The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 37

Day 37 / 246 Days Until I Ship

Today was "Irresponsible" and "Tao of Rodney."

I could've watched more - wanted to watch more - but I've been trying to write all day as tomorrow I have to go up to the Mountain House thru Friday. Maybe Thursday. Either way, computer access will be limited, as will my time to use it.

"Irresponsible" is 100x better than "Irresitable." Less crack, more story, and, of course, the death of Kolya. It's still a silly story on so many levels, but it's done well.

"Tao of Rodney" is one that I've mixed feelings about though. Part of me thinks another Mary Sue story, but another part of me really loves it. Granted, the part with Teyla and the tea ceremony is just painful to watch (IDK why, just is), but for the most part it's a delightful insight into Rodney's character. And John's, in his reaction to the whole thing. And it actually gives Elizabeth a more-than-token role, though you do kind of get a sense they're working the Elizabeth-angle to make her death that much more painful.

Random thoughts include: 1) Even Lucius finds "Sanctuary" painful. *snorts* 2) I love genuis!Rodney. 3) Love guru!John too. 4) It's not just John's "mad skills" that help him win the showdown between him and Kolya. The Colt M1911A1 is a single-action semi-automatic. Kolya's weapon is double-action automatic. Basically, the Colt is the more "elite" weapon, even compared to the rest of the team's M5's. I love this little detail.

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I prefer Irresponsible to Irresistible :P The scene where Kolya is about to shoot Rodney and then everyone is falling all over themselves to be the one shot just warms my heart ♥

I like Tao of Rodney, though there are a couple scenes that make me wince. Mostly because I have a sensitive embarrassment squick, which means that I feel embarrassed for even the most ridiculous of things. I love that Rodney wanted to do these last few things for his friends, though I don't remember him doing anything for John? Rodney writes a book for Elizabeth, tea ceremony for Teyla, and heals Ronon's scars.

I love the meditation scenes, though :P John is kind of bad at it, and what is with sparkly curtains? And lol all the candles. How romantic ;) The scene where Rodney collapses always gets me, too - makes my shipper heart go haywire.
Only in SGA is a scene where everyone's voulnteering to die heartwarming. Don't disgree with you, just saying.

He doesn't do anything for John - but, then again, John doesn't let him. He refuses to let Rodney give up.

The meditation scenes make the shipper in me squee too (oh, the plans I've for this episode too. God. "Fradator" is giving me all sorts of trouble today.
looool Good point. But I just like how they were so willing to die in place of each other. It's sweet :P

Good point. If Rodney tried, John wouldn't have taken it well, I think.

Oh god, you keep mentioning your plans for certain episodes and my excitement just *grows*
I know, I know. I really don't want to have to go up to my parents today. I want to stay at home and write. But I suppose someone's got to pic my brother up from the airport, and I am closer....

It'd be a lot like Rodney trying to say goodbye in "The Shrine," I think
I'm sorry you can't stay home :( You can't get *any* writing done? You don't have a laptop you could take and write on? That sucks. I'm sorry :\
I could take my laptop, but it's more of a time issue than anything else. I pick my brother up from the airport (1 hr away) and drive him to the Mountain House (3 hrs away), then spend the night, hike 18 miles with dad tomorrow, than come back on thurs and take my sister to a dentist appt.

God. makes me tired just thinking about it.
Eighteen miles?

Eighteen. You're not kidding? JFC.

And it's not like you're going to do that and then sleep for hours, no - then you have other things to do. Daaaamn, girl.
18 hours. Definately. but I've just been told I have to stay for another day (IDK why, I don't want to) so now I have absoluetley nothing to do for 24 hours but read, as *someone* decided I don't have a life of my own to live.

No, I'm not pissed. What would ever give you that idea.
Do you have a Kindle? If not, you should get one. You could load it up with fic :D

I'm sorry you have to stay an extra day. I hate when I have to do something I don't want to.
I do have a kindle, but I'm trying to read all my paper-books before I ship out. I've made good progress... I even read 300 pages of a 700 page book while I'm up here, which is good 'cause it's kinda stuffy.

but still. *pulls out hair*

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I'm trying to read all my paper-books before I ship out.

Ahhh, I see :P

I even read 300 pages of a 700 page book while I'm up here, which is good 'cause it's kinda stuffy.

The books you've read and talked about impress me :P They sound much more intelligent than the ones I tend to read.
I confess, I simply love Tao of Rodney. It's so cracky they could have stolen the plot from someone's fanfic, but do I care - no I don't.

Rodney finding out he has superpowers is just such an brilliant idea, because of the way he reacts to what is happening to him. Also John was so adorable asking Elizabeth if he could go next.

Also this episode features one of the best Ronon hugs. Ronon hugs are simply awesome.

Random thought. Rodney didn't do anything for John as part of releasing his burden, but I think he did create a goodbye gift for John when he designed the puddlejumper hyperdrive?

"Tao of Rodney" *does* read a little like a fanfic, doesn't it?

(And John asking if he can go next *is* just the most adorable thing ever.)

He doesn't do anything for John, no, but, then again, John doesn't let him, so...