why I need to buckle down and write instead of surfing the internet

I feel a little guilty for even posting this, as my love of Star Trek is such that it's willing to overcome even the most absurd odds to preserve it, but, well, I do weird things when I'm bored. This is one of those.

And the worst part? Watching it I couldn't help but think, Oh, this would sooo work for SG1/SGA's Ancients too....

cracked! is beautiful. Its distracting properties, however, are not.

le sigh. what's new with you?
Yeah, you you can't just spend ten minutes on that site.

Nothing much. I keep meaning to clear out my e-mail - I have so many LJ comments to respond to - but I'm lazy. I'd much rather just read~ I've also found out today that we're *not* moving, that the problems that were forcing us to move have all been fixed, amazingly. So now I get the lovely duty of putting all my books back on their shelves.
ah, moving. I hate it to. but at least you're not, which makes unpacking somewhat easier.

cracked! is one of the black holes of the internet. But a good one, at least.
Moving sucks - I am so not good with change. But I am pretty pleased that I get to keep all my bookshelves. Some of them are built right into the walls, so I can't take them with me.

I mostly love the cracked articles.
I don't mind moving. I went to 12 different schools in 3 different states and 2 different countries before I started HS - which was in a different school district from middle school entirely. I like it, even. But packing is a pain.

Before my parents moved, and I did the Great Used Book Dropoff (ie, 1000+ books being taken to Edward McKay's for trade in), I had so many bookshelves that my bed had to be lofted to fit more in underneath. Now I have a small pile in my closet I'm slowly working my way through, to be sold back at the end, and a box-and-a-half of ones too precious to sell in my parents' attic.

Change is good, though. Not all the time, I agree, but it's necessiary.
I see what you mean about the Star Trek society vs Ancients.

Anyway, I'll try not to distract you too much - I'm caught up on the Ancient John stories I downloaded, so I'm ready for the next part!

Actually, after all this distraction, I made a breakthrough and wrote like 1.5k, only stopping when I couldn't keep my eyes open aymore. You should be more worried about the distractions I got up to today that have largely kept me from writing. So far.
I guess I'm a little behind - blame it on the time difference!

I'm having the same problems finding time to write, but it sounds like you're actually doing better than me.
Yeah. I did 13.3 miles on the tredmill - spend watching 3.75 episodes of SGA - then took an entire carload of stuff that didn't sell the other day to the thrift store, which took an hour... and then there was the much needed 90 min nap...

And then I wound back at Cracked! learning how Star Wars is anti-feminist (which I already knew) and HP is messed up. Le sigh.