The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 46

Day 46 / 232 Days Until I Ship

Today was "Outcast" thru "The Last Man."

Actually, yesterday was at this point, but I was too busy trying to finish the latest chappie of "Fradator" to think anyone really minds.

"Outcast" is an episode I could get behind, if it had less of the Replicator plot to it. John's father is dead, I want backstory. Let the SGC handle Earth-based issues. God. Though I seriously want to hear the commentary on it, if only to see if they ever alluded to the reason John and his dad stopped talking.

"Trio" is another episode I could get behind (Rodney makes a canon. Out of scraps) except for the part where there's really no point to the story other than useless struggle against impossible odds in the pegasus galaxy and as a vehicle for the McKay/Keller people. Which, without the cut scene talking about how things ended with her and Ronon, makes Keller out to be the Whore of Atlantis or something. (And, plus, now is when the writers learn that UST is not fun? We had to suffer thru 10 seasons of Sam/Jack UST in SG1 and you decide to just throw relationships everyone's way in SGA?)

I may be punch drunk at this point. It's been a long day.

"Midway." Interesting episode, nice excuse for all-round BAMF - but, please. Earth has almost been destroyed how many times now? They're going to have an iris, no matter how secure the station seems to be. Though I'm also glad it's destruction means no more gating back to Earth all the time. Earth bores me. Sorry, but it does.

"The Kindred" - despite knowing it was going to happen, there was genuine gasping when clone!Carson is found. I'm glad they brought him back, even like this. Love that the Hoffan Drug is back, and that Michael has teeth this episode and isn't just a one-off villian again. Plus, Teyla and Lorne kinda are BAMFs themselves in these episodes. Though I do still think it would'be made for a better story if Michael wanted her for his queen. *shrugs*

"The Last Man." First time I watched this, I was ambivolent towards it - and a little PO'd, 'cause I'd made the mistake of watching it on my iPod while near water and lost my beloved iPod to waterdamage. But this time through... well, there was genuine weeping. It's a very intense episode. Not what I'd have picked for a season finale - nor, probably, what should have been one - but it's intense and solid and and a great episode. Though, admittedly, "Four Funerals and a Wedding" may have coloured my perception of it more than a little.

Random thoughts: 1) Almost done with SGA. Not really looking forward to SGU. Or the McKeller. 2) John in suit is hot. 3) So is John with sucker. 4) Jennifer Keller/Carson Beckett. Thoughts? 5) I'm exausted. 6) I love that Teal'c got to go to Atlantis before Daniel. I do. And I don't even like Teal'c. 7) Though the Ronon/Teal'c fight scene is classic. 8) So is the betting. And John's complete lack of breaking it all up. 9) Rodney so should've gone with John in "Outcast," just saying. 10) Time travel. Got to love it.

Tired now. Oh so very tired. RL has been a bitch lately. But at least I got that chappie posted. One more, and then my McShep Match fic to write... then the "Inferno" rewrite... and then the finale, and I will finally finally be done with S2. *Cue choirs of angels*

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Mmm, I loved John in that suit. And I would have killed for Rodney to go with him :P There's quite a few big bang fics that explore that possibility. I like Midway, though I always thought it was a little confusing how the Wraith managed to gate to Earth so easily. Like you said - they had an iris, and they wouldn't have lowered it unless someone sent through an IDC.

Ugh, Trio. Probably an episode I'm going to skip during my rewatch - my embarrassment squick cannot handle it. Though I do want to watch the scene where Rodney has to choose between two men :P He seems pretty sure about his answer, and then backtracks a little. "Yes, this guy! -- er, if I have to, I mean."
They used Midway's IDC to get to earth. I checked. But midway itself should've have an iris. Two, actually.

At least "Trio" proves he's an openminded sort of guy. And "Outcast" rewrites almost make the episode worth it. almost.
I know what you mean about Outcast - there just wasn't enough John back story. Although it has spawned a slew of "John takes Rodney to visit Dave's house stories", so it's not all bad.

Also in Midway, how the heck did John get into that space suit in time?

Jennifer/Carson? Interesting idea. I think there was some chemistry between them in the show, and he's certainly more the sort of guy she really wants. I'll have to go back and watch that again.

That bit where Rodney gets to McGyver a canon in Trio was great, wasn't it?

Last Man always reminds me of classic British sci fi show Red Dwarf. Which does mean I tend to laugh at inappropriate moments.

It takes at least an hour to get into a proper spacesuit. Less if it's a pressure suit only, but it wasn't. And, besides, you really can only live 30 seconds or so in the vacuum of space. Granted, it wasn't eactly vaccuum, but... creative license, I guess.

though you're right about "Outcast" being good for fic purposes only.

But, yeah, Jennifer/Carson. Makes far more sense than Jennifer/Ronon, Jennifer/Rodney, or Carson/Cadman ever did. Might have to see if I can write a fic on it.

I'm still ambivolent towards "Last Man," but I like it better than when it first cost me my iPod, so....