extends only to prose.

do tell me how that wordks out.