Meme Love

Meme blatently and brazenly stolen from mckaysmonkey:

Ask me any of the following and I'll try to answer:

Show: _______ or ________ ?
Character: ________ or _________ ?
Pairing: _________ or _________ ?
Anything: ________ or _________ ?
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yay - you passed it on. I got it from gottalovev, who got it from someone else. It's a viral meme!

So what can I ask you? Carrying on the Star Trek theme from before, I have to ask you:

Show: Star Trek or Stargate?

Also I'm curious to know:

Character: McKay or McCoy

Pairing: Rodney/John or jim/bones

(yes, I took a sneak peak at your blog so now I know you ship jim/bones rather than jim/spock!)

Anything: I noticed you like Simon Pegg, so I'm hoping you will get this one:

Shawn of the Dead or Hot Fuzz
Show: Oh... that's a toughie. If you take the francises as a whole, I choose Star Trek, hands down. If you take the original series, as it were, of both.... I'd go with SG1. I think. If you want to go with the movies of the same name, Star Trek wins again, because I've heard such bad things about the Stargate movie I never bothered watching it.

Character: McKay. More of a character, less of an ideal.

Pairing: McShep all the way (I never could see Jim/Spock, in either TOS or the reboot), though I've an admited weakness for well-written ST:XI Jim/Bones

Anything: Shawn of the Dead.
Shawn of the Dead is great, but my personal favorite Simon Pegg movie is Hot Fuzz, because it was filmed close to where I grew up.

There's this thing in SGA fanfic where the writers compare Rodney and John to Jim and Spock. Apart from the thing where I just don't see it, they always get them the wrong way round anyway.

Rodney calls John Kirk, but that's just because he thinks John is sleeping with all the alien priestesses and ascended women.

Personally, I think John is more like Spock. He has the ears, the slightly alien genes, and he's really good at hiding/suppressing his feelings. Also he would probably agree with Spock that the good of the many is more important, given his tendency to self sacrifice.
Rodney as Spock and John as Kirk? Eh, I can *maybe* see the latter, but if Rodney's like anyone on on TOS at all, it's more likely to be McCoy. John as Spock does have a lot of merit though.

But all in all, it's pointless to try to do A=B and C=D with TV shows. There's no one to one correlation. They're their own shows people. But I get what you mean.

And I'm just not a big fan of police-based shows or movies. Not real big on zombies either... Paul is my favourite Simon Pegg non-ST movie.
People are always going to make comparisons. It's part of human nature to try and see patterns where there are none. e.g, driving home one day I saw a car with Licence plate in the British style:


My brain automatically re-arranged this to read Blow JOB New York!

Personally I think I prefer the comparison between John and Luke Skywalker in Starwars anyway (although most of fandom seems to compare him to Han Solo).

Darn it, how did I manage to forget Paul, when it was such an awesome film. My memory sucks.

I was thinking of Shawn of the Dead because my son dug it out on video earlier today. Not normally a zombie movie person, but that was funny, especially the end.

It's possible you may need to be British to get Hot Fuzz. The humour is based on a comparison between the fantasy of American cop shows and the reality of being a British policeman in a small rural town.
Ah. I can *definately* see John as Luke Skywalker.

And I'm definatley a fan of patterns and comparisons (thus my whole "swallow the world" take on writing), but I just don't see the ST/SGA one. At least, not that way.

IDK. Mom's british and I watch a lot of British TV, but I'm just not a fan of police stuff. Bores me.

Though i should mention I've a no-Zombie policy these days - if it has a Zombie in it, I won't read/watch it. It's just not worth the time.
Zombies used to really freak me out, but my son has managed to mostly desensitise me.

I must admit I don't watch too many police shows any more, because I've been over saturated. These days I only watch if someone recommends them.

If John is Luke Skywalker, I would like to propose that Teyla is his Yoda!

Zombies don't freak me out. It's just... *everyone* uses Zombies. It's extreme laziness to use them, like the writter isn't even trying. And, usually, they're not. Thoguh there are exceptions.

I'll admit to being the kind of person who watches Law and Order as a feel-good show - as in, only when I'm sick and unable to find anything better on. The almost-inevitable success of justice and order is soothing, somehow.

Teyla is definately Yoda! Though I submit an arguement can be made for Teyla as Obi-Wan as well.

Ronon, we all know, is Chewbacca. Though who McKay would be in this situation, IDK. C-3PO?
True, Teyla could also be Obi-Wan.

I've come across so many instances where John calls Ronon Chewwie that I can no longer remember if it's canon or fanon!

I'm not sure I like Rodney as C3PO, although there are scenes where the arguments between the two robots do remind me of Rodney and Radek.

I've seen one particular writer who actually compared Rodney with Princess Leia. Certainly John does seem to have to rescue him from being kidnapped quite a lot.

It's canon. It's early in S2 - "Condemned," I think. IDK. I do remember hearing it on the show though during my rewatch.

I don't really see Rodney as 3PO either, but it was the best I could come up with. Princess Leia actually is a good thought though.

*contemplates resulting AU*

God, now I'm going to spend all week thinking about how to make that work.
Ooo, fun! I think I'll be taking this.

And now I'm going to sit here for awhile and try to come up with some for you...
Haha, well I was going to do the Star Trek vs Stargate one, but I see that's been done. I'm just going to have to check your interests to see what other shows you like...

Okay, so. Going by the things listed under "Interests" in your profile:

Doctor Who vs Farscape
John Sheppard vs John Critchon
Ronon/Teyla vs Ronon/Amelia
Watching shows vs Reading books
Show: Doctor Who, hands down. I love Farscape, I really do, but it doesn't get anywhere near as dark as DW can, and I like shows that delve into that aspect of things.

Character: Sheppard, again hands down. Though, again, Critchon once he's gone crazy is amazing. Too southern for me to ever be entirely comfortable with, but amazing.

Pairing: Ronon/Amelia. Ronon/Teyla is just too much like incest, which is definately not one of my kinks.

Anything: Reading. I love it. As must as I love TV, too often it spells everything out for you or bows to the law of the lowest common denominator. Right now I'm reading this book called Godel, Escher, Bach and while there's absolutely no way it could ever be made into a movie (or even translated into another language, it is interesting in the extreme and makes me think in ways TV just can't.
Have you seen classic Doctor Who? I've only seen nu!Who, really. With Farscape, it was more the implications of things that were dark. They always talked about the Scarrans getting the wormhole technology, but they never really went into deep detail about what that would entail.

I adored Critchon, but yeah - I agree. I love Sheppard more.

I don't mind reading Ronon/Teyla if it's in the background. I never really got a sibling vibe from them, but I never really got a...sexual tension vibe either.

*nod* Again, I agree. My friends will watch a tv show with 4 seasons in something like three weeks, and I can barely finish one season in that time. I have just last night finished s3 of SG-1, and I've been working on that for what, a month? It's because I'll watch an episode and then want to read for hours after XD
Classic!DW scares me. As in, how on earth did this show stay on for as long as it did. I much prefer nu!DW. 10 is my Doctor.

I never got the sibling vibe from Ronon and Teyla either, but it's like they were John's siblings, you know. So it's sort of like your half-brother on your dad's side getting together with your half-sister on your mom's side. They're not related to each other but they are related to you, so there's inheriant squick.

I used to read a lot more than I do now... Now I'm mostly just working out and watching TV while doing so, then writing, as opposed to reading and writing alone...
I haven't seen any classic!DW. I'm not sure I want to. Ten is my Doctor too :)

They're not related to each other but they are related to you, so there's inheriant squick.

Oh, wow. That's...the perfect way to describe it though. Yes.

*nod* I used to read a lot more than I do now, too. Mostly because I've been having concentration problems.
Yeah. I'm kinda trying to get as much Ancient!John written as possible before I ship, so I've cut back on my reading time.

And my BS-cuting ability saves the day once again. (I'm going to have to find a way to fit that into my epitaph too.)
Oh, that makes sense. And as a reader, I appreciate that!

It's definitely a talent you have that should be immortalized.