Meme Time

Because another meme is exactly what I needed (blame rhia_starsong):

aadarshinah is made of glass, spice, and happiness. With a dash of apocalypse.
Spice, okay, maybe that I can get. I'm always told that I cook with far too many. But glass and happiness huh? The dash of apocalypse amuses me though. Obviously the generator has never read my work. *cackles evily*
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Happily accepts all blame. Hmm, we should run characters' names through the generator...I wonder what Iohannes' name would produce...?

We'll have to see. But right now I'm editing the chappie and getting it ready to post, so it'll have to wait half hour or so.
::claps hands:: Ooh, I didn't know another chapter was in the offing! Much more exciting than name memes.