Basement Ramblings VI

I am exausted.

So yesterday we ened up convincing Grandma to stay behind while Mom and I went to the City Museum - and let's just say I'm glad we did. It is like this giant playground and it's been years since I've been. They take all this old stuff - old planes, buses, etc - and recycle it into this playground for adults and kids both and, wow, did Mom and I have fun climbing around. I'm bruised like crazy, but it was fun. We even paid extra to go to the roof, where they had a ferris wheel. Granted, it was a smallish one, but when you've a 2-story ferris wheel on top of a 12 story building.... well, it was actually kinda scarry at points. (And, yes, my first thought when seeing it was SGA related). Plus, there was also a 10-story slide that Mom and I went down 3x... and, well, brusies.

Then we went to the Boathouse for lunch, which was so unspectular Mom didn't even leave a tip, and then took a paddleboat out on the Grand Basin - which was fun, but murder on our knees after all that crawling around.

Then we came back and rested before the Dave Matthews Band concert. Which was amazing. Granted, about half the people who ordered tickets online had trouble printing them out, so there was the will call line from hell, and getting out of the parking lot afterwards was murder because so many people were drunk or otherwise intoxicated and driving anyway... so there was an accident at the end of our row that boxed us into our parking spot for an hour - so that it was 1am when we got back, when the concert ended at 11:30pm, and Grandma's house is only 20 min away. But the concert itself was amazing. They played "Satellite," which is my favourite by them - which is great, because at the 1st one I went to they didn't - and for an encore did a very unusual but very cool rendition of "All Along the Watchtower" (which, being the SyFy geek I am, made me think of BSG).

Anyway, It's barely 6:30 here and I'm still feeling sickish, but Grandma and Mom are up because they're getting her an MRI and stuff like that today... and because of the sleeping arangements, once the lights go on up there and they start talking, it wakes me up. Not that they seem to care. *glares* So because of that we don't get to leave for home until tomorrow now. But they're leaving me the car, so I think I'm going to hit Grant's Farm today. And with luck we'll actually leave tomorrow.

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I'm so glad you have fun! I'd love to see the city playground and play there :D
I don't think I'll ever be able to read the words "ferris wheel" without thinking of John.