I love quotes. I collect them by the thousands. For this reason I was surfing GoodRead's quote selections, and stumbled across this one completely by accident.

Ronon Dex could drop Edward Cullen with a look.”
― Annalyse Tar

The author appears to just be some random person who felt like adding it for no really good reason, but it makes me smile, particularly given my own feelings on the two characters/fandoms.
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I sincerly worry for the people who like Edward Cullen. Granted, when it comes to TV/movie/book vampires, I've a bit of a thing for Spike from BtVS myself, but... glitter. Sleep-stalking. glitter. How is that attractive to anyone who's not a magpie?
I keep forgetting to say - nice new layout :)

Thinking about girls liking Edward Cullen makes me weep for humanity almost as much as I weep over the fact that those books are popular.
Thanks. I thought it was time for a change.

As for Twilight... as bad as they are, they were almost tollerably bad until Breaking Dawn. That one's just horrible. It took me a month to read it - and I can read almost anything in a day, two tops.

That being said (and the last thing I shall say on the matter is) the entirety of the Twilight series is just a way for girls to feel okay about themselves after they forgive their boyfriends for abusing them.
I keep forgetting you've changed it, and then have a brief moment of wondering whether I'm at the right journal.

I couldn't even get through the first book. I remember I'd never heard of Twilight, but a friend of mine was reading, and I borrowed her book. I don't think I even reached halfway.
Sorry for the confusion.

And, well, as for me, I've this rule that I can't mock a book until I've read it completely. Thus my whole relationship with Twilight. It's one I regret to this day.
Thank god for wikipedia because I had no idea who the heck Edward Cullen was LOL.

Although now I'm thinking Ronon Dex, Vampire Hunter sounds like a really cool AU. I wonder if it would work as a jossworld fusion .....
Lucky, lucky you. (though how you could've lived in the world for the last 5 years and *not* know is kinda frightening. and cool)

Ronon Dex, vampire hunter, would be so cool though. Give it a whirl. I know I'd read it.
I've heard of Twilight but not actually heard the names of the characters enough for them to have stuck in my memory. Although now they probably will *sighs*

My son had to study it for media studies and truly hated it, so if I did give into temptation and rent one of the movies just to see what all the fuss is about, he'd probably never talk to me again. So I'm saving that one for a really special punishment!
(sometimes you have to be evil when you're a parent).

I know someone at work who tried reading the books, but they struggled to get past the first chapter. Frankly it makes me wonder why the franchise seems to be as popular as Harry Potter.
The main character - Bella - is the quintasential Mary Sue. She can be whoever the reader wants her to be.

I only read the books myself because I've a policy where I cannot mock/make fun of/etc a book/series/movie until I've seen it, so as to be educated in my mocking. I regret reading the books to this day.

Did see the first 3 movies though. Those, if possible, were even worse than the books. So please, don't do that to your poor son. Nothing, short of jail-worthy offenses, could ever be worth that. And even then there's that pesky law against cruel and unusual punishment.

Le sigh.
Thanks for the warning. I have too little time to watch the good stuff to waste it on something that gets a review that damning.
My goal has been acomplished then. (Though I must admit all this talk of Wraith and vampires has made me want a crossover. In a how on earth would that work sort of way.
One of these days I will finish Guardians of Atlantis, an AU where the ancients genetically engineered Vampires to fight the Wraith.