The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 35

Day 35 / 248 Days Until I Ship

Today was "McKay and Mrs. Miller" and "Phantoms."

I could've watched more but 1) I'm exuasted, 2) they've been showing the house most the day, and 3) the middle of S3 is so good that I think I"m trying to draw out the SGA goodness for as long as possible.

"McKay and Mrs. Miller" is an episode I'm torn about - I genuinely like Jeannie as a character, as well as the idea of her, but during all my previous rewatchings of this episode, I've stopped right where Rod shows up, because, well, I really don't like Rod. I don't even like Mensa!verse AUs. But I love almost everything else about the episode, up to and including the fact that Rodney's first name is Meredith. And I'd say Rodney and Jeannie's interactions couldn't be any better if they were RL brother and sister, but...

"Phantoms" is another one I like, even if it's for kinda bizzare reasons. Which are to say: I hate the obvious. I absolutely hate it when things are exactly as they appear, or are otherwise spelled out for us. That, people, is not how RL works - and it's a large part of the reason I like British TV so much. So I just love that we're told right off in "Rising" that John has a black mark on his record and we don't find out anything more about it until the middle of season three. That is just... Well, I love it. Especially the part where it takes them all being out of their minds for us to learn anything at all about John's past. (And, for those who seem to be confused about the point, John's insignia in the Afganistan!memory scenes is that for a Major. He wasn't busted down to LtCol and then reinstated to that rank in S2. I've seen a lot of fics that have this, but the dark or gold oak leaf means major people. Silver is LtCol. Wikipedia it if you're confused. (*takes off ranting cap*)

Random thoughts include: 1) Rod is genuinely creepy. His jacket, however, is cool. 2) Pegasus sure has a way of going through junior officers. 3) I love how Jeannie asks if Rodney started the war with the Wraith. It's so... perfect. 4) Though it's amusing how kids seem to love Rodney, despite his unease with them. 5) IDK how John might manage to sneak a multi-million dollar helicopter off an airbase without his superiors catching him before he leaves their airspace, but crashing your stolen multi-million dollar helicopter would definately get you sent to Antartica.

Been trying to write most the afternoon. Still little luck, but I think I'm getting there.

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I'm always torn on "McKay & Mrs Miller". It sets off my Mama Bear instincts regarding Rodney on several different levels. And as you said - Rod was creepy. I usually skip through scenes with him. (I don't like MENSA!AU's either.) But on the other hand, I love learning more about Rodney, and there are several scenes that I am so very fond of.

And I always got the impression that the Team was just telling Rodney what he wanted to hear at the end.

Likewise, I love learning more about John's past in "Phantoms". I do wish we could have learned more, but the bare bones we've gotten means more fic to fill the blanks, so XD

4. I love how children seem to pick Rodney to ask questions of, and how uneasy and awkward he is with them. It's hilarious.
4. Maybe they inantely sense he's the one with all the answers? IDK. It's adorable though. Both his reactions and the kids themselves.

I agree with you. On some level, they were probably telling him just what he wanted to hear (though, in all likelihood, if we found him creepy, so would they)

I think what we got with "Phantoms" is very telling - John's worst memory isn't of Holland's death, specifically, or his courtmarshall, but of being unable to save Holland. Granted, that may have something to do with the "RL" specifics of the situation he was in, but still. It's an interesting thought.
4. That could be? I've heard that children are better are reading people then we give them credit for. Maybe they see something in Rodney that makes them think he's approachable?

I think maybe Rod was the type that they enjoyed meeting and getting to know, but would get annoying after prolonged exposure. So it was partly telling Rodney what he wanted to hear, and also them admitting that he's tiresome after a time.

Oh, John. Naturally my mind takes that very good point you made and applies it to John/Rodney. If that's John's worst memory, then imagine how he must feel when Rodney is losing his mind during The Shrine.
I hate to think what would've happened to John if they hadn't been able to save Rodney in "The Shrine." *pauses to contemplate writing a fic on this* I'm thinking "Freedom's Just Another World For Nothing Left To Loose" type of bawling here.

4. You've got a point there. IDK. John's like a big kid sometimes and by episode 2 he and Rodney are like best buds, so....

Rod. Definately. To borrow a phrase, Nice place to visit, but wouldn't want to live there.
Definitely on the lines "Freedom's Just Another World For Nothing Left To Loose" type of bawling. God, it doesn't bear thinking about. I keep picturing John's face when they go to ask Rodney if they can take him to the shrine, where he honest to god looks like he's doing to cry. I think if Rodney died John would just...collapse inward. Still do his job, but something would be missing.

4. John and Rodney are both like big kids at times :P

That phrase pretty much sums it up!
I think if Rodney died John would just...collapse inward. Still do his job, but something would be missing.

Like the drive to survive his suicide missions.