Basement Ramblings II

God. Just. God.

So today started off well enough - Mom and Grandma and I went to the Botanical Gardens, which were pretty as anything... and then Grandma started getting tired so they sat down and I went on ahead. Next thing I know (ie, 30 min later, at least) I'm getting a call that Grandma had a mini-seizure, and that they've gone back to the AC too cool down (as it's been consistently 107 all day).

So we ended up taking Grandma home after a while, and then hanging around the house all day while she slept. And then, because she was feeling so bad, Mom and I went to go meet my Aunt, her husband, my Uncle, his wife, and their combined 6 children (ages 13, 11, 9, 8, 7, and 4) at a pizza place without her.

And god. Just god back. It wasn't bad, but it was as strained as anything. There were all sorts of questions about why Grandma was not there (which we couldn't really answer, as she doesn't want them to know about the mini-seizure) and all the whole let's talk about our lives, not yours mess, but it wasn't as bad as it could've been. The most ackwardness was them questioning my decision to enlist, but what can you do? My Uncle was actually kinda proud at least, so that's something. It also turns out he's going to the Dave Matthews Band concert on Wends - but he has real seats, as his wife is LOADED, and we have lawn seats, so.... yeah.

And then, of course, it started pouring down rain on the drive home. The temp dropped 22 degrees in 20 minutes. Insane. But at least it's cooler now. And tomorrow we've plans for the zoo or the science centre, depending on the weather, so fun should be had if Grandma can be convinced not to come.

My childless/boyfriendless/husbandless state has not been questioned as of yet, but my grandma did ask about my tattoos - while she was still semi-amnesic from the mini-coma, so she asked me about them five times in a 20 min period. Fun. She thought it was temporary, as one of them's the chinese character for perserverance and there's a paper lanter display going on at the gardens. God.

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My mom has grand mal seizures, so I know all about them. I'm really, really glad you're Grandma's fine though!