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Sooooo, I leave tomorrow afternoon for St. Louis, to visit the grandparents. It should be fun. Apparently we have to be there until the 12th now. IDK what the internet situation will be like, but I should have my computer, so writing should be accomplished. And, if not, I at least talked Mom into letting me go to a Dave Matthews Band conceert while we're there. That should really be fun - I went to one two years ago and, apart from the contact high I almost got from the people around me, it was amazing.

But the real reason for posting this:

My grandparents shall, inevitably, ask about my lack of committed relationship / non-married / childless state at some point on this trip. It is as inevitable as the sun rising. The question is only when. The person who guesses closest shall get their choice of prompt for a story in the AJ 'verse, within reason.

We should get there about mid-afternoon on the 6th and should leave early morning on the 12th. There is a family luncheon planned for sometime over the weekend. And, armed with that knowledge, the Prompt Pool is open.
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In my experience that sort of question comes up early, so I will guess Friday evening. And as for a prompt, how about Rodney introducing John to something that brings out the child in him, or gets to experience a part of childhood he never had.
We shall see. (I might just do that anyway; it's been soemthing I've been meaning to do for a while now.)
I'm betting on in the middle of the family gathering; that's usually when I get ambushed by that kind of question. To be fair, it's almost always from people who don't actually know me, as my family are all inveterate gossips.
It should be interesting, I give you that. Which is why I've decided to make a game out of it, as you can tell. I'm also trying to amuse myself to guess the strangest questions they'll ask me and the like. Because it's either that or hair-pulling.
Are they very religious? If so, play the guess-when-they'll-ask-when-the-last-time-you-went-to-church-was game.
quasi-relgious. I think my grandma's gotten more serious about in her old age. But I think they know better than to bring that one up with me - though my aunt and uncle might not. No, I think the biggest flack is going to come from my enlistment. Or when we go to the pool and they see the tattoos my swimsuit doesn't cover up - one of which my mom doesn't know about, and another of which she's never seen. It should be interesting.
Ooh, the tattoo game! That sounds like a fun one. Any diversionary tactics, siblings/cousins you can throw under the bus as distraction? That always adds point values to the game.
it's just going to be me and mom - her mom's been begging her to visit, and I foolishly volunteered to go because 1) I can't let Mom face that alone, 2) I'm the only one with nothing better to do, and 3) it's been 7 years since I've been to St. Louis, and I really do like the city.

BUT my cousins should be around for some of it. 6 of them. The oldest is only 13, and so that should deflect some of it. If not... well, I'm out of ideas.
Ouch. I'm a fan of hiding in my room on the laptop, actually. When family gets to be too much, as it inevitably does, hide.
I am planning to bring my laptop and a couple of books too. I'm thinking if I bring something with an obscure enough title, they'll not think to bother me for fear of having to ask about it.
Yeah, or one with a kooky enough plot...I flummoxed my parents with the reason Pratchett's Discworld books are funny.
Well, I've already finshed Godel, Escher, Bach, which I found to be a wonderful way of keeping people from asking too many questions. So I'm considering bringing along a bio of Churchill called Warlord that I've been meaning to read, or the one on Von Braun.

IDK. Like I said, it's been 7 years since I've seen my aunt and uncle, and the last couple of times I've seen my grandma haven't gone well. Hopefully the ackwardness will be enough to keep the really prying questions at bay.
I'd suggest any of Robert Asprin's Myth or Phule books. 3 minutes of explaining the plot and/or concept will send anyone running for the hills. </p>

Ooo - or Bimbos from the Death Sun. That title alone will scare off most, and the rest will be gone with one sentence.

'It's a murder mystery set at a sci-fi convention & the main suspect is a man who doesn't exist.'

Great book, btw.

Within five minutes of your arrival.

With my family, it's "Hello, how are you doing? Oh you've grown so big. How is school? Do you have a boyfriend?" *rolls eyes*
Haha, I'm probably wrong, but like I'm drawing on my own personal experiences with nosy family *shrug*
Who knows. I spent the last time she was here politely ignoring her and wishing I was an alcoholic. This visit promises to be even more exciting.
It probably would, but spending seven days in a drunken stupor is not my idea of fun. Le sigh.

Thanks. I'll need all the luck I can get.
Either during dinner prep or cleanup the first night - whichever you get shanghaied into. I've found it's almost always while you're tied into a job you can't walk away from without being 'petulant'. Plus they can claim they were being sensitive by not bringing it up in front  of 'everyone', no matter how many people happen to be in the room at the time. </p>

Major bonus points if an octogenarian asks if you're a lesbian. Yes, this has happened to me.

Oh, yes, the lesbian question. I went to an all-girls high school. I'm very familar with that one.

Hmmm, we'll just have to see. It should be interesting.