Ode To My Parents

God. Just, God.

Don't get me wrong. I love my parents. I really, really do. Shrines could be built without sarcasim to my mother, but, God, is spending a few days with them trying beyond all belief.

So, the original plan when I left the house tues was to pick up my brother from the airport, take him to the Mountain House, stay the night, hike with dad the next day, and then come back hom thursday morning. For no reason that was ever adequately explained to me, by the time I arrived at the Mountain House the plan had changed to: hang out doing absolutely nothing for a day, then hike thursday, then come back friday morning.

Which wouldn't have been so bad if not for the fact that a) I, thinking I'd not have time to do anything at all, didn't bring any of my files/computer/etc to entertain me, b) I had to sleep in the garage on a couch again, or c) the Mountain House was adequately sized for 4 people. Which it isn't.

My favourite bit, however, though was when I went to bed at 8 last night after hikking 18 miles and then got woken up by my mom at 10:30 to be interogated about my financial cituation, which I think we can all agree is no fun even when you're not half-asleep. And, to be perfectly clear, I had told my mother at least three times over this stay that my monetary situation was fine. I did not need to be woekn up in the middle of the night to repeat this. God.

And they wondered by I was so eager to leave this morning.

And now to write. Then PT. Then other random working out. Then write some more.

God. Parents.

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::hugs:: The only thing that got me through dealing with my mother on the phone yesterday was about 3 glasses of wine. *sigh*
Sadly parents are not perfect. They are US, a little older and wiser, and a lot more wrinkly.

I speak as someone who is now a parent, but used to be a real person.