The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 34

Day 34 / 249 Days Until I Ship

Today's selections were "Progeny" thru "Common Ground."

"Progeny" and "Common Ground" are two of the best stand-alone episodes in SGA. In fact, I might go so far as to say that "Common Ground" is my absolute fav SGA stand alone - for this season at least. That's the great thing about SGA - there are more than enough great episodes to make up for ones like "Irresistable" and "Condemned."

To start with, "Progeny" is one I just love on so many levels. First of all, Replicators, who are my favourite Stargate enemy just because their motivations are so completely inhuman that it gives everything not only a real SyFy feeling, but because they are baddies in almost all of my favourite episodes. Plus, yet another example of the Ancients being not-so-great guys. And the McShep interaction in this episode is just epic.

Then take "Common Ground." We get Todd, the most engmatic Wraith in the galaxy, who is Machiavellian in the truest sense of the term and - quite possibly, in my opinion - the only Wraith both capable of uniting all the others under his control (with Teyla's help, of course) and ending the Wraith War once and for all. And then we get Kolya, who not only ties us back to S1, but who shows that the worst monsters can, in fact, be humans. And then how all the characters deal with John's capture - and even John's Faustian deal with Todd - is just so wow and spot on and other words I'd italize if I knew what they were that it's just, again, wow.

Granted, "The Real World" kinda rubs me the wrong way, but that is probably a combination of 1) it's Elizabeth-centric, if almost interestingly so, and 2) things that deal with mental illness make me itchy. Or jumpy. Or just not happy. But still, more than a simple plot vehicle for the S4 opener.

Then add all this into my veiwing of Prometheus this afternoon and, well, I'm anticipating interesting dreams. Though it should be noted I watched "Common Ground" - which is full of killing and torture - to calm down from Prometheus.

Le sigh.

Random thoughts include: 1) The Assurans are some f***ed machines. I wonder if it's possible to defrag them. 2) More love for Todd. Though the idea of John/Todd still creeps me out on a fundamental level. 3) Oh, I want to finish the hell out of S2 so I can work on the wonderful possibilities that S3 provides the Ancient!John 'verse. 4) Signed up for McShep Match 2012 today. I think I've the bare bones of my story idea worked out. 5) He really should've just shot Kolya. 6) Consdiering TV's trend to make it so that people in institutions really do have people out to get them, it's amazing that anyone in psych wards ever takes their meds. 7) These three episodes - particularly the first and third - remind me of why I like Elizabeth in the first place.

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Not much to say on what you watched - I'm looking forward to seeing Common Ground for screencapping purposes - I bet Rodney makes some great faces.

4. Yesssss.
*frowns* That's sad. I always love it when people have something to say about these things. I enjoy the convos I have with people about them far too much to actually admit.
Sorry? Most of what I would say is pretty stupid. I like the Replicators as an enemy - they had so much potential. I don't like The Real World, and I'm sure you can figure out why :P I'm mostly ambivalent about Todd - I liked him before, but I've stumbled on too many fics with him and John (or Todd and Rodney) that it's left me sort of...mentally scarred. For life.
I think you're always interesting :) It's more my fault - a lot of times I have nothing to contribute.

I would like the weather more if it wasn't so hot. (Though part of that might be the laptop I have). We have a fan on, but it's a crappy one and too far away to do much good. We're also out of ice cream :\ How's the weather where you are?
Eh. It's been fluxuating between god-kill-me hot and rainy-and-cold, often in the same day. Oh, weather in the South. How it defies all natural laws.

Oh, ice cream. That sounds good. I'm jealous that you have some to be out of.

And you've plenty to contibute. Take the once-a-year-relationship talk for instance. :)
Sounds like the weather here. "Don't like the weather - wait five minutes," and all that. I'd kill for rainy-and-cold, because at least then the heat from my laptop would be pleasant.

My mom helped me eat all the ice cream I like, and all that's left is this kind that I don't like :P

Oh, good point. Though I think that's like...a once a week kind of thing. Most of the time I'm just blah.
Eh. I enjoy your company. Even just knowing there's someone out there reading this stuff is enough sometimes, you know?

I want Cherry Garcia now. Le sigh.

I could go on for ages about the insanity of the weather down here. May was fry-an-egg hot, but June is looking like it's going to be far colder. Makes no sense
Even just knowing there's someone out there reading this stuff is enough sometimes, you know?

*nod* I hear ya.

Ooo, Cherry Garcia. Do want!

Yeah, that doesn't make any sense. Your weather is crazed~
Freshman year of college, it snowed on Halloween but was hot enough to wear shorts the whole week around Xmas.

God. I should be writing - but I can't seem to calm my brain down enough to do so. Gah.
The Replicator episodes are always worth watching. For me it's because they're Rodney's personal nemesis, and they always push him to the limits of his abilities.

I like Todd, and the way he forces us to rethink how we see the Wraith.

There are a lot of reminders in this season that humans aren't so great, but maybe some of the creepiest were the ones with Michael. That whole storyline turned Carson into the Dr Frankenstein of Pegasus. They should have just listened to Ronon in the first place.

Oh, they *so* totally just have listened to Ronon in the first place. (I mean, if the Wraith could be bargined with/killed by a virus/whatnot, the Ancients would've done it long ago, wouldn't they?)

Todd is brilliant.

And so are the Repliciators. You're right about them being Rodney's personal nemesis. Whereas John is largely responsible for the waking of the Wraith, Rodney's nearly as responsible for the Replicators. Plus, science saving the day is just as cool as (if not moreso sometimes) explosions.
Of course sometimes Rodney's scientific solution is a really big explosion - but probably the coolest thing he did was getting the city to fly.

It's also cool when Rodney surprises everyone, including himself by stepping outside his comfort zone and saving the day with more traditional heroics.
Science + Explosions = Squee. (This may be the underlining reason I chose the Nuclear field as my rating.) But I agree. Flying!Atlantis is the coolest of all Rodney's accomplishments.

You're right though. As cool as it is that Rodney saves the day with his science, it's sometimes even cooler when he does it the good ol' fashioned way, just because it is so outside his comfort zone. *wipes away tear* Character growth. You've got to love it.