The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 50

Day 50 / 227 Days Until I Ship

Today was "The Queen" thru "Outsiders."

"Tracker" was the only episode I really disliked today - I mean, I though Keller said she'd given up on Ronon in that one "Trio" cut scene, so why are they here a year later playing out this stupid excuse for a love triangle episode? Plus that whole Mary Sue moment where she manages to fight off a Wraith with sticks when Ronon and the other Runner are having difficulty is just beyond the realm of belief. And Rodney's only been on a gate team for four-and-a-half years now, so I think we can expect him to be a bit more proficient with a M9 than he's shown in this episode - particularly when they show him handling a P90 fairly well in other, earlier episodes. But whatever.

"The Queen" is one I like because it has Todd being Todd, which I love. Though it does leave me curious how much, if any, loyalty Todd feels to Teyla as his queen. Granted, Todd seems to be an exception, breaking out from the Wraith cultural norms, but he does imply that all Wraith genuinely want a queen to rule them. So it's possible that he feels latent feelings of loyalty towards her. IDK. It's just a question this leaves me with.

"First Contact" and "The Lost Tribe" are two of my favourite episodes, as you probably already know. I mean evil Asgard. How can you get any better than that?

"Outsiders" is another one I really like. It may just because of all the WWII books I've been reading lately, but you really get the whole first they came for the communists... vibe. Plus, I love how neither side is made out to be completely blameless. And Carson is such a BAMF in this episode that I may have to revise the way he tricks that Wraith into feeding on him to my new fav Carson moment.

Random thoughts: 1) The high today was 104. The highest the heat index got was 116. I hate the South. 2) What did they do to Teyla to make her look like a Wraith? Cosmetic surgery? Activation of dormant Wraith genes? Something else? 3) I really do love Todd. One episode he's helping us, the next he's trying to kill us, and it's all so perfectly in character you've got to love him for it. 4) Have to go up to the Big City tomorrow. Not looking forward to it. 5) Seriously, what's with all the candles? In the Wraith hive, in John's quarters, in the dream sequences? Is it some sort of ambiance thing, or were the set designers just that at a loss? 6) Keller still annoys me. She's not freaked out by Ronon going all caveman on the other Runner in "Tracker" but is bothered by him trying to keep her save in "The Lost Tribe?" Come on. I could go on, but I've given up trying to make sense of her actions. 7) I wish clone!Carson stayed on Atlantis, even as a suplement to Keller. Just because.

I did start a new puzzle today. Didn't go far, but that's because the writing bug hit me again, so... *jazz hands*

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One of my main problems with Keller is her lack of consistency. It drives me nuts. I just...I really don't like her. I feel very strongly about that. And Rodney tends to lose the ability to competently use a gun when they need comedy or a dramatic moment in which he's about to be eaten by a Wraith/shot by a bad guy and he fumbles with his gun - oh the suspense! Rodney is the perpetual butt of the joke.

I love the Evil!Asgard episodes XD Rodney (and Daniel, naturally) kidnapped! Oh noes!
Oh, Evil Asgard. Or Asgard at all. How I love thee.

But you're right - about both the consistancy and the comic releif. But still, they've got Woolsey for that now. You'd think that would be all they want/need.