Basement Ramblings VII

We leave today. Finally. As soon as Mom gets up, at least.

So, yesterday was pretty much a loss. I went to Grant's Farm, which was cool but far more a Budwiser commerical than I remember from when I was little - they had another anheuser busch "sample" room in one of the building - but was still funish. Kangaroos are facinating creatures, btw.

Then I went across the street to Ulysses' S Grant's house and, well, that was just disapointing. So I left that and went to the History Museum, and, well, it wasn't bad, it just wasn't good either, though the thing on the Civil War was interesting. I was so hungry by this point that I tried the museum cafe and, well, that was a mistake. They were so crowded that I ended up sharing a table with a retired Army combat engineer, who was interesting to talk to (in fact, I had a more meaningful conversation with this stranger than I've had with Grandma the entire trip). The service was slow though, and the food so-so. Le sigh.

So I come back and hang out here, and have to deal with the fallout from Grandma's MRI and visit to a "home" that was apparently exactly what she needs but she refuses to even consider seriously. I mean, she can live on her own still... but she's definately going to need to go into one of those places in the next few years, that much is clear after this trip. So, anyway, Grandma decides we all have to go get our nails done after this - which wasn't so bad except a) I've never had a pedicure experience that stressful, thank you Grandma and b) she kept trying to engage me in conversation about the "TomKat" divorce and "Bradgelina's" oldest child. Because, seriously, I could care less and have told her this. Repeatedly. (Though apparenly Suri, or whatever her name is, is too pretty to like all the boy stuff she does. God.)

So that was last night. And today we leave for home, if Mom ever wakes up, and will stop in Nashville to see Jack White's record studio on the way back. Thank God it's almost over, that's all I can say.
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I can already hear the sighing in your writing that the holiday is nearly over
:( That sucks. Sounds like the day was one big disappointment.
I'm embarrassed to admit that I pay so little attention to celebrity news that I didn't know who the participants in the "TomKat" divorce were, although I did guess Bradgelina.

My excuse is that I'm in the UK, and I prefer to read the internet news, which allows me to filter out the bits I don't care about, rather than relying on TV and newspapers.

At least I have actually heard of Ulysses S Grant.

if only I were so lucky. "Entertainment news" makes the evening news in the states. God.

Grant is cool. At least, as far as presidents go. A spectacularly mediocre one, but his Civil War stuff is amazing.