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I've terrible luck with iPods. Almost exactly 1 year ago, I lost my first iPod Touch during an unfortunate water damage incident while trying to watch "The Last Man" that I really don't want to go into. So, knowing this, I left my iPod at my parent's house while I went up to St. Louis, to keep safe for the car ride back, when I'd otherwise be subjected to local radio.

This was a mistake, as the screen somehow shorted out when I went to use it this morning for the drive back, and only showed a white screen of death.

But, being the genius I am, I detoured slightly on the way home to go to the Apple Store (which was a lot more helpful than The Big Bang Theory would make you believe). They couldn't fix it and, rather than get a new iPod and knowing I'd need a new computer soon, I came out with a iPad. And a wireless keyboard. And a really cool case. And the insurence policy.

So I'm in a state of sticker shock now, but it was still cheaper than a MacBook Air, which had been my other thought, and I can use this to watch Netflix on the tredmill and write my stories, so.... I thought why not?

So it's charging now, but I think it's finally read to use so... *crosses fingers*
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I name my devices after AI's in syfy. I've a HAL and Skynet, and my old ipods were Overlord and Andromeda Ascendant. This one is Atlantis.
i thought so. though, in irony, HAL has been my most stable and longest lasting drive and Skynet my second-longest.
*shakes head*
Oh but HAL lasted until 2000 and whatever and Skynet fell but Atlantis stood for 10000 years and the myth still lingers
techincally, Hal merged with the Starchild, David Bowman, to become Halman and last in the Monolith forever.
I have good luck with my ipod - I've had mine for years, and I've dropped it into a sink full of water, accidentally set a chair on it, and have dropped it numerous times.

Headphones, however - those are another story. I break headphones. Even new ones. Inevitably one ear will stop working not long after I use it. I'm on my fourth pair in two months.

BUT YAY, IPAD - that's really exciting :D