The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 49

Day 49 / 228 Days Until I Ship

Today's selections were "Ghost in the Machine" thru "Whispers."

In many ways, I like "Ghost in the Machine." It's interesting, and shows just what lengths Elizabeth will go through for the people she cares about - and how, this time, it's contrary to the good of Atlantis. Plus the way Rodney gets all hopeful that they might be able to bring Elizabeth back? Adorable. And the way Woolsey says let the city sink? That is the first time this season when he really seems like a capable leader for Atlantis. What I don't like is basically the part where it's Elizabeth and the Replicators again. I'm over that plot. I'm over her. I just want them to move on already.

And "The Shrine." God, what can I say about this episode? It is a brilliant, well done episode. It has Jeannie. It has John being somewhat more open about his feelings than usual. It has Rodney calling John 'John'. It has that whole brillaint part where Rodney goes looking for John when he's scared and they wind up on the peir. It is a really wonderful episode. Almost everything I dislike about it is resulting from personal issues resulting from a family member's mental illness and my time spent as her primary caretaker. The one part that I find particularly annoying though is that it is John's idea to do the surgery in the cave, John that figures out how, and then Keller that gets all the credit, despite the fact all she did was drill the holes. Important, I know, but still. I get that she's a doctor and didn't want to give up on her patient, but I can't help but feel that she delayed as long as she did because she prefered the mentally altered Rodney to the original and, sorry, but that's not a basis for a relationship. Or for the credit in saving him.

"Whispers." I like that all-female team. Vega is a character, and I adore her in an almost Lorne and Zelenka-like way. And Teldy is a high-ranking female badass, which does my ingrained feminist tendencies a world of good. And she's a BAMF who doesn't hesitate to point out (respectifully) that John's plan tend to suck. Plus, Carson. And Nicole deBoer of DS9 fame as Dr. Porter.

Random thoughts: 1) I can't wait to get to "The Shrine" in the AJ 'verse. I just can't. 2) I also have a Teldy fic planned. 3) Again, where's Torren in these episodes? Why can't the writer's give us a throwaway line at least. Okay, they do -apparently he and Kanaan are off-world - but why? For how long? What is the deal, emotionally constipated male writers? Decerning veiwers want to know. 4) "Whispers" is essentially "Vengence," but with a cooler plot. 5) Icons are fun. 6) I've had all day to write and come up with nothing, as opposed to yesterday where all I wanted to was write but had no time to do so. Gah. 7) I need inspiration. Sadly, none of these episodes really gave it.

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I'm over that plot. I'm over her. I just want them to move on already.

YES. We get it. Please stop.

I could talk about The Shrine for hours. I agree that it isn't fair that John came up with the plans and Keller got all the credit. Isn't that convenient though? Keller gets the idea to use the nanites on Elizabeth, Rodney takes the blame. John comes up with the surgery and how to do it, she gets the credit. I hate how she clung to Rodney, refusing to let the Team come up with a way to save him. Thank god Jeannie was there, or they would have lost him.

I like Whispers. I've gotten the impression it wasn't widely popular, though.
Er... do you want me to stop or them to stop? 'Cause I'm confused over who you were agreeing with there.

"Whispers" isn't a bad episode, it's just not a brilliant one. Not enough Rodney. ;)

But "The Shrine." The episode that launched a thousand fics. Its one of those I desperately want to love, but watching it is so painful that it makes that difficult. Too many unpleasnt memories get dredged up. *shuders*
Them to stop :P Which isn't a problem, since there's no more show. I think they kept bringing her back when they needed a filler episode.

Definitely not enough Rodney. But I like it as a way to kill 45 minutes or so.

:( I'm sorry about the unpleasant memories. I can't even imagine! It's painful for me to watch, and all I have is my love for a character. I can't imagine having real life experience to draw from. The Shrine is like the episode where Mcshep becomes canon.
Well, that's good. I was worried I was beating dead horses and all that. But I agree with your assesment of their motives.

It is a good way to kill 45 minutes.

Personally, I see McShep as most likely to start some time between when they're on Earth during "The Return" and when they share dreams in "Doppelganger," but this is definately the first concrete acknowledgement of their relationship as more than simple friendship. (PS, what is the deal with John's shirt in that pre-peir scene? Is it a panda or what and why does a lt col have a shirt like it?)

But it's not your fault. My sister has... isues. They've gotten better since she's no longer living with us, but, God, if it wasn't for the fact that this is a public lj and I've no desire to remember half those experiences, I could tell you some stories...
Ghost in the machine - interesting concept, but it's so cruel the way the writers torture the characters by bringing Elizabeth back only to force them to sacrifice her again. Poor John, he keeps getting it rubbed in his face that he couldn't save her. It must be like a knife in the gut (something else John is too familiar with this season).

In fact this seems to be the "let's see how many different ways we can whump John" season. Did someone introduce TPTB to fan fic?

The all girl team were great - why did we never see them again? This is just one of the many things that TPTB never followed through with.
I was sure one of them would turn up on SGU as a link to the old series. Also Dr Porter/Carson Beckett could have become a canon pairing except, oh yes that's right, the series was written by Sheldon and Leonard!

Jennifer wasn't great as a doctor in the Shrine - she didn't spot the infection, she didn't want to go to the Shrine, and it took John to figure out the thing with the drill. I think Jennifer was too personally involved in the case and it was affecting her judgement.

However there is one thing she's accused of that I think is unfair - she didn't fall for the "nicer" Rodney. This is a mchshep fandom myth.

What I think really happened is that Jennifer was already interested in Rodney, but wasn't sure if her feelings were returned. When he offers her that fruit cup, she lets herself believe he's had a near death epiphany and decided he loves her - because that's what she wants to believe. Hence she misses the fact that he's behaving differently because he's sick.

Then of course she finds out the truth, but Rodney makes the video confession, which is enough for her to ignore the rather obvious evidence that Rodney is in love with John.
We see Vega in other episodes - but most of her lines in them were cut. But I agree, we should've at least seen Major Teldy once more. And as for planning ahead to SGU? Well, that's giving too much faith to the writers. Though I do like that idea.... Hmm.

Though I've got to disagree with you and say she did fall for the "nicer" Rodney. She was just in serious like with him before the episode and probably would've remained so, as Rodney's about as emotionally constipated as John when it comes to these sorts of things. But the bug made him "nicer" and more open and willing to flirt, ergo... she went from like to love. Not because he was "nicer," but because being "nicer" gave him an oppertunity he never would've taken otherwise.

And S5 has far too much John!whump, I agree.
when the news first came out about SGU, my friend and I were speculating on who from SGA might become part of the spin off.

e.g. we would have loved to see Evan Lorne in place of Colonel Young. It just needed a suitable scientist to pair him with (not Rush, the guy was too creepy).

Rush was creepy (not that I've ever actually managed to watch more than a handful of episodes of it so far.) But you're right. I needed more people from SGA or SG1, if only for continuity's sake. Not Lorne, because I think Lorne would've been smart enough to never get himself in the position Young seems to have, but maybe one of the one-off scientists? Or Teldy. I'm kinda liking the idea of Teldy having Young's place now...

now look what you've gone and done. I may have to change my plans for the AJ 'verse's solution to SGU.
OK how about this -

Major Teldy takes command after Col Young is permanently disabled (he actually spent the first episodes seriously injured so this isn't too far from canon)

AND/OR Dr Porter as a replacement for one of the Mary Sue characters (I'm sure you guessed which ones I meant)

Bonus points if you can either find a way to write in Zelenka (so I can have an epic Radek/Rush showdown)

OR make a believable scientist/military pairing using an SGA character and an SGU character (e.g. Porter/Greer?)

Extra bonus points if you can find a believable slash pairing in SGU

hmmmm.... well, it's a long way off for that fic the AJ 'verse, but it definatley gives me some stuff to chew on. (In fact, some of this might help the idea I have going now work a lot better).

As for SGU... I stopped watching originally after "Earth," because having sex while in someone elses body proved to be a kink too far for me. So it's all still subject to change. But thanks for the ideas!
I know what you mean - the memory stones were creepy and wrong.

That's a part of why I gave up on it - that and a lack of interesting alien enemies and pairings I wanted to ship. (apparently it got better later, but I didn't stick with it to find out).

I have a soft spot for Greer simply because I heard that at the start of the show he was in the brig for hitting Colonel Telford - who I don't like much.
IDK. All I know is the whole sex-in-someone-else's body was creepy, and I turned it off right then and there.

But *sigh* I've told myself I'm going to do a great syfy rewatch and I've done all of SG1 and almost all of SGA so far, so I'm going to do all of SGU too. Because I'm pedantic that way. Haven't desided if I'm going to to BSG or a Star Trek next, but I've a little time for that yet.
Love Teldy! Some fanfic writers use her well, like Keira Marcos.
Also, did you catch the deleted scene at the beginning of the season, where Vega asks Keller on a date? LOL
I love that deleted scene! It's just wonderful.

Teldy is great. I like her character so much I'm trying to find a way to work her into my fics!
In a way, she is almost a match for Sheppard. Strong, athletic, sarcastic. And she calls him on stuff, which I like. I have seen some fics where they are a couple. In your 'verse of Ancient John, I would think that Rodney might get kind of jealous, if he got it into his head that Teldy is what John would or should want. Don't know if I have ever read a Teldy/Ronon fic.
BTW, i do adore your story.
*grins* I always love feedback. Especially the positive kind.

As for Teldy... well, I've a story planned for her at the start of S3 in the AJ 'verse that should touch on many of the points you brought up. I just love her because she's such a strong, capable, high-ranking woman. Which is always nice to see. I've never seen her paired with Ronon and toyed with pairing her with Lorne, but I think I might just leave her a lone actor in all of this. You know, some sort of not everyone on Atlantis pairs up sort of thing, or maybe you don't need to being in a relationship to be a BAMF. IDK. We'll see.