I was put off by the one of the storylines where someone supposedly goes off and has loads of sex while in someone else's body..
yeah. that one put me off the first time I tried to watch this series, but I didn't even make it that far this time. I finished "Light," started "Water," and then skipped ahead to "Seizure" and gave up.
I had the same problem londonsabre did. I watched the first part of the first episode (and liked it), and then skipped to Rodney's episode - but I'd heard about the body swap episode and decided SGU wasn't the show for me. Though I still have Rodney's episode on my computer.
Yeah. I know what you mean. I tried. I tried and tried and tried and I am *stubborn* - but I just couldn't do it. I watched enough to give me my plan for the AJ 'verse version of this series, and, well, the rest I can get from stargate wiki.
I suppose you could say you watched just enough, if you have a plan for the AJ 'verse. I don't blame you for being unable to finish - though I hear the show was just getting good when it was cancelled *shrug*
yeah. apparently it won all sorts of awards last week for its last season... but I couldn't get that far, I just couldn't. I've never been able to take the Lucian Alliance seriously. It's like:

"we need a new exuse for bad guys in leather pants."
"oh, I know: space pirates."
"how about space drug dealers?"
"how about drug dealing space pirates in goa'uld motherships, so we don't have to budget new special effects?"
"I like it. Let's use that."
"So what's their motivation?"
"I dunno. Just have them do bad stuff. We'll figure it out later."
To be honest, my knowledge of the Lucian Alliance is pitifully small. I can recognize the name, but the description you just gave is the most I know about them, and only because you just told me.

Though they may help me with a fic problem I'm having. I'll have to think about it. It's all a matter of motivation...
lucian alliance is all strickly s9, s10 SG1 and SGU. but, trust me, if you'd seen those episodes, you'd agree with me. In fact, you'd be rolling on the ground laughing. But, then again, I'm really not that funny, so probably not.

glad to help though
Ah - so I'll at least get to meet them in SG1. I have no plans to watch SGU, though, so that'll have to do.

I'm so terrible at plotting things >.< Why must I feel compelled to write? Ugh. But yeah, you may have solved a problem of mine. Maybe.
I write and then I plot. And plot. And plot. And then I write. Which I how I ended up with plans for an AJ SGU fic when I wrote "Pastor" fully intending it to be a one shot. How naive I was.

Honestly, though, the Lucian Alliance was the low point of the last two seasons. The Ori episodes were amazing - I ended up having very strong feelings on them during the rewatch, as you may recall - but the Lucians bored me to tears. Like I said, and excuse for leather.