Basement Ramblings V

I finally had a good day in St Louis.

Granted, I had to have it by ditching Mom and Grandma and doing my own thing - but still. It was Mom's idea that I ditch while she took Grandma to the doctor about her seizure thing.

So I drove 70 miles - almost a 1/3rd of the way across the state - out to Meramec Caverns. We went there for my 11th birthday, I think, but it's been so long I really didn't remember much. But they've got one of the largest stalagmites on the planet there and it's just wow. It's like 23,000 years old (and when they told us this factoid, the thought ah, something older than Iohannes crossed my head in a very Rodney-like way, which proves I've been working on the AJ 'verse for too long).

Then I drove back into the city and went on the Anheuser-Busch brewery tour, despite the fact that I've absolutely no interest in beer. But I find wine and wineries facinating, so I figured why not, I've never done it before. It was pretty cool, though I swear the room where they made the wort smelled like brownies. Plus, the tanks where they do the second fermentation are so big that each of the 256 of them holds 200,000 6-packs of beer. That's enough beer to have one drink and hour for the next 137 years. Each.

So then I went to the Art Museum, which was somewhat disapointing, as they're adding a wing and were switching out a lot of exhibits, but there were some cool things there, including a small display of antique armour and weaponry. There were some sarcophogi there as well and, while I've never been particularly interested in ancient Egypt, my inner Stargate fan was intriuged, so I spent far too much time in that section, trying to decide how this and that could fit into the Stargate 'verse. Also, I'm pretty sure that one of the escritores they had on display in their "period furnature" rooms has an exact duplicate in one of my High School's parlours. The design is like exact and the time periods match. So, cool. I guess.

At that point I was kinda forced to come back, as it was getting close to dinner time, and apparently mom's had fun dealing with Grandma's medical stuff, as well as trying to get in touch with my aunt and uncle to sort out this whole she does not belong in a home quite yet business. She's gone to the pool to relax, so now it's just me and Grandma here, and Grandma takes that as invitation to be annoying. Not intentionally, but it's like... I'm pretty sure I'm coming down with something, having been exposed to all sorts of Midwestern bugs I'm not used to, and she's hovering. Like I'm not an adult and can take care of myself, especially when it's just a scrachy throat and a couple sneezes. God.

Oh well. I will not let her harsh my mellow. Fun was had and I will never, ever have to see her again if I don't want.

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I'm glad you managed to have some fun today. I must confess, as I was reading this, before I got to your confession of thinking about AJ with the stalagmite, I thought the exact same thing. And it's not even my verse. o.O

I occasionally forget that other people's grandmothers are not as awesome as mine was, so it is a little jarring to read about your annoying one! Hope you feel better soon.
I live in envy of people who like their extended families. Once I'm finally in basic, I've every intention of cutting ties with everyone but my parents and my brother. I shall live a happier, longer life that way.

We've both spent far too much time with the AJ 'verse. And I know it's only going to get worse. ;)
Well, all the awesome members of my extended family are dead now, so I am pretty much in the same boat as you are, but my grandmother was wonderful when she was alive.

I tend to totally inhabit my favourite books or fics, so they sort of take over my thoughts. It's to the point that, if I'm watching shows with characters with accents, I tend to start speaking like that character inadvertently. You can tell I'm too much in Who-verse because I'll start randomly saying things in a British accent or using British slang.

With fic, I tend to start seeing the world around me from the lens of the characters in it. I think that, along with my ardent love for spelling and grammar, is why my dream job would be a book editor.
Thanks! I always love doing beta work for people since I can't seem to find anyone who will pay me to do it. ;)
Lol, I'd settle for middle-class and little-known with health benefits. If I can't get paid to do what I love, I just have to make it a hobby. Back when the help_japan was going, I auctioned my services as a beta for a long Smallville fic someone was writing. It was a lot of fun. Generally, I do it for free, though.
YAY for having fun :D I would have found the exhibits that I could connect to Stargate in some way the most fascinating, but then I'm pretty obsessed. I'm glad you finally had fun though, and it sounds like your mom deserved a relaxing time at the pool after all that :P

I'm sure you're grandmother means well. But yeah, it's just a cold and you'd be very capable of taking care of yourself.
Yeah. Today was fun, and then tomorrow is the concert, and then thurs we *should* be heading home. (Obession is fun, btw.)
Sounds like the next couple days should be good ones, then :D A concert and then going home - all good things.
true. though I'll probably have to deal with grandma tomorrow morning. No fun at all.

I miss home. trying to write from this couch is no fun at all. the words don't come like they're supposed to.
Ah, yeah, that part is no fun. But hopefully it won't ruin your entire day.

I confess to wondering how your writing had been going. I'm sorry it hasn't been going well :(
i'm working on something, but it's not been going well
and I'm sure this cold is getting worse. God. I should've just stayed at home.
Sorry about your cold - feel better, bb ♥ Sorry your writing isn't going well - I hate that, so much. So frustrating!
it's not your fault. it's the vault of these germs, 1000 miles away from the ones I'm used to. As for the writing... well, that's more the stress' fault than the travelling's. le sigh.
not at the moment. unless you know a way to get my grandma not to come with us on our outings today.
there might be, but idk if it really counts. after all, a single emoticon, such as " :) " might count as a shorter comment.