Friday the 13th

A couple weeks ago I took a whole carload of stuff to the thrift store. Like, my seat was the only thing not-covered in stuff and I couldn't see out the back or the side windows. The lady there said that my gift would be returned to be thricefold and whatnot.

Fast forward to today, where mom and I are in the car and there's this contest on SiriusXM's Alt Nation channel for concert tickets that we've been hearing about for weeks now. And so, since were in hour 6 of a 12 hour drive, we call as a lark. And win the tickets.

So my brother and I are going to the exclusive Grouplove concert in NYC on the 23rd. We just need to find a way to get there. And way to get back. And all those sort of details. Yeah. Wow. Excited.
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