The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 36

Day 36 / 247 Days Until I Ship

Today was "The Return" thru "Echoes," which brings me to SGA's halfway point.

Two of my favourite episodes are pts 1&2 of "The Return." Seriously, I love these episodes. It shows not only the lengths the boys are willing to go to preserve Atlantis, but their interaction is just so amazing. Which isn't to say that the McShep in every episode isn't great, but it's particularly good in these two. And the way they keep calling each other while on Earth is just so many kinds of adorable. It's my particular belief that, were McShep ever to be written into the SGA script, this would be the earliest point in which their relationship could possibly go from pre-slash to slash. There's a number of different reasons for this, from not risking their places on Atlantis to their interaction in this specific episode, but that's just what I belive.

And "Echos"... well, to be honest, the first time I watched it, I wasn't particularly thrilled, but time has made me see the wonder that is this episode. Part of that is, again, the wonderful McShep interaction in this episode, but there's also the way that this time it is John who saves the day with science. Which is hot in the extreme.

Random thoughts include: 1) I really hate the way the SGC seems to marginalize John while he's on Earth. It's extremely true to form, but, God, does it hurt. Makes me want to scream he's a HERO guys. Treat him like one. 2) Lorne's not been on for a few episodes, and I'm starting to miss him. 3) Zelenka and his pigons. Cute the adorable. 4) Also adorable? The way Rodney and John try to sneak out of the infirmary in "Echoes." It's just so them. 5) John's various expressions while his/Rodney's/Elizabeth's eardrums were burst? Also completely adorable. 6) In fact, cover almost everything that happened in these three episodes with an adorable brush. 7) Elizabeth trying to talk to Dr. Lee about D&D is one of the most hillarious things I've ever seen. Though how that guy could ever become CSO of anything, IDK. 8) I loved O'Neill in "The Return." So very him. 9) Ah, Woolsey. Woolsey, Woolsey, Woolsey. 10) I feel the need to watch The Princess Bride now.

I was so tired yesterday I slept for like 10 hours straight. It was weird. But apparently the people liked the house, and there may be an offer on it soon. As much as I'd like to see it sold, I'm not looking forward to moving up to the Mountain House (in such close parental proximity) full time. I like the independence I have here, even if it's basically just a matress in the basement, with a computer and a tredmill. I do miss real food though.

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I like Return 1&2 :D The team BAMF and Jack and Carson's wee baby turtles. And, of course, the phone calls. God do I love that they call each other XDDD I don't like that the SGC marginalizes John either. I wonder if Rodney even had the *option* to be on John's team, or if they immediately shunted him to Nevada? I kind of want fic where Rodney's on John's SGC team now. I know there's a Big Bang fic where John isn't allowed offworld while on Earth, and Rodney is put on SG-1. But that always feels like betrayal (RODNEY YOUR TEAM IS JOHN AND TELYA AND RONON, HOW COULD YOU.)

I also really like Echoes, though mostly for all the adorable McShep scenes. Rodney calls John to look at something and John does! Whale watching date! And the entire bit where John and Rodney are in the infirmary XD It's a fun episode that I don't take seriously.

SGA should have had more Lorne.
Oh, Carson's turtles! How could I forget. (A fic with Rodney on SG1? I've not read it and don't think I want to.) But John's the type of officer the Air Force would very readily marginalize. He's great at what he does, but he's not exactly Mr. Rules, is he?

Ah, the phone calls indeed. I love the epistilary pics done for "The Return" between them.

"Echoes" is wonderful fun without being camp. *grins*

Everything needs more Lorne.
I have an icon about Carson and his turtles. So cute :D (Yep. I only skimmed it, because I was :\ about the idea of Rodney being on a team that *wasn't* John's, so I have no idea where Sam is. But I know he's on the team with Cam and Vala. The entire concept just bothers me - as I said, I can't help but feel like it's a betrayal. Dramatic, maybe :P But I can't help the way I feel.) You have a good point - I guess I just hoped that the SGC would be better? SG-1 has broken quite a few rules, and their job is rather unorthodox - so they'd need unorthodox soldiers. But my knowledge of the military is limited so *shrug*

The phone calls made this fangirl very happy :) and John asking if Rodney misses him makes me squeak every time.

"Echoes" is wonderful fun without being camp. *grins* Everything needs more Lorne.

Exactly so for both!
Rodney + Cam + Vala does equal terrible burning betrayal. The idea just rubs me all the wrong way, and neither could ever truely appreciate him.

As for SG1... well, they break rules, but they only do it when the world is ending. And everyone gets a pass for saving the world. John... well, take "Hot Zone" and his black mark. Definately not world-ending situations.

Squeak, huh? I think I make some really blackmail-worthy giggle when I rewatch that bit.

Carson's turtles... I wonder what *did* happen to them.
*nod* Exactly. It's not a fic I plan on reading when I do my SGA Big Bang re-reading. I hate that idea, and then in the end, we never get a clear answer on whether he's joining SGA-1 again or sticking with SG-1.

Oh, that's a good point. In the beginning of SGA though, Elizabeth mentions Jack has black marks. If they get a pass for saving the world, then those black marks can't be from one of those incidents of disobedience.

Squeak, huh? I think I make some really blackmail-worthy giggle when I rewatch that bit.

Heh. I don't blame you for the giggling XD

I'd like to think Carson's turtles are saved. But mostly because I'm really soft on animals.
*shudders* Why would he stick with SG1? I mean, I can see him taging along with them if forced, but choosing them over John? I mean, Cam's just an ass half the time. It'd be like... I can't even think of the proper thing it'd be like.

It's very easy to get by in the military from what I've seen: you just take a little bit of initivie and mostly do what you're told. I've always found it interesting that someone like John, so seems to hate being told what to do as much as he does, joined the military. Granted, the planes are cooler than the civilian world, but still.

Jack's black marks are all from being disrespectful, I think. John is actively disobeidant.

I don't blame me for the giggling either. It's my loud cries of "Oh, God, the Pain," when something riddiculous/stupid/anti-OTP appears on screen that makes everything blackmail worthy.

I do hope the turtles live. They are hardy animals, so...
Well, I think in the fic he gets along with Cam and Vala, so it might influence his decision? And they come to appreciate Rodney for his tech know-how and his snark. But I can't understand why he'd chose to stick with them, either.

*nod* It's definitely weird. Honestly, I think it was two-fold: It would piss off John's father, and he got to fly the coolest planes. But that's my head!canon.

Ah. That makes sense.

Ugh, anti-OTP :\\ It makes me so sad when they appear on screen or in fic. Sanctuary on SGA always makes me sad.

I like to think that once the SGC realizes that the Senior Staff of Atlantis have re-taken Atlantis, they send someone to pack their stuff, clean their house/apartment, and deal with their pets.
"Sanctuary" makes me unbearably sad. And uncomfortable. At least it's semi-less-creeptastic in "Epiphany." Sort of.

I cannot see Rodney getting along with Cam. I just can't. It is not possible without people geting massively Out of Character.

Well, they *do* send two ZPMs back to Earth, so maybe they use one to send someone back to Earth to deal with it, than use one to gate back to Atlantis before giving it to the Antartic Outpost/Oddessy
It makes me uncomfortable too. John acts pretty out of character - I always get vague, creepy "John is brainwashed" vibes from the episode.

I haven't met Cam, so I can't tell yet. But that wouldn't surprise me - I think Rodney really is an acquired taste.

Oh, that's possible. I never really thought of that. Carson could always e-mail a family member (doesn't he go back to Scotland?) to check up on his pet.
"Brainwashed" is definatley one way of putting it.

and now I'm getting all sorts of Rodney, fine wine jokes running through my head, and none of them are good. Probably a sign I should go to bed soon, however little I may want to.

Carson works for the SGC, but it's possible that he keeps the turtles in quarters on base. Though closing up houses and things like that *does* sound like something they'd have some poor junior enlisteds do.
and now I'm getting all sorts of Rodney, fine wine jokes running through my head, and none of them are good.

Haha, sorry about that.

Though closing up houses and things like that *does* sound like something they'd have some poor junior enlisteds do.

Someone would have to have the job, considering the unpredictability of their jobs. Getting trapped offworld temporarily, for example, someone would have to clear the house and feed the pets.
I think there's a whole SGC department dedicated to making sure everyone's bills get paid and driver's licsences stay valid while people are trapped off-world/are in Pegasus. That's just my personal belief.