The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 40

Day 40 / 240 Days Until I Ship

Today was "First Strike" thru "Lifeline."

Yes, yes, I know. I'm posting again. But it cannot be helped. The S3 finale is, in my opinon, the best of the best. The best three-parter the Stargate franchise has to offer. The problems they face are intense and realistic (ish) and just so very wow. In fact, there is very little I can say about the awesomeness of these three episodes because, well, it speaks almost entirely for itself.

Things I liked include: 1) The way Elizabeth's health and Atlantis' survival are mirrored throughout "Adrift." 2) The way they're actually proactively going against their enemies for once. 3) A heist. 4) John in charge.

Things I didn't like include: 1) Keller's sudden appearance in the series. 2) The way she is 95% to blame for reactivating the nanobots in Elizabeth and Rodney takes all the blame for it. 3) Almost all of Keller's stuff, actually. 4) And the Dr. Lee parts.

Other random thoughts include: 1) I may not agree with it, but John is very hot when he yells at Rodney like that in "Adrift." 2) The first time I watched "First Strike," I was convinced that Ellis and the Apollo were really Replicators posing as humans to infultrate Atlantis - at least, for the first 15 minutes or so. I still think that would've made a good episode too. 3) Asteroids, in "RL." 4) I love how Elizabeth goes down fighting. This one act, I think, colours my perception of her throughout the rest of her episodes. 5) The scene where they launch the Horizion is one of the coolest CGI moments ever. 6) Though Atlantis going down-and-up-and-into space comes close.

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1) I may not agree with it, but John is very hot when he yells at Rodney like that in "Adrift."

I agree that it's hot when John raises his voice :P Or even puts a lot of force behind what he's saying - like in Condemned, when the Team - minus Rodney - is all tied up and Ronon is snapping at John, so John snaps back. Joe has a rough voice, but it gets really growly when he raises it/puts force behind it. Mmm, yes.

2) The way she is 95% to blame for reactivating the nanobots in Elizabeth and Rodney takes all the blame for it. 3)

1) It's probably not healthy to grow *more* attracted to a guy when he's yelling. But what can you do?

2) Thus the world of AUs, where everything can be made right.
John flew the city :-)

Rodney shooting asteroids in the jumper should win an award for best character out of their comfort zone being awesome.

Although he was great in the heist too. In fact he was just damn awesome.

Actually I should go back and watch this, I've probably forgotten so much.

Zelenka had his time to shine too with the space walk. There are a couple of nice John/Zelenka scenes in SGA if you keep your eyes open. Which are mirrored by the occasional Rodney/Evan scenes. hmm, wonders what was happening in the writers heads ...

your point 2 does sound like an interesting alternate timeline. Do you intend to write it in Ancient John universe?

Elizabeth did really stand out here didn't she - way to go out with a bang and make the views wish she wasn't dead.

IDK about writing Replicator!Ellis for the Ancient!John 'verse, but it might become a story of it's own one day.

And John flying the city is *major* squee.

Though you've got to say, Rodney really does grow as a person in SGA. He's not just that slighly-evil charactature we get in "48 Hours" - where, I should point out, he's wrongly villified as well.

Zelenka was kinda a BAMF in "Adrift." As was Lorne with the F302s in "First Strike." The more I rewatch, the more I start to ship those two together, though I get what you mean about - occasionally - seeing the other ships.

Elizabeth's death in this is really the culmination of her character, isn't it. I'm not really a fan of the whole REDEMPTION IS DEATH trope, but it kinda works here. Not that Elizabeth really is in need of redemption per say so much as what was done to her needed to be redeemed.

Though I so would've thrown Keller in the brig for doing that in the first place.
You know what, I'm not convinced Keller deserves all the hate she gets.

I think she was in charge by default, and she didn't really want that job. She's new, inexperienced and out of her depth and the Expedition leader is dying on the operating table. She wasn't there for the earlier nanite issues, so she isn't as wary of them. Finally, she has complete faith in Rodney's ability to solve the problem.

Rodney probably should have told her no, but he's lost too many people already, loosing Elizabeth was too much. He had to have a solution to work on because that's how he deals with certain doom.
She doesn't deserve all the hate she gets, no, but she deserves a great deal of it for the nanites. Oh, she redeems herself in other places, but the yelling should've been at her - or, at least, equally between the two of them.

I'm not saying Rodney's not at fault and, ultimately, he was the one to activate the nanites, but it's also not exclusively his fault.

Though I reiterate the what is such an inexperienced doc doing in charge of Altantis' infirmary in the first place? comment I've seen in half-a-dozen metas for the rest of it.
I got the impression Keller was probably a good surgeon/doctor. But as a department head, in a combat situation, or off world, she was out of her comfort zone.

I think that was the point. All the season regulars had adapted to survive, TPTB wanted to introduce a newcomer who was not used to living in what was effectively a war zone.

However, she did have some Pegasus experience. Elizabeth probably thought she'd settle in and cope better than someone from Earth who had no experience of the Stargate program at all.

The only way they could find experienced staff, was to steal someone from SGC and even then, those people might never have gone off world.
All true and all valid points. But doctor's no good to anyone if he or she doesn't have confidence in his or her abilities. Ie, if Keller didn't think she isn't the right person for the job, she probably isn't.

While I have major kudos for the idea of Keller, her character became way too Mary Sue for me to ever genuinely like, despite my major love for Jewel Staite.
I think Jewel had a much better character to play in Firefly, didn't she?

The part of her story arc that annoyed me was how they tried to create a Ronon/Rodney/Jennifer triangle. The great thing for me with the team is how much they all care for each other, so pitting them against each other is bad.
I loved her in Firefly. And in Wonderfalls. It's just... IDK. There are just certain episodes where it's very WTF with her character. Like I was watching "Doppelganger" today and it was like, okay, wow, Keller doesn't bother me at all here.... but then there are other episodes where I just want to strangle her. Especially with that completely bizare "love triangle."