Basement Ramblings

It took 12 hours to get here, but I'm finally in St. Louis.

And let me tell you, it was not fun, and even then Mom and I were taking turns, and most of it was on-the-highway, cruise-control driving. (A persistent thought I had was I can see why they were complaining in "The Defiant One" - 15 hours with no stops has to be even worse than this. I refrained from sharing this with Mom, however, as she does not understand the wonder that is SGA.)

Nevertheless, I've been here less than 2 hours at this point and am already hiding in the basement that's doubling as my room this trip. I have yet to be asked any truely annoying questions, but the night is young and I've already had to deal with my grandmother reminessing about how she gave birth to my mom and uncle at home - how that was the thing to do in England at the time. I've still no idea how this came up in conversation, but admit to having paid little attention. The comment was made that I'll probably never want children after hearing all of that, but no further questions were directed my way.

Thank god for the internet, that's all I can say.

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I would write hymms to it if I'd any musical talent whatsoever.

I should add that earbuds and iTunes rate a close second in the best things ever list.
Perhaps we should just say "Computers are our saving grace" as a sort of catch-all saying?

IDK what they're even going on about now, only that I should've have thrown mom under a bus and left her there like I did, but, well, when it comes to these sorts of things, to each her own.

Besides, tomorrow promises to be a wonderful experience for all - enough to make up for what I've missed tonight. Why did I think this was a good idea again?
Survival of the fittest and all that.

Why did I think this was a good idea again?

....because they're your family? Nosy and possibly overbearing as they are? *uncertain*
....because they're your family?

No, I think it was temporary insanity. And a desire to see the botanical gardens and the Arch again. Nice of you to try and attribute nice thoughts to all of this.
It was definitely guilt--the kind that mothers are great in inspiring in us without even trying (or necessarily meaning to). I'm headed home tomorrow; about 7 hrs in one go.
Mom's mom guilted her into the visit, and I just couldn't let Mom deal with this by herself.

A seven hour drive? funfunfun. please tell me it's not just you - that you have a co-driver or something - or else I may have to direct you to IV caffine.
Nope, just me. I'll stop once for lunch and maybe twice along the way for gas and a restroom break. Thank god for cruise control. I'm hoping to beat everyone else who'll probably wait until Sunday to head back to wherever they're from.

I'm stressed out enough already that I'm reading "Ties that Bind" and trying to work on a mini-story for the AJ 'verse at the same time. I spent five minutes looking on theasurus for the right word to describe Elizabeth. I started with insane before finally settling on idealistic. *snorts*
Twelve hours is a really long car journey. I think you could probably drive the entire length of Britain in that time if you planned the route carefully. I'd be tempted to go by train or even plane if it was me.

Stories about childbirth are only interesting to people who've been through it - it's kind of like soldiers comparing battle scars. To anyone else it's probably just a list of really good reasons not to have kids.

we usually do fly when we have to visit, but it was such short notice that tickets were insanely expensive. ergo, driving.

I imagine that'd be the case.
I remember on my last trip to Canada I travelled with my friends to her home town and that was a 10 hour journey by car. This was on top of an 8 hour flight arriving the day before and so I can sympathise with you every mile of your journey. Thank goodness for frequent rest breaks and Tim Hortons.