Starship Troopers commentary

I watched Starship Troopers for two reasons: 1, I loved the book and held half a hope the movie might be even passibly decent. 2, my brother told me to watch it, as it has Neil Patrick Harris in it, who is like a god to my brother.

I should've stuck my guns and said no. Seriously, the movie and the book pretty much share only the vaguest of similarities, none of which make the movie worth watching. Seriously, Neil Patrick Harris' few scenes were the only decent part of the movie. And even that's streching things (though his Colonel's coat was quite sauve, if vaugely Nazi).

Bugs that eat brains. Seriously? And what kind of space-based army has such a poorly armoured infrantry and absolutely no armoured units (tanks) or close air support to speak of? And if they can patch up holes in legs in a trice, why do so many people have artifical limbs or none at all? Plus, if you're attacking a bug, you go for the joints in the armour, NOT the heavily armoured centre. And seriously did we really need the stupid love square?

Plus, none of the people from Buenos Aires looked like they were from South America. Or had ever been in the sun in their lives. And what the hell wias with Carmen's eyebrows?

Though I must admit the graphic nature of the movie gains it some points. It's trying. Oddly optimisistic and veiws like a Roman progaganda movie, if the Roman Legion fought in space and had movie cameras. But it tries.

I'll never watch it again, but at least now I can mock my brother properly for having enjoyed it.

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it's c-rate syfy at best, but... I think I would've liked it better had it been more like the actual book.
Starship Troopers is a comedy. No really. I didn't get it at first, but the patriotism is so overblown, and the guy who keeps loosing limbs and giving the hero field promotions is just so over the top.

Although it's also deeply subversive, because we discover that the aliens were not the invaders - we were! (or was that the sequel, I forget?)

Although I think the Futurama version with the balls was funnier.
I've not seen the sequels.

I get that it's supposed to be a comedy and can appreciate that but, God, the book was better. It doesn't even try to be anything like it, so much so that it shouldn't even have bothered with the pretense.

I get that the jingoistism was overblown on purpose. I get a lot of things about it, but... God, I just didn't like it. (My brother calls me a blasphemer for this, but I don't care. I'm just not a fan of the over-the-top comedies. Or comedies at all, really.)
Would you like to know more?
I watched it because A) I love NPH and have for a while and B) it looked like a good action movie. I stayed because of the shower scene and Casper Van Dien's ass. ::grin::
Re: Would you like to know more?
I'm a little leery of what "more" might be in this case, but okay. Why not.

I've nothing against NPH - only the fact that my brother has turned him into a Chuck Norris-level diety. It's not a bad movie, it really isn't. It's just not good. And not the book. Le sigh.
Re: Would you like to know more?
Oh, the whole "Would you like to know more" is a shoutout to the "advertisements" that are in the movie. I'm such a geek - my friend Kati and I both use it on each other CONSTANTLY!

I totally get that the movie is cheesie, and definitely not on par with the book (I've not read it, but you're probably the fifth person to tell me that). And that's generally the case... I think I've encountered only one time when it wasn't - and that was a niche gay movie called "Breakfast With Scot". Loved the movie, but the book? Eeh...
Re: Would you like to know more?
Ah. I get it now. D'oh. When I randomly quote things, it tends to be The Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy or Star Trek.

Read the book. It's vastly different, but I prefer it. But, then again, I've never seen a movie-adaptation where that's not been the case.
Re: Would you like to know more?
Ah. I get it now. D'oh. When I randomly quote things, it tends to be The Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy or Star Trek.

"There is an art to flying, or rather a knack. Its knack lies in learning to throw yourself at the ground and miss."

I said that to a person once, and they looked at me as if I had 3 heads (or just the two, as Zaphod had). I then just tsked, then handed over the PDFs to the entire Hitchhikers series, PLUS the two for Dirk Gentley's Holistic Detective Agency.

(And while we're at it, the Hitchhikers movie from 2004ish was bad - but then again, I don't think anyone would ever make anything as good as Adams ever wrote.
Re: Would you like to know more?
Oh, god, the movie - 2006, I believe - was awful. Though the 1980s miniseries wasn't that bad. Delighfully camp, in fact.

But, no, no one could ever make anything as funny as Douglas Adams. (My mom and I quote it to my dad all the time, and he still hasn't caught on. It's very sad.)