A Short Guide To Ranks and Titles 2.0

So, ages and ages ago I wrote up some notes for the AJ 'verse (as my dear beta has taken to calling it) explaining the Lantean military ranking system. I then promised to post something eventually about the civilian titles... and figured now was eventually enough.

The top of the Lantean food chain is the praefectus or praefecta - masuline and feminine respectively. It basically means colonial governor. Ie, for the Atlantis Expedition, this is Elizabeth Weir. But before the Exodus this title was held by the senior-most member of the Council.

The other members of the Council - the consules - were not techinically in charge of anything, just an advisory committee, but the individual consules often held other titles/ranks as well, and thus made the Council more de facto like the US Cabinet than the UK Privy Council which it more closely, de jure, resembles. The size and make of the Council was not set in stone, but could range from three to seven members, including the praefectus, and often was made up of the praetor, rector, and other senior officals.

Anyway, directly below the praefectus are the military and civilian heads.

The military head is called the praetor. For the Expedition, this effectively is John, though he doesn't lay claim to the dignitas for reasons that are messy, personal, and John-like.

The civilan head is called the rector, and was traditionally the head of their university - and, thus, the highest ranking scientist. For the Expedition, this would effectively be Rodney, as he's head of R&D. (On a side note, John's father, Janus, held the post for the three decades right before the Exodus. In fact, the post was often held by members of John's father's family, which is part of why Janus was so annoyed when John joined the military. But that's another story.)

Below the rector things start getting complicated.

One "line" that branches out from the rector is that of the University and it's members itself. The highest ranking University members were the magistri, or Professors. Below them are the assistant professors, the discipuli, and then the students themselves.

Another "line" is that for the department heads below the rector in a research capacity. These are the periti, and, if the Expedition had them, Zelenka would be one of them. Below these are the investigatores, who are sort of middle management, and then the tirones, who are the base-level researchers.

However, things get complicated when you take into account that many of the periti were also magistri, and used whichever title they prefered. There were also special kinds of investigatores, including but not limited to:
  • the historici, who were social scientists - historians, anthropologists, linguists; John's aunt Catalina was one of these
  • the causidici, who were lawyers, ambassadors, and negotiators; Woolsey and Elizabeth would be considered this
  • the medici, who were the doctors and nurses; ie, the Carson's of the Ancient world
  • the ingeniarii, who were the engineers and "scientist" scientists; ie, Rodney and Radek

Again, anyone could call themselves any of these. (Ie, Zelenka could be a peritus or a ingeniarius, or even heres, as he's Rodney's 2IC). Only with titles like pastor and custodia are things more or less absolute. (Ie, John is a pastor, so even though he's legatus as well, he'll always go by the former. Same with Rodney, who is both custodia and rector.)

In simpliest terms:

Praefectus / Praefecta
  • Praetor
    • Legatus / Legata  OR Navarchus / Navarcha
      • Tribunus / Tribuna
        • Vicarius / Vicari
          • Lictor
  • Rector
    • Magister / Magistra
      • Discipulus / Discipula
    • Peritus / Perita
      • Investagator
        • Tiro

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