The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 52

Day 52 / 225 Days Until I Ship

Today was "Remnants" thru "Enemy at the Gate," which brings us to the end of SGA.

First things first: half of todays episodes were just awful. "Remnants" is a shakey premise at best, one which mostly annoys me, even if it gives us great meta on all the characters - particuarly Kolya's comment on John, "You torture yourself every day, John – but in this case it was your mind manifesting your darkest fears. You were the architect of your own self deception." "Brain Storm" was just stupid, and I wanted to kick Keller almost the entire time because, seriously, she couldn't defend Rodney once? She just told him to be humble and critized him the entire time. It's like, why are you even dating him if you apparently hate him so much? But whatever. Issues. And "Idenity" was just more Mary Sue for Keller, and just... no.

But the rest... "Infection" is another of my favourite episodes. I mean Todd is just... so Todd in this episode, and John? The moment when he's all "I don't owe you anything" is one of the hottest things I've ever seen. Cool, and amazingly hot. All-round wonderful episode, espeically in that it draws on so many that came before.

"Vegas" is just the most beautifuly indulgent canon AU I've ever seen, and I love it to peices. Not only for it's hotness and the total tearjerking way Vegas!John may or may not die at the end, but because, again, it's just a wonderful episode. (Though I so want to see the episode/fic where Vegas!Rodney meets canon!Rodney and team. And, if I didn't have so much on my plate at the moment, I would write it myself right now.)

And "Enemy at the Gate." God. That is another beautiful, solid episode. You have all of the harkening back to "Rising" and "The Siege," which is just so wonderfuly and subtly done, and everyone pretty much being a BAMF in this episode - and Lorne, and Zelenka, and Ronon dying - and, and... well, there are not words for how wonderful this episode truely is. There just aren't. My only complaint is the very end scene, with that one bit of Rodney/Keller annoying me because, well, It's Rodney and Keller. But other than that, a perfect episode.

Random thoughts: 1) Really, writers, we get your Keller-induced hard-on. Just stop it already. It's embaressing. 2) "Brain Storm" could've been so good, but, frankly, the McShep fics are the best things to come out of it. 3) Todd is my favourite Wraith enemy ever. He's like Ba'al - evil, but cunningly so, and just so cool while doing it. 4) His moment of madness in "Vegas" is epic too. 5) Is it just me, or is John hotter than usual in these last few episodes? I started noticing signs of grey at the temples around "Remnants" and I'm kinda curious if that's the reason I think this, or because his hotness is just increased that much by the events of the episodes. 6) Want to write more now. Will have to do 125 meme tomorrow, even though the skiping of a day annoys me. 7) Why is it always San Fransiscio? Though, on a side note, there are no cool Latin names for places on the West coast. I've looked them up. There just aren't. 8) On another side note, Evan is a Welsh form of John. Radek and Rodney are both forms of Roderick. I want to attribute this to something purposeful by the writers (even though Lorne's name was never offically verified), but I know that's too much to hope for. 9) I'm not looking forward to SGU. I'm just not. But I promised myself, so I may have to just hunker down and watch 10 in a row while puzzling or something to make myself do it. Though I did aquire a copy of Alien, The Princess Bride, and A Beautiful Mind recently, so I may do that instead tomorrow. Hmmmm.

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"Brain Storm" was pretty much the final nail in the coffin of McKeller. I usually don't mind alternate ships - people should ship what they want to ship - but "Brain Storm", god. That episode annoys me so bad, for just the reasons you listed - Keller is pretty much constantly nagging Rodney to change himself. That is not a healthy relationship. *refrains from meta*

I've never seen "Identity". I skipped the Keller centric episodes of s5, for the most part *shrug*

It's my head!canon that vegas!John is saved at the last minute due to Rodney sending out rescue personnel. It's close, very close, but John survives. I would love to read vegas!Rodney and canon!Rodney meeting, though I suspect that vegas!Rodney could (and possibly would?) tear canon!Rodney up. Vegas!Rodney seems colder, somehow.

I've only seen "Enemy At The Gate" once, because it's the very last episode, and it breaks my heart to think the show is over. But yeah, the balcony scene - ugh.
meta way if you wish. In fact, I give said meta a premptive "amen".

You missed nothing with "Idenity" - though even the chic who took over her body couldn't believe Rodney and Keller were an item.

I agree on your head!vegas!canon. Vegas!Rodney does seem harder, colder, but then again things on Atlantis probably didn't go so well for them without a John. [Though I'm now trying to fit a Vegas!Rodney fic into the AJ 'verse, at least in my head. It may become a drabble. We shall have to see.]

"Enemy at the Gate" is a wonderful episode. It breaks my heart to think of it as all over too. It's not often I love the spinoff more than the original, but...
Mmm, tempting. I'm pretty sure it's all stuff you've already thought of :P Keller is essentially nagging Rodney into being someone he's not - humble, polite, etc. This would put a lot of pressure on Rodney, because he's going to worry about what he's saying, he'll have to apologize for being rude, for being brutally honest, for being himself. And that's going to be a strain, a constant source of stress. And he already has stress enough simply due to where he lives and his job(s).

And that's just on Rodney's end. If Jennifer doesn't like the way Rodney is, why is she even with him? sgamadison and I went through some of the possibilities awhile back, and none of them are really all that good. Things like:

Perhaps she defaulted to Rodney when she found she didn't like Ronon's violent nature, and Rodney was the only other one who expressed interest?

She may have gone with Rodney because he's safe and comfortable - everything is so alarming and terrifying in the Pegasus Galaxy, she may have chosen Rodney so she could have some semblance of normal. (while Ronon represented the Pegasus Galaxy and things that overwhelmed her, scared her)

which led to:

SM: Perhaps what she got out of a relationship with Rodney was not only the comfort of the familiar, but also the power out of knowing she was the one calling the shots there. Hah, maybe *that's* why her character did such a turnaround.

Me:It'd be one thing she could control in a Galaxy where batshit insane events was the norm. And if she's not confident in her ability to do her job, then at least she can be confident that Rodney McKay wants her and would do as she wished.

Keller herself says she was taken in by the "new, gentler Rodney McKay" when he had a parasite in his head, and that's why she was so slow to realize something was wrong. That is no basis for a relationship. You can't take Rodney as he normally is and scold and nag him into being the man he was when he was experiencing second childhood.

And, er. So on.

I read a fic where the woman who took over Keller's body instead took over Sheppard's. I liked that one a lot better XD

Vegas!Rodney does seem harder, colder, but then again things on Atlantis probably didn't go so well for them without a John.

Oh. That's...a really excellent point. They've probably lost more people in Vegas 'Verse than they have in canon verse, and Rodney's probably experienced some pretty horrible things. [You should definitely drabble that, it'd be interesting to read :) And I think you'd have a firm grasp on Vegas!Rodney.]

EAtG was really good, yeah :D I love SGA more than SG-1, but I'm admittedly biased, so.
oh, that truely is brilliant: Rodney as the one thing she could control in the galaxy. That truely does explain so much about their relationship (probably more than TPTB actually were thinking). I like it. Consider it stolen.

Hmm. I've not seen that fic. I may have to look it up.

[Hmmm, I'd have a firm grasp on Vegas!Rodney, you think? Why, because I'm evil, or just because? But a drabble may be written as soon as I can figure out where I want it in the timeline.]

There is bias, but I came in to SGA honestly just wanting something new to watch and I figured, "hey, I liked SG1 in spite of myself, might as well try SGA." There was honest thought that I mightn't like it at all until S4, when I knew Sam appeared. But then I fell in love with it. Having watched both series all the way thru twice now, I can safely say I prefer SGA, though SG1 does have it's moments.
Honestly, I don't think TPTB gave much in-depth thought to McKeller. So it's left to us fans to try and find a way to make it make sense, even a little. Haha, steal away - I'm glad you found a gem in there :D

It's a good fic :D It's told from the woman who is possessing Sheppard's point of view.

[I think it's because you'd have a good handle on where he's coming from. Like you said, the Atlantis mission has had more of a difficult time than canon Atlantis, due to the lack of John Sheppard. I hadn't even thought of that, and you had. Things like that - you'd think about the character, about what would shape them them to be the person they are, and so on.]

I liked the 1995 Stargate movie, but I was essentially coming into SGA blind. I was taken by surprise when it tackled me.
if TPTB had given much thought to McKeller, there would have been no McKeller.

[Maybe. IDK. Plot is my Kink (one of these days I so need to make that icon...), ergo I look for it everywhere. Often bending over backwards to find it. We shall see.]

I've not yet seen the original movie. Its not on Netflix, so I'm not going to spend money to torture myself.

And now for bed. It's 0100 here. God.