Prometheus commentary

I went to see Prometheus for three reasons: 1) Because Michael Fassbender is in it. 2) Because Charlize Theron is in it. 3) Because it's named after Prometheus,

and I am a firm believer in the myth of stealing fire from the gods is one of the most influencal, resonnating, and generally empowering myths in human history.

I knew absolutely nothing about the movie going in, except that it might have something to do with Alien, which I've never seen.

And I was blown away.

I could spend a minor aeon going on about the special effects, graphics, and sets alone. It was futureistic, yes, but it had the feel of tech you could believe evolved from what we have today. And, while the story was a little sparce in places, it was kinda enthralling. (Of course, I, being me, keot making the connection between the Engineers and the Ancients of SG1/SGA in my head, which might've helped a little on that point).

And the characters. Granted, most are underdeveloped, but the major ones? David - Fassbender's android character - is like this creepy but perfect cross between Data in TNG and HAL in 2001: A Space Oddessy. I mean, seriously, I could believe that he was a robot, and his motivations were so totally not human that was just... well, kinda wow. And, granted, I didn't really have much interest in the other characters, but the main ones - Shaw, Vickers - were real people, motivated by real things. And while all the allusions to god I could've done without, it was still amazing.

And, FYI, it's also a lot creepeir than I thought when setting out to see it. Not truely horrific, mind, but somewhat stomach-churning. The best I can compare it to is the type of scared you get when facing down a snake that's crawled into your house alone. *Shudder* Add that to the fact that Dad literally called me the moment I was walking out of the theatre, making me jump a mile? I'm kinda ridding on the adrenaline buzz.

Anyway, I wouldn't go see it in theatres again (probably, unless I'm really bored). But I'd definately buy it when it comes out on DVD.

(Writing this also makes me feel the need to track down a Wraith icon. God.)

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I want to see it. Two people on my twitter feed were having trouble making out the plot of the movie, though.
Plot, as I see it:

Humans discover Ancient!Aliens created human life. Humans set out looking for Ancient!Aliens, who they call Engineers. But Humans are financed by Dying Man who wants to Meet His Maker before he dies, and will do anything to do so. So when Humans find TERRIBLE RAGING DEATH on Engineer Planet, he refuses to let them leave. Cue much death.

The raging death bit is a bit confusing and mostly gratiitous, but the implications - They created us then changed their minds are profound.

Michael Fassbender really is the best part though. And not just 'cause I'm fond of him as an actor. His character is just facinating and very well played.
How is this all that different from the Biblical flood, though? If you believe it, of course, then God made us and the world and then changed his mind so much he essentially erased the chalkboard. I see it as a bit too 'ooh, look, I'm trying to be original and profound!' (and I really can't watch horror/creepy stuff). I have heard good things about MF, though ;)
Ah, but it's terrible raging pre-deluvian death with aliens. Presumably, "God" has the right to kill us all off where as Ancient!Aliens don't. Presumably.

Then then the part where they failed is rather interesting. How did they fail, and why?

IDK. Like I said, there are holes in the plot, yes, but it's mostly worth the money for the 3D glasses.
Oh, the 3D glasses are so awesome! I wish I'd kept the pair I got from the Alice in Wonderland movie a few years back...

Though I don't think I'd like to see anything to do with Aliens in 3D; too gross.
I think I'm only just now coming down from my fright!high. Or something. It's not helped that Dad's called three times tonight, and each time I've jumped embaressingly high and gotten myself worked up all over again.

Nope. I was wrong. Just thinking of a comment to make about the 3D grossness has made me nauseated again.
o.O I definitely don't need to see this movie, then; I'd probably have nightmares for months. ::shrug:: Oh, well. I heard the special effects were spectacular, but it's not worth all that.
Bear in mind I'm the kind of person who only goes on wooden rollercoasters (when at all), because they don't go upsidedown.
I used to go on the ones that went upside down, but I haven't been on a coaster in so long, I don't know which kind I would go on! I have a really low squick factor and don't particularly like being scared; watching Supernatural in the dark is my idea of scary.
Amen to that. In college, one of my friends had an off-campus residence; since I went to a tiny school, that meant it was on the other side of the big parking lot. There was a shortcut through some small woods, and it wasn't terribly well-lit; we jokingly referred to it as Rapist's Alley or Murderer's Alley, because on any other campus, that's probably what it would have been. We used to meet up and watch DVDs of Supernatural, and then the rest of us who didn't live in the house had to walk back through the little alley in the dark. Yeah. Good times.
I went to this all-girls boarding school for High School. Seriously old, as in older-than-the-US type old.

Anyway, most the buildings dated from the turn of the century, and I tell you there is little scarier than watching the DW episodes "The Empty Child"/"The Doctor Dances" on a dark and stormy night in a mostly deserted dorm hall in one of those buildings.
...You win. I went to elementary school in one of those buildings; I swear it was here when the Pilgrims landed. They finally closed it a couple years ago. We had science class in a room under some stairs, sort of like the cupboard under the stairs in HP, long before Rowling ever wrote it!
I love my HS, despite the creepiness it sometimes got at night.

I really did sleep in a closet for 3 years though. The base housing on Kadena was so small we couldn't fit two mattresses in the room my sister and I shared at the time, so we stuck one in the overhead compartment above the rest of the stairs and that was my bedroom.
Oh, that's horrible! In a kind of funny way. I'm an only child, so I was spared any of that.

I've been re-reading fic and dabbling in yoga today to distract myself from the impending call for the job (that didn't come today, le sigh) and the work I have due next week. If that doesn't work, I may join you in a season three re-watch ;)
I may join you in a season three re-watch ;)

You're more than welcome to. I do all my best rewatching on the tredmill - as otherwise I'd have gone insane from the monotony of it long ago.

And it wasn't that bad. We were only on Okinawa for grades 3-5 and we took the doors off, so it wasn't like I was cramped or locked in or anything.
I'll have to link them to your explanation of the plot - hopefully it'll help XD

I really want to see this movie. Michael Fassbender is a pretty talented actor, I'm not surprised he played the character well :D
I'll have to link them to your explanation of the plot - hopefully it'll help XD

My powers of BS-cutting are awesome.

I watched Hunger and Centurian because of Michael Fassbender, and would gladly do so again, but I couldn't get farter than 5 min into Angel or 30min into Fish Tank, even with him in it. And Inglorious Bastards is a wholey unredeemable movie in my opinion, even if he plays his character well in it.
My powers of BS-cutting are awesome.

I am seeing this :D

I haven't seen any of those movies? The only one I'm passably familiar with is Inglorious BastardsBoa vs Python for David Hewlett countless times - and that's a terrible movie. It's kind of pathetic, really.
Hunger is great - it's about the second IRA hunger strike and is just a very, very powerful movie. Almost all of the dialogue takes place in this one 15 min scene right in the middle of it... very cerebral. Very rated R, in the non-sex kinda way.

Centurian is like Taken with swords. Very kickass.

When I tell my mother about the conversations I have with people online, she always refers to my online friends as my "cult".
Hmmm...I do like kickass. I may have to check out centurian.

LOL Your very own cult. My mom just wants to know where my friends are from, and then she forgets or mixes them up *shrug*
My mom asks that too. I've learned to censor the details, particularly when she starts worrying I'm talking to underage kids and will get mistaken by their parents for a cyberstalker or something.

*shakes head*

I love my mom, but God she worries sometimes.
I always keep it vague and just tell her the state. Which she gets wrong/confuses anyway. Haha, your poor mom :P Even if you were talking to underage kids, you wouldn't be talking about anything illegal.
I mostly just say, "Oh, my Candian friend said this..." when I mention anything at all.

and I think she knows we're not talking about anything illegal, but she's a professional worrier. If *I* were still under age, she'd think everyone I talked to online was a potential sex criminal.

Hmm. Come to think of it, she *still* might believe that.
Heh. Your mom amuses me :P Though she has a point and anybody could be a potential sex criminal, you're far too smart to meet them in private or take risks.

Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Mom is great, though. She's the one that got me into SyFy in the first place. I was born while dad was stationed in Germany, when he was just an E-2, and we'd watch taped episodes of TNG the grandparents sent over from the states, or she'd read aloud to me whatever she was reading at the time. Made a distinct impression on my 3yrs old and less mind.
You're welcome :)

Oh, that's fantastic ♥ It's great that you have those memories XD My dad is the one that got me into history, and we share tastes in movies and such. He introduced me to the Pink Panther with Peter Sellers.