The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 38

Day 38 / 2462Days Until I Ship

Today was "The Game."

I spent 4 hours driving this morning, and then the gym, and then trying to get all of the words I spent my hiatus thinking of on paper just right. I'm still working on the later, but it did mean I'd only time to watch 1 SGA.

And "The Game." First of all, I find it kinda riddiculus to believe that Rodney wouldn't have realized it wasn't a game at some point before the story started, but... The idea is interesting. Particularly in the whole the relationship between the countries' leaders parallels the relationship between John and Rodney thing it had going on. Which was further parallel in the whole Lorne/Zelenka thing, which was just adorable.

That being said, the most interesting part of this had to be John's expressions. And boy, did he have several good ones in this episode. There's this one right after the representives arrive on Atlantis that's just so... well, adorkable that I should really screencap it. Though the whole bit where he pulls Rodney along by his TAC vest is just squee as well.

Other than that, I kinda could do without this episode, and have mostly skipped over it in the past.

Random thoughts include: 1) Do not go in drive-thrus if you're trying to order $20+ of food. It's just disrespectful to everyone involved. 2) Or pay by coupon for the above stated. 3) I drove 210 miles today. I hiked 18 miles on the AT yesterday. I am tired. 4) It's good to be home. 5) Finishing this chappie would've been a lot easier if I could just have written it when I wanted to. 6) How is it that S3 has some of the best and the worst episodes? 7) How do people in medeval socities bleach their hair that shade of blonde? Reall, how? 8) Lorne/Zelenka is totally my second-OTP-of-Choice. Or whatever the proper term for it is. 9) I want to stay up and write, but probably won't manage it.

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Have you read that ficlet based on "The Game", where the representative for John's country is ranting about the representative from Rodney's? And all his rants could be about rodney - "arrogant, condescending" - and then the guy says something like, "But she's cute when she's wound up." And John agrees and there are parallels and it's adorable.

I need to re-read that fic.

The pulling-by-TAC-vest gets me every time. I love it SO MUCH.

Joe Flanigan makes some of the BEST faces. There's a tumblr dedicated to his faces called Silly Faces of John Sheppard. (there's a rodney version as well)

I'm sorry you had to drive so much :(
I've seen that fic, though not in ages. I'm going to have to track it down and reread it myself.

The TAC vest is a wonderful moment. I rewound and watched several times.

I agree with you on the faces. This was a particularly silly-faces episode, though. Honestly the best part of the episode.

EH, not your fault I had to drive so much. The roadwork was the worst part. I must have hit at least 5 different projects. (And tuesday I had to drive 270 miles, to get my brother from the airport. God)
Just in case you can't find it: The Game Ficlet

I love that moment so hard. I even have a gif of it :D

I want to watch the episode now just so I can see the faces XD

God, 270 miles. It would suck driving that. At least when you're a passenger you can read or something.
It's actually worse when you're a passenger - it's so boring and so long that you just tend to fall asleep.

But thanks for linking me to the fic (squees).
Really? I prefer being the passenger. I can read or listen to music or sleep, rather than having to focus on driving.

You're so welcome!
Well, I've always got music blaring when I'm driving (or doing anything not-tv related, anyway), but ususally when I'm the passenger the driver and I have... differing tastes in music. Or the idea that it should be played.

Mostly, it's just so long that nothing can hold my attention for the whole time.