The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 53

Day 53 / 213 Days Until I Ship

Today was all three parts of Stargate: Universe's  "Air."

So, lj just deleted all my carefully crafted SGU-hate because I've not figured out the Mac shortcuts yet, but basically it added up to the fact that it was painful to make myself watch even this much of the series. Granted, the opening sequence of part one is the best I've ever seen in SyFy, hands down - 10x better than SGA's and 1000x better than SG1's - and that particular episode isn't so bad. It's just... like it's trying too hard to be BSG, so much so that it's forgotten what it was that made Stargate great. Too many cool camera angles and politics and backstabbing and negative emotions and too little of the team-ness and friendship that made SG1 and SGA great. 

I've also been tasked by I don't remember who to find a believable ship in this series. Now, I can *potenitally* see a sibling-rivalry sort of thing between Rush and Eli that has vaguely paternal overtones, and I kinda what Eli to get the girl just because Eli's the only character I actually like so far (though Rush is intriguing and has his moments), even though I want to stab Chloe with something (man up already. God.) But the closest thing to a ship I can find comes from an icon I found while trying to find an SGU one I liked (I was hoping for something with Destiny, because she's pretty and the graphics for this series are amazing), which had vaguely Rush/Chloe overtones, enough so that I think the only thing that's going to keep me watching this series (besides my stubbornness) is trying to find evidence for that. 

Other than that, driving is annoying, and I spent all morning doing that *in the rain*. And it's hard to get used to a new keyboard, even if i do like my shiny new iPad. I got 25% of my McShep written, but I've got to go to the Big City on Monday and back up to the Mountain House on Thurs/Fri for my sister's bday, so god knows how that's going to work. No news on the concert front about what we' doing yet. 

Random thoughts include: 1) I like Machivelli, but they're trying too hard with Rush. 2) Never name something after Icarus. Anyone can tell you that. 3) I miss John and Rodney. Le sigh. 4) There's been too much religion already in these episodes, at least for my tastes. 5) Who staffs a base with barely trained personell anyway? 6) Why is no one from Atlantis involved in the Icarus project? Why have we not heard of it until now? 7) If the seed ships built the gates, why didn't they build DHDs? 8) Seriously, I like no one but Eli in this series =.
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I watched the first episode (I think only part 1 of it, though?) and I liked it. I was surprised by how much I liked it, and then everything just went downhill from there. Eli was the only one I liked too, and I agree that they tried too hard to be BSG. A lot of fans complained that TPTB took out all of what made them love the previous Stargates, which I agree with, and it...just didn't feel like Stargate anymore.

Combine that with TPTB's treatment of the fans - first they say "we don't need you, the SGA fanbase is too small to matter", and then turn around and say "if the fans had just felt less bitter about the cancellation of SGA, it would have succeeded" - well.
i wanted desprately to like it the first time i watched it - i had fallen in love with SG1 entirely against my will, and had been subsumed by SGA, but this.... frankly the graphics and the filmography is the only thing it has going for it. Though the fact that they do have real problems to deal with, rather than just the "planet of the week", is a refreshing change of pace.

but still.

I have a puzzle to destract me from the sadness that is sgu, and will just have to suck it up while I'm on the tredmill. though, god, I'm so exausted by this week and just so ungodly *busy* for a person with nothing really to actually do that it's sad.

I need caffine.
Caffeine is my lifeline. Without it, I would be lost.

I'm impressed you included SGU in your Great Syfy Rewatch, and even more so that you've started it, are not enjoying it, but planning to stick with it anyway!
my stubborness could power cities. I once walked on a broken leg for 5 days before admitting ti was broken and going to the hospital.

But I said everything with "star" in it, so SGU it is. It's the natural progression after SG1 and SGA.
Holy shit. You remind me of my brother - he shattered his elbow and was laughing it off and refusing to go into the hospital until his elbow swelled to the size of a baseball or...some sort of sports ball, I forget.

But I said everything with "star" in it, so SGU it is.

:\ Good point.
shattering your elbow sounds painful. really, really painful.

yeah. the two episodes I watched of SUG yesterday were so bad I couldn't even bring myself to write up day 54.
Is now wondering how far you'll get before giving up?

Why am I not surprised that your favorite "character" was Destiny?

Should we expect a SGU/SGA crossover where Destiny is a self aware AI? (considering how long she's been alone, she's probably got a lot of issues).

"like it's trying too hard to be BSG, so much so that it's forgotten what it was that made Stargate great. Too many cool camera angles and politics and backstabbing and negative emotions and too little of the team-ness and friendship that made SG1 and SGA great."


The whole charm of the Stargate Franchise was the team dynamic. (and the slashy subtext between Rodney and John).

I'm sure there were people who only tuned in for the guest appearances by RDA.

I hate to admit that I did like Eli best out of the cast - even though he's been called a Mary Sue. Possibly he reminds me of my son just a bit.

But I only watched the first 10, so maybe there's the equivalent of a Lorne or Zelenka waiting in the wings?

I met Brian J Smith who plays Lt Scott at a British Stargate Con (I'd gone because David Hewlett was the main guest). He is really sweet in real life. He was just so excited to be there, because he is a science fiction fan himself.
I got as far as "earth" the first time I tried watching this, and my stubborness alone will make me go far, I hope.

There's definately going to be a SGU/SGA crossover. I'm still making up my mind with what to do about Destiny - and not making her too much like Aurora - but I'm thinking there will be whole host of familiar faces in my version - Teldy, Porter, and maybe even Lam - and it would only be a single fic.

But of course Destiny is my favourite character. I go "pretty" every time a nice veiw of Atlantis comes on screen in SGA.

If it wasn't for the fact I've decided to be pandantic about it, I'd probably just skip ahead to the guest appearances too.

Eh, 3 episodes in isn't enough to call Eli a Mary Sue yet. Idiot savant, maybe, but... we'll see.

I'm glad Smith is nice in real life, because Scott is a womanizing ass in what I've seen so far.