Basement Ramblings III

Today was more or less a good day. More or less.

I managed to do some laps at the pool early, and then Mom and I went to the Zoo, and then Lion's Choice for lunch, and then the Arch.

The Zoo wasn't too hot, and we got to see everything (having convinced Grandma to spend the day resting and recovering) - the ironic thing being that last time we were there, it was to see Raja, the baby elephant who'd been born a few months before; this time, we saw his 5 and 6 year old kids. *shakes head* And Lion's Choice is like a St Louis institution, being kinda like Arby's, only 10x better. And the Arch? Well, it was crowded as anything, but we went up to the top and it was amazing. (Though I couldn't help but think of that scene from Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief the entire time.)

So that was the good. The bad is that, despite being adamant last night that we not tell anyone about her seizure at dinner, Grandma decided to tell my Aunt about it this morning. Which resulted in a chain of phone calls and texts back and forth between her and Mom - because my Aunt wants to put Grandma in a home. After having 1 seizure - granted, she's had a few in the past, but it's been well over a year since the last one, and it was probably heat and stress related.

So, anyway, my Aunt wants to put Grandma in a home, or at the very least take away her driver's lisence, and Mom and I are all you can't make these decisions for her and she's ditzy but not at the put-in-a-home-stage yet and if you want to do that, you'll need to get a lawyer and basically there were fears for a while that she'd come to Grandma's house and have it out with us there, but eventually she chickened out. I doubt we've heard the end of it - my Aunt's husband will probably talk her into doing something stupid tomorrow, like try to call us a thousand times to talk about it or actually come over - but it's done for the night.

Now we just have to worry about the production Grandma is making of dinner, and what we're doing tomorrow. Mom and I are thinking the science center. *claps excitedly*

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  • 10 comments was to see Raja, the baby elephant who'd been born a few months before; this time, we saw his 5 and 6 year old kids.

Wow! Aunt wants to put Grandma in a home.

Allll the family drama :P
Elephants are always cool. My favourite was this bizzare giraffe/zebra animal I cannot remember the name off. But, anyway, it was standing right at the edge of it's enclosure, which was sort of a sunken pit, and was just tall enough to stick his head over the top and try to get at the grass there. I've got pictures. It was hillarious.

But yeah. Drama I ask you, why? Just, why? Me, I'm personally very anti-drama. I try to avoid it as much as possible. Why does someone fan the flames like that? What could they possibly be missing in their life that drama fills in any way?
That animal sounds REALLY awesome :D

I don't know - I hate drama. It drains me, makes me feel exhausted. I don't understand people that thrive on it.
I'll post pics when mom gets them to me. People in my family are *terrible* with that sort of thing.

Yeah. IDK what my aunt's deal is. That's why I'm still hiding out in the basement. I'm trying to work on my McShep, but I'm just in the wrong headspace, so I'm mostly reading fic I'd never normally read. It's bizzare... but that's family for you.
*nod* My family too. I look forward to seeing the pictures!

Yeah, I'm in the wrong headspace to work on any of my fic too. Are you still reading "Ties That Bind"? Is that what you meant by fic you'd never normally read?

Haha, family can drive you to read things you normally wouldn't. Such power!
yeah. I'm going to have to create a tumblr account if I want to post them or something. God. Just what I need.

I'm on the last fic for the "Ties that bind" now. IDK if I really like the 'verse, but it's well-thought out and I've got to give that props.

Le sigh. What can you do?
If you do create a tumblr account to post your vacation pictures or what have you, please be sure to link me :) I'll follow you.

Yeah, it really has been very well thought out. She has some great world details that I approve of. Since I'm struggling with the details of a vague plot fic at the moment, I'm pretty admiring of her ability :P

Not much you can do.
IDK. We'll have tos see when I get back if they're worth posting.

I finished the series last night and tried some of her others, but, oddly enough, this is the only one I even sorta liked. Strange. Oh well.

You're right about your gran - it should be her decision if she needs more help. If her doctor doesn't think she should give up driving, then what's the problem?

My mum is 70 and still drives everywhere. Sometimes it's hard to remember she's getting old, she has so much life and energy.

Our nearest zoo is Chester. I don't get to go all that often, but my son and my mum go together at least once a year.
IDK. My aunt is a control freak. Or something. All I know is that I had to push my grandma around the science centre in a wheelchair today and, god, was that fun-draining.