This May Only Interest Me...

I do all sorts of random - and oft-pointless - research for the Ancient!John 'verse. Today's web-surfing discovered this factioid from

McKay Name Meaning

Scottish and northern Irish: Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Aodha ‘son of Aodh’, an ancient personal name meaning ‘fire’. Etymologically, this is the same name as McCoy.

And, just because I didn't get enough kicks out of McKay and McCoy being essentially the same name (you know you're a SyFy fan when...), I went and looked up Aodh on wikipedia. It's article states:

Aodh ( /ˈeɪ/), or Áed, is an Irish word of Indo-European origin, equivalent to fire in English. [...] An Anglicised form of Aedán is Aidan.
And this is obviously interesting as Ford's first name in SGA is Aiden, which he chose because it's one of Joe's RL kid's names.

Granted, all of this probably has no real meaning as far as anything is really concerned, but I find it interesting. Particularly as fire, the element, is historically associated with energy, assertiveness, and passion. You also have the whole Promethus stealing fire from the gods thing, and when associated with it's related astrological symbols, you get people who are supposed to be hot-tempered, uncontrollable, and snappish, amongst other things.

Again, this probably has no real meaning and is nothing but a happy coincidence, but I'm tired enough to find it interesting at the moment.

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And this is obviously interesting as Ford's first name in SGA is Aiden, which he chose because it's one of Joe's RL kid's names.

Awww, that's adorable!
I knew about Joe's son being named Aiden, and I thought it was interesting that it was Ford's first name, but I had no idea that was *why* the name was chosen. Cool!
Yeah. Apparently things like this happen all the time when the writers don't bother to give one of their character's a full name: the actors make one up, and that eventually becomes canon.
Didn't fandom came up with "Evan" for Evan Lorne, and then TPTB caught wind and used it? But yeah, it makes sense that the actors would give their characters a full name when one isn't provided.
IDK for sure how Lorne's first name came about, though that does line up with what I've heard. I've also seen all sorts of other first names given to him, so... who knows?
I thought with Lorne, the costume department had stitched Evan on the pocket of the uniform, unbeknownst to the writers. Who later wanted to use another first name but were reminded he was already Evan.
IDK. I've not come across such evidence in my rewatch yet, but that's not to say it never occured.
But I'm too tired to research it now, so... I'll have to look into it in the morning.
*nod* Yeah, he was given various first names before TPTB gave him an official name. I could have swore that "Evan" was fandom popular and that's where the idea came from - but I could be wrong.
Well, the actor's RL name is "Kavan." Kavan minus the ka plus an e equals Evan.

It's prob not that simple, but...
Huh. I never thought about that, but that's a good point. Sidenote: Do you know how to pronounce Kavan? I know I say it wrong, but I can't remember how it's supposed to be pronounced. I say "Kah-vahn."
I've not the slightest idea.
Then again, I've not the slightest idea why someone would name their kid "Kavan" in the first place.
I've nothing wrong with odd names. I like names, their history, their meanings. Every name I give characters (and devices) in my various stories are imbued with meaning and histories and allusions. It's the made-up sounding ones that I don't get.
Oh, I like the meanings of names too. I just wonder where they came up with Kavan.

It's the made-up sounding ones that I don't get.

Technically, wasn't every name randomly made up at one point?
Technically, wasn't every name randomly made up at one point?

I suppose.

But take the name John. It's derived from the Latin Iohannes, which is derived from the Greek Iōánnēs, which is a modification of the Hebrew name Yôḥanan, which means "Graced by Yahweh." That opens the door to all the intreptations of the word Yahweh and it's potential meanings to different folks.

Then you get the associated names and feelings about that particulr name unrelated to it's original meaning. You have the obvious, John the Baptist, which gives us whole stand up against the rules of an unjust ruler connotations, as well as head on a platter You have a couple Kings (including the King John of Robin Hood and Johnny Cash, the man in black himself....

And well, names like "Kavan" don't have that kind of history. Or meaning. Which I think is sad.
I didn't realize there was so much history to John's name. I'm not sure other names have quite that history, though. At least, mine certainly doesn't (though I've never really done in-depth research, either.)

I wish I had your in depth research skills and love. I'd love to write a Gangster AU, because the boys in suits and fedoras is hot :P But I'd have to research the slang, the political atmosphere, and so on XD
the boys suits and fedoras *would* be hot.

God, trying to answer email in the "family computer room" is insane.
the boys suits and fedoras *would* be hot.

I've always thought so :P I shared the idea of a Mafia AU in the fic prompt post for the Atlantis Big Bang last year, but no takers :P

God, trying to answer email in the "family computer room" is insane.

D: I'm sorry
Yes. It would be hot. And it is sad that there were no takers.

and I'd say more, but again I'm in the "family computer room" and halfway through reading your post I was interogated about my finaces again. Nevermind mom woke me up in the middle of the night to do it last night. God.

But I will be home this afternoon. things will be better. the boys in fedoras will be able to be considered in all their hotness.