The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 51

Day 51 / 2276Days Until I Ship

Today was "Inquistion" and "The Prodigal."

So I had to go the Big City today, thus cutting into my SGA-watching time significantly, but I got to watch these two, which is something. The high today was also only 97, which is something else, but still.

Anyway, "Inquistion" is a mixed bag. As a rule I hate courtroom episodes and loathe clip shows, but this is actually kinda a solid episode. We have Woolsey being a bit of a hero in this one (a law-style hero, but still) and this exciting Coalition that's formed in the Pegasus galaxy that I really wish we could've seen more of. I can see why they'd want to throw the Expedition on trial, but I kinda wanted them to argue okay, so we cost the galaxy two million lives, how many have you guys lost through your inactions, huh? Which I know is like blaming the victim, but still, you can imagine that factoid haunts John sometimes. Plus, we've not had an evil Genii plot in a while; after S1 & S2, I kinda feel like we needed another.

As for "The Prodigal"? It's one of my favourite episodes. Forget all the cool allusion you can make to the ENT episodes "Demon" and "Terra Prime," which are conceptually similiar episodes with Trinner's character in Teyla's place - this is just a cool episode. It is everything an SGA episode should be. You've the boys racing cars and well, being themselves, and Teyla being Supermom and basically a positive female role model, of which there are always too few; and Ronon being a BAMF for plot-y reasons, and even Woolsey being a bit of a hero as well. And then you get the start of the whole Ronon/Ameila thing, which makes so much more sense than Ronon/Keller it's not funny, and of course the McShep (that goodbye in the puddle jumper anyone?) and even a hint of Teyla/Woolsey (if you squint). Then you get the death of Michael - at Teyla's hand, which is just, well, not irony of the highest sort, but something close to it. Poetic justice, or something. Plus Michael being evil for non-contrived reasons and Lorne and Zelenka being BAMFs as well? This is one of my favourite episodes. Period.

Random thoughts include: 1) Clip episodes are almost always a mistake. 2) I seem to be seeing all sorts of rare pairings in this rewatch. IDK why, but I'm enjoying it. 3) Ronon's wig this season is just stupid. They should've just let him keep the short hair. It works better. 4) Ameila - now there's another background character I can get behind. I know Ronon only likes Keller because she reminds him of his dead financee, but that's never a good reason to start a relationship. At least Ameila shows some signs of sharing some interests with him. 5) Michael, Michael, Michael. Didn't anyone ever tell you plans for revenge always go wrong? It's best to carry out your original plan and destroy your enemies when you're too strong to be fought. Didn't you learn anything while you were human - didn't you watch a single movie or something? 6) I love the final scene of "The Prodigal". It's such a family moment that you really do get the sense that these people are family, which is probably reduntant, but, well, it shows something.

Some puzzling was accomplished today, but the big news is I have to go to St. Louis to visit relatives on the 6th thru the 10th. IDK what the internet/computer/writing situation may yet be. But I hope to finish SGA at least before then, and, hopefully "Fradator," so....

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I've participated in some long meta because of "Inquisition". About who has the right to Atlantis and other such things. For all the damage Atlantis has done, they've also done a lot of good in the galaxy, have the means to fight the wraith that nobody else has. And perhaps the willingness too, since I imagine some people are beaten down, have had the defiance beaten (culled) out of them.

/brief meta

I enjoy "The Prodigal". For all the things you mentioned - the boys racing cards! Teyla being a BAMF! Michael finally coming to an end, and by Teyla's hand. I like the Ronon/Amelia - I could see them making it as a couple, and they do make more sense than Ronon and Keller. But then, Keller doesn't make much sense with anyone, given her inconsistency.
Well it's back to that quote from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof again, and that Dylan Thomas poem too. The Tau'ri - and thus Atlantis - were extremely lucky. They're able to fight when none others can. Can you blame them for any of their actions? Possibly. Michael, certainly, and the resurgence of the Replicators. But are they blameworthy? Not entirely.

As for the Collition itself? I think without the Genii influence it could be a very good thing. But the Genii are a militant people - a desperate people, often appearing to lack in compassion, or, at least, the witherall to take advice and/or critique by others. That doesn't make for a good, stable goverment unless you've an Empire. And Empires are usually bad things.

/end meta

"The Prodigal" IS amazing, and Keller needs consistancy. Or, at least, a stable personality. (Damn you, you male writers. How geeky you must be to be so severly swayed by a pretty girl - cue mckaysmonkey's meta on The Big Bang Theory gang writing for SGA)
I understand why the Coalition is angry and blaming Atlantis - Atlantis definitely isn't innocent in all of this. As a friend was saying, Atlantis makes decisions that often end up affecting the entire galaxy. But at the same time, Atlantis is really one of the few people who have the ability to make those decisions and then follow through with them - not many Pegasus civilizations could have made the decision to destroy the replicators, and then actually done it.

When I first learned about the Coalition, I had this idea of Atlantis remaining cut off from Earth, and after their decisions have wide-spread consequences (like Michael or the Hoffan drug), they decide to implement the Coalition, sort of like a United Nations. And the fic would be about Atlantis adjusting to being on their own for good, or thinking they're on their own for good. But I realized it'd involve a lot of politics, and those can't hold my interest.

How geeky you must be to be so severly swayed by a pretty girl - cue mckaysmonkey's meta on The Big Bang Theory gang writing for SGA

I had an idea to continue that, but I couldn't figure out a way to implement it. Or get around Sheldon. Because I could see Penny getting Leonard to agree on John/Rodney, but Sheldon?
I had an idea to continue that, but I couldn't figure out a way to implement it. Or get around Sheldon. Because I could see Penny getting Leonard to agree on John/Rodney, but Sheldon?

Have Leonard "sneak in" the wrong script? And since you know Sheldon doesn't interact with people, he could not find out until the scene's already been shot, or, at least, the producers are so gung-ho that it's impossible to change?

I agree. Atlantis isn't innocent. But what's the quote? "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun." They have the power, they use it. They'd be more at fault if they did nothing when they could. (Cue me thinking deviously ahead, to see if I can make this episode work in the AJ 'verse as a trial of the Ancients for their crimes. Hmmm.)

So, no, the Coalition isn't wrong to blame them. But until they have the power to back up their words, they're inconsiquential. Just like the UN, for all I believe in it, is ultimately doomed to failure unless it can be given the teeth it needs. (Cue other thinky thoughts I'm looking forward to writing).
Ooo, okay. Sneaking the script in, I could see that working XD And then the scene's been shot and it's really too late to change things without screwing up the scheduling and throwing everything off.

I agree - it'd be much worse if they stayed in Atlantis and just ignored the rest of the Galaxy and the peril it was in.

I think the idea of the UN - and the Coalition - is a good one, but theory and application are so different. And as you've said, the Coalition would need power to back it.

LOL Good luck with your thinky thoughts :D
I tend to agree with you that Ronon was interested in Keller because she reminds him of Melina. Amelia does seem like a more suitable partner for him.

On a related note, I met the actress Sharon Taylor, who plays Amelia at a British Sci Fi con and she's really nice.

I think your pairing list for S5 is currently:

and of course John/Rodney.
plus did you have Lorne/Zelenka too?

plus Lorne/Zelenka too, yes. Plus we've already background Sam/Jack, Elizabeth/Caldwell, and Carson/Cadman. *shakes head* The things I do, I swear. When you list it like that, it makes me feel kinda silly, like all my plans are turning into pairings for the sake of pairings....

Amelia does seem very nice. Plus I like the name. Amelia. Very pretty. Ameila/Ronon makes far more sense in every way.
The thing is they're all pairings that could work as stories. Maybe we
don't need all of them - just see where the muse leads you.
Well, the muse leads me odd places. IDK about the nit-picky of S5, but I know where S3 will lead me, so that will be coolness. Hopefully. If people don't kill me for what I'm about to write in "Fradator"....
I don't need a link to Netflix - I need a way to keep my son off it before he uses up my download limit *headdesks*

One day there'll be some bandwidth left over for me.
there there. I've been reliably informed that children do, eventually, move away from their parents and stop encroaching on their bandwidth.

(says that sitting in parents' basement, after fighting with the router to get it to work faster)

but anyway, that's what my evil laugh would be like. that first minute or so.
This is the kid who can play a facebook game on the laptop, watch a movie on netflix and talk over his xbox headset all at once. (and then I find the cheeky monkey is also downloading an 8G game in the background).

I wouldn't mind, but I'm not your average mum who just does email and facebook - I actually use this connection to work from home 2 days a week.
cool. my mom works for a computer software company's support devision from home, so she's got like a three monitor setup in her office and always has at least eight screens open at any one time... it's awful trying to get bandwith when she's working. But she is at the Mountain House and I, for the moment, am in the one they're trying to sell, so...

but your son sounds like my brother. Like, cut and paste like him. Can't you excerise parental rights or something and limit him to like, IDK, three internet-enabled devices at once? (longshot I know, but still)