The Prompt Pool - Results

So, it turns out that Grandma asked Mom after dinner last night - after I'd already gone down to hide in the basement for the evening - why I don't have a boyfriend / husband / children / immediate plans to rectify this. Since no one guessed this contingency, the first person to post a prompt to this post will get the drabble of their choice written. (I may respond to other prompt suggestions as well, so feel free to suggest if you're not the first.)

The rules are this:

1) The prompt must applicable to the first two "seasons" of the AJ 'verse is allowed - ie, anything before "Allies" and "No Man's Land," though I will accept requests for the post-series "1 March 2012" and related side stories - "Fratris Filii" and "Somniati" - as well.

2) I won't do porn, simply because I cannot write it. I've tried, and all my stories end up fading-to-black instead.

3) Everything else is up for grabs.
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I'd like to know 'Lantis' thoughts during Fratador, when Michael is there or when he escapes. What does she think of the Terrans' insistence on "rehabilitating" the Wraith?
Well, unlike hamburgers, you can't really order fic to taste. The creative process kinda goes where it will in my experience.
you can order a hamburger to taste? 'cause I had one today that definately wasn't. It wasn't bad. Just not good either.
le sigh. maybe it's just me. If I'm expecting a "world famous burger," I want it to be something special. I've made better burgers on the grill at home.
Heh, you do tend to want stuff to live up to the hype, though. Especially since you usually have paid for a "world famous burger". My parents are vegetarian, so any burger I get is automatically a good burger. I'm partial to the cheeseburger at Red Robin.
this was at the boathouse in Forest Park in st. louis - I think you paid more for the name than the burger. le sigh.

I think I could be a vegitarian if I didn't like steak so much.