The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 48

Day 48 / 230 Days Until I Ship

Today was "The Seed" thru "The Daedalus Variations."

Today was also Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (which I loved) and The Best and The Brightest (which isn't SyFy so much as hillarious, but Dad's here, so my choices were limited.)

What can I say about "The Seed"? I love the idea of Hive ships being grown from people - conquered Wraith queens, maybe, when the drug that does it isn't infecting random humans? Granted, it's Keller, but the episode is mostly a fun romp. I kinda hated it the first time around, but I've warmed up to it. Though this is the second episode in a row where John winds up in the infirmary. Twice in one, actually. ::pats on head::

"Broken Ties," like all other Ronon-centric episodes, is a gratitous excuse for hand to hand combat. (Though I must admit that bit, ten min or so from the end, where John slides across the room, lands on his knees, and starts shooting with a gun in each hand? That is very hot. Emphisis on the very. And the hot.) And the part where Teyla hands Torren over to Woolsey so she can go on a mission? That's amazing too. I can also see what could be construed as the start of Teyla/Woolsey in this episode, which I must admit I've been a bit fixated on since reading "Beautiful as Southern Skies." But only a little.

As for "The Daedalus Variations?" I love it. Its an absolutely beautiful episode, and gives us an escalating series of crises to be resolved that is just so... well, very S1 & S3 finale, all in one episode. Words cannot express my love for it. Plus, Lorne and Zelenka. They don't have much of a role, but I love them in it nonetheless.

Random thoughts: 1) Fathers are very distracting, even when they're not supposed to be. 2) There are a lot of infirmary visits this season. Justification for Keller's main cast status, acknolwedgement of the dangers of Pegasus, or slight dig that our beloved team is starting to hit the 40 mark and not as spry as they used to be? 3) Episode 3 of S2, S4, and S5 were Ronon episodes. Same with e4 of S3. Trend, anyone? 4) Torren is adorable. So is the whole team's slight fixation with him, like he's a mascot or something. 5) What does Kanaan do on Atlantis? 6) Father's presence has sapped my muse. I am annoyed, as the only reason I stopped writing yesterday was do to the need to sleep. Now that I've the time... it's become more difficult. Annoying dads.

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I haven't watched The Seed. Too Keller-centric - she's not why I watch the show, I don't like her, so I skipped her episodes (including the bodyswap one?)

But I read some meta that pointed out something I found interesting. In The Shrine, Rodney claims to have loved Keller for some time." And yet in The Seed, when someone has to volunteer to go to where Keller was, Rodney didn't volunteer right away, or when he did volunteer it was more like he felt it was something he should do because everyone else was. Something like that.

"I've loved you for some time" my ass.

#2 My guess would be justification for Keller's main cast status. TPTB have a Jewel Staite boner and wanted to use her as often as possible.
True. For all of it. Though my personal interpretation of "I've loved you for some time," trends towards the "as a friend loves another friend" side of things. 'Cause there are many different kinds of love.

2) You're probably right. Le sigh. There's what I get for hoping for depth from some of the writers.
That's how I choose to interpret it as well, since there's no evidence of romantic love.

#2 - Yeaaah, don't expect depth from the writers. That's just asking for disappointment, on the whole.

2) I love depth. It hurts when there is none. Which leads me to inventing it everywhere I go.
What does Kanaan do on Atlantis? - Yes, exactly.

It must have taken Kanaan a while to recover from Michael's retrovirus, both physically and emotionally, and we don't know what that did to his relationship with Teyla or her ability to trust him but TPTB didn't bother to explore that in the show.

Let's be honest, SGA writers can do friendship and family, but not romantic love. It's like the script was written by John!!!!

(I'm sure I remember a scene with Teyla/Kanaan at beginning of one of the early episodes where it appeared that they were splitting up, and Kanaan was taking Torren back to the Athosians?)

I do see what you mean about Teyla/Woolsey. There is a definite friendship building between them.

You seem to be collecting a list of rare pairings for this season - I'm wondering if any of these will be turning up in Ancient!John 'verse or another story?

Some of the Pairings may, some may not. I haven't decided yet. All I know is I don't see what teyla sees in kanaan. And while she says in "the shrine" that they go back to the athosians, they both appear on the city in later episodes. So no sense is to be had.

But definite mental constipation on the writers part.
My son is currently watching an old episode of Big Bang Theory and the idea suddenly hit me - Sheldon, Leonard and co are the SGA writers.

It would explain so much: the cool science, the total fail at writing romance, and why they decided to give their hero (Rodney) a love interest who looks a lot like Penny.
OMG! That works so wonderfuly well I could die of it.

If you write that fic, I will love you forever.
Setting the scene:

Sheldon and Leonard are in the flat, sitting on the sofa. In front of them on the coffee table are Leonard's notebooks and Sheldon's laptop. A half empty coffee mug has left a ring on one abandoned page.

Leonard: I think we need a new love interest for Rodney this season.

Sheldon: Boring. What we need is a new bad guy to replace the replicators. With awesome space ships and cool new gadgets. I know, let's make them evil Asgard.

Leonard: But that doesn't make any sense. The Asgard all died out in SG1 season 10.

Sheldon: No they didn't. They all committed mass suicide, which didn't make any sense by the way. Who wrote that episode?

Leonard: I think Howard wrote it that time he was feeling depressed that Penny wouldn't date him.

Sheldon: *sighs* So Earth's most advanced ally were completely wiped out just because Howard was depressed about a girl? This is why dating is stupid and pointless.

Leonard: You're just saying that because you've never been in love.

Sheldon: Yes, thank whatever deity you believe in. So, Evil Asgard, yes or no?

Leonard: I tell you what, you can have your Evil Asgard, if I can have my new love interest for Rodney.

Sheldon: Really, are we still talking about this?

Leonard: I was thinking we could pair him up with Dr Jennifer Keller.

Sheldon: Didn't you already do that last season, in the alternate timeline?

Leonard: But don't you see, she's perfect for him. She's blond, beautiful and really smart.

Sheldon: She's just Penny with a medical degree, really annoying. I know, lets write an episode where she turns into a Wraith Hive Ship.

Leonard: I really hate you sometimes.

Sheldon: Just get on with the writing.

Sheldon picks up his laptop and opens up a blueprint of the new Evil Asgard spaceship. With a sigh, Leonard picks up a notebook and starts to write.

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