The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 47

Day 47 / 231 Days Until I Ship

Today was "Search and Rescue."

This is another this was technically yesterday by this point post, but mostly because I forgot to do it earlier more than anything else. That, and I made the mistake of watching Starship Troopers rather than more of SGA, so... yeah. My Bad.

I really enjoy this episode. I mean, there's honestly no part of it I dislike. You have the parts where Ronon and John are trapped, and Ronon refuses to leave despite John ordering him several times to do so, and then agreeing to shoot until they can't anymore and being beamed up at the last second. You have Michael, who is just cool when he has actual villiany things to do, and Teyla standing up to him and being kick-ass even though she's about to go into labour. And John refusing medical treatment to get Teyla back, and their amazing plan to do so, and Ronon having to do everything himself. Add that into Rodney delivering a baby and the baby just being adorable, and, well...

No, I take it back. I dislike the dream-sequence opening. And the way, after John's been beemed into the Daedalus' infirmary, Keller doesn't tell him right away that Rodney and Ronon survived. It kind of makes me hate her, 'cause he's obviously been there some time, so she'd more than enough time to tell him.

Though the way John asks if Rodney's still alive.... (as if I need any more OTP evidence).

Random thoughts include: 1) I get the RL reasons why Sam left SGA, as well as the in 'verse ones, but she was best of all Atlantis' leaders. Elizabeth was just too... Not passive. Permisive, maybe? Whereas Sam was better at keeping everyone (read: John and Rodney) in line. And Woolsey... well, he's not so bad, but they make him into a bit of a joke, don't they? 2) Never leave your brain-washed minion around his lover when she's a prisioner and heavily pregant. It's asking for him to betray you. 3) I'm still undecided if I feel Kanaan should've died or not. 4) This is really the the team episode. 5) With the gate-bridge destroyed and Daedalus in Pegasus, it's at least 6 weeks for Woolsey to get to Atlantis - 3 if the Apollo takes him. With John laid up in the infirmary for at least a week and Lorne's leg broken, who, precisely, is in charge? Rodney, I guess, but, really, someone thought that was a good idea - not so much the Rodney-in-charge bit, but the take-away-all-the-senior-staff part?

Made progress on the final installment of "Fradator." Very happy with results so far. With luck, it won't take too long. *crosses fingers*

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Sometimes when I want to watch some SGA, but don't feel up to screencapping, I'll choose a random episode and just watch it. Last time, it was Search and Rescue.

I rewatched the scene where John learns that Rodney survived something like six times. Just, his face and the way he asks, "McKay's alive?"

And then after John learns that Rodney's alive, then he's all I HAVE TO GET UP, I HAVE TO GET TEYLA. It's like learning that Rodney was still alive sort of...brought him around. Encouraged him. (I can't think of the word I want to explain it.)
Well, it's like the convo I think we were having back when we were talking about "Phantoms" isn't it? About what John would do if he thought he could rescue one of his friends/family members? And in "Tao of Rodney" if he couldn't? Oh, John would've gone on if Rodney had died, but the heart would've been burned right out of him.

And now I'm quoting Sherlock. Better than Beiber, at least.

But, yeah, that scene is intense and brillant and just, wow.
I believe I heard one of the producers mention that while they were filming the scene with Ronon/Sheppard buried under the rubble, that Joe Flanigan got the call that his Dad had passed away. He finished shooting for the day and left that night for home. When you watch the episode again, notice how Ronon is very careful around Sheppard. I think it was Jason just being naturally comforting to his friend.
oh, that's terrible! Still, those emotions transfered very well onto screen and, well, it was still an amazing episode.