Basement Ramblings IV

My family freaks me out sometimes.

Okay, it really wasn't so bad today. Mom and I went to the Science Centre today (which is one of the coolest places ever, even if tailored to a slightly younger age group) and 'cause Grandma was feeling a little better and wanted to spend time with us, she came along. Only I got to push her in a wheelchair the entire time, because her hip was hurting at it was either that or suffer a whole 'nother incident like at the botanical gardens again. Which was a major fun-suck.

Granted, it wouldn't have been so bad if mom and I didn't have to stop and explain the most basic of the science stuff to her. I mean, some of the things she said! It wasn't even funny, it was just I mustn't get frustrated because she is 72 and hasn't had any real science training or interest since she graduated high school. Like Mom's degree is in computer hardware and mine's in computer software and there's this whole big computer section there we were playing with, and we were talking about it and just... it was sad. Not she's old sad, just you're not even trying.

But whatever. And then there's this really cool planetarium there, only we didn't get to go to a star show because she wasn't feeling up to it - though we did see this IMAX thing on polar bears that she wanted to see. Which wasn't so bad, except, hello, IMAX is worse than star charts. And not something mom or I wanted to see, as there was one on space junk that was playing later that we wanted...

But whatever. The real kicker comes after lunch (which was again at Lion's Choice, and took her thirty minutes to eat) when she wanted to go shopping, nevermind she'd not been up to walking earlier.

And then we went to my uncle's "box". Ie, the place where his ashes are stored at the mausoleum and the spot next to it Grandma's bought for her future ashes. Which lead to a reitteration of all complaints about my Aunt/other Uncle/Grandpa and how they treated this uncle when he was dying - 5 years ago now - and how they never visit the "box" and what she wants done when she dies. And then we had to gode her into calling her doc about her sezuire the other day because she's feeling better and doesn't want to be a bother.

I think I could've handled it if she hadn't kept apologizing the whole time. Like, hello, you do not need to appologize for having to be in a wheelchair every five minutes; mom and I do crossfit, which is 10x harder than this; yes, we know you're being a bother, just stop pointing it out every five seconds!

The plus side? The Science Centre had TOS shirts. So I am now the proud owner of a Red Shirt - and mom has command gold, as that was the only size they had for her. I wanted science blue, but they only had that in youth sizes. Oh well. I feel deliciously nerdy now.

I'm sorry that this is basically a long litany of complaints again. I know I should be greatful that Grandma's okay, and that we don't have to visit my dad's parents while we're here (though that would be a welcome change of pace, at least in the differently uncomfortable sort of way), and that I get to see all this cool stuff. But this is feeling less like a vacation and more like a prison sentance. Mom is getting to the end of her rope and she's the kind of person who could have shrines built unsarcastically towards. Seriously, sainthood for putting up with all she has.

Tomorrow we do Grant's Farm. Maybe the City Museum if I can wrangle it. If we're lucky, we'll be able to convince Grandma she's not up for all that walking.

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If nothing else this makes me appreciate my dad, who's doing pretty good for 80.

I hope your gran gets back on her feet soon.
that's just it - she can walk when it suits her. Like when we're shopping. And, if she doesn't use the wheelchair, there is frustration because she's still not gotten it into her head that she's 72 and unable to do the stuff she used to. Ergo, pain and suffering and long hours spent on benches while she regains her strength.

*shakes head*

I love my Grandma, but from a great distance. Plus, I've still not forgiven her for what I shall refer to as the "Dubai Incident" so... yeah.
I'm sorry you're having such a hard time of it :( The science center sounds so awesome though :D The only museum I've been to is the Strategic Air & Space Museum, which was pretty cool. I thought of John the entire time :P
oooh, that's definately one I'm going to have to see if I'm ever in the area.

But, yeah, I'm at the age when, as much fun as I had, half my fun came of correcting the science. (At once point there was this exibit about birds, and the sign said "What makes a bird a bird?" And I said "Well, they've got 4-chambered hearts and are warm-blooded and reproduce by laying eggs. Apparently the correct answer was "They have feathers.") So, yeah, major Rodney moment.
It was very cool :D

Haha, definitely sounds like a Rodney McKay moment :P I know you said the exhibits were set up for young people, but that was a good opportunity to teach kids more about birds, beyond "They have feathers."
well, it went further than that, but the first item on the bird-list was feathers. The computer one was my favourite, though, even if I did have to spend an unnessicarly long time explaining to my grandmother that the babbage machine never existed - an idea she'd somehow gotten watching 30 seconds of one of the displays.

IDK. Mom and I are tempted to drive out to Riverside, Iowa while we're here just to take a picture at the "Kirk will be born here" sign. It's a better alternative to being here at the moment.
Ooo, that'd be an awesome picture to have! I totally vote you two do that :P It gets you away from the rest of your family for awhile, and you get an awesome picture :P
If it weren't for the fact that it's 4.5 hours each way, I think we just might.

Though now that we have our TOS shirts, we really, really should... *ponders*
I don't know what time zone you're in, but if you set out in early day, you could make that trip in one day :P

Posing with that sign and those TOS shirts would be pretty epic.
yeah - we did the 12 hour drive here in one day - but I don't think either of us are up for that again so soon, not when we have to drive 12 hours back home on thursday.

le sigh. we might stop at the Hermitage and Jack White's reccord studio on the way back, so we might make it into to days. we'll have to see.
Not wanting to do all that driving is understandable. It's too bad, but it's also understandable.