The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 39

Day 39 / 241 Days Until I Ship

Today was "The Ark" thru "Vengence."

Ah, what can honestly be said about these episodes?

"The Ark" was interesting, for the character-interaction value (as well as John's whole I can fly anything-ness, and his team's decided you're going to get yourself killed-ness), but the story itself was kind... yawn.

"Sunday" is just tear jerking. Not so much as the first time, but still sad - though I must say, when even the characters think exploding tumors are a stupid plot device, you know things are bad. Honestly, they could've at least thought of something more interesting, but then again I suppose there are only so many ways you can kill a doctor in the Stargate 'verse, and they didn't want to copy what they did with Janet Fraiser. The whole way they told the story is facisinating too, though I've always thought holding a funeral in front of Stargate - which could activate at any moment - to be particularly stupid.

"Submersion" is interesting, more or less, though in watching it I for some reason kept on thinking This is what happened to Todd's queen. I've no idea why, but I haven't been able to shake the idea yet.

And "Vengence" makes me just sad. Oh, I love the irony of Michael doing to others what was done to him, and his righteous indignation, and I even feel sorry for him this time around - plus whole uberWraith aspect - but it's also kind of like Michael's the go-to villian when they need a filler story, isn't he? Honestly, Conner Trinner is too good an actor just to be given scraps like this. I mean, they could've done so much with Michael, but instead it's... well, still good, but with a bit of a slap-dash feel to things.

Random thoughts include: 1) Under no circumstances can I see the top two officers, top two scientists, and presumably a ranking doctor being allowed off-base all at once, even if it's for a funeral of their collegue/best friend. But whatever. I know the gatebridge makes travel quicker, but still. 2) Has a good Teyla/Michael fic ever been written? 'Cause, honestly, I swear half of the issue is UST on Michael's part. 3) The plot holes in all these stories are so glaring, it sometimes makes me wonder why I love SGA so much. But only sometimes. 4) Couldn't they have taken two jumpers to the drilling platform? 5) For a death that was supposed to hit everyone so hard, it's odd how Carson's death isn't mentioned at all in the two episodes directly after, or Keller, for all she suddenly appears in "First Strike." 6) How do Wraith reproduce? I'm thinking bees. Or termites.

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"The Ark" is actually one of the few SGA episodes I haven't seen. The other ones, well - I skip the Keller-centric episodes of s5.

I'm not a fan of Submersion, to be honest. Mostly because of my Rodney feels. Technically, Rodney has two jobs: the primary one is to be the CSO of the expedition, and the second one is to be a member of an offworld team. The ending of the episode, where Rodney goes back to his CSO duties while the other members of his team take a nap, rubs me the wrong way. And then I start thinking about his lack of thanks/appreciation overall, and then I just get grumpy.

6) How do Wraith reproduce? I'm thinking bees. Or termites.

We catch a glimpse of a wraith being born - they're in these pod like things that are attached from ceiling to floor, the pod hanging a few feet above ground. Two drone wraiths approach and rip open the pod-skin and pull the newly born wraith out, and then slip a mask over their face. I'm guessing it is like it is with bee's. I always assume it has something to do with the Wraith Queen and the organic-ness of the hive ships. They work together to provide genetic material, and then the hive provides the nutrients? IDK.
You're not missing much with "The Ark"

I'd not thought about "Submersion" that way, though thinking about it I do think it's more to do with Rodney's inablity to not be working on anything than being not appreciated as a whole. And, even if that is the case on any level, I think Teyla, at least, deserves a nap after all that.

6) It's not so much the being born part I'm concerned about, it's the being conceieved part that I'm curious about. Creeped out by, but curious as well.