The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 33

Day 33 / 250 Days Until I Ship

Today's selections were "Misbegotten" thru "Sateda."

I held off where I did today mostly because I think "Progeny" thru "Echoes" to be some of the best SGA ever, and want to save it for the tredmill tomorrow. Though I must say the constant giggling I did during "Irresistible" made today's tredmilling interesting.

These three are all episodes I find interesting mostly for the character interactions, as there are holes large enough to drive a Daedalus-class starship through in all their plots.

"Misbegotten" makes me wonder how the Expedition could be so stupid as to try to pull the same game on Michael again. I mean, fool me once and all of that. Woolsey and his intereactions with the main cast are honestly the best part, in my opinion. Though there are not words to describe how much I think their whole plan-of-attack regarding the de-Wraithed Wraith sucked.

"Irresistible" is just... well, it's crakishly funny, but, honest to god, the whole episode is just kinda pointless. And I like points. And plots. (Though John and Rodney's interactions were quite interesting, as always.)

And "Sateda"... Well, let's just say I find the whole idea of Ronon being turned back into a Runner bizzare. I find the idea of the Wraith taking him back to his home planet (where he presumably has to know all the bolt-holes and weapons-stockpiles, having been a soldier there) is just stupider. In fact, the whole idea of Runner's is just absurd in my opinion, but whatever. "The ancient Romans built their greatest masterpieces of architecture for wild beasts to fight in, and everything. Though I must say that, once Ronon is taken, everything about the character's reactions and trying to get him back was very, well, them. As in they tell a lot about their characters. (And John and Teyla's non-conversation in the Daedalus mess? Kinda priceless.) Though I must admit to not caring all too much about his backstory.

Random thoughts include: 1) The head Wraith in "Sateda" is particularly ugly. 2) What were the writers smoking when writing these three? 3) Lucian had 6 wives and wasn't shy about wanting more. He had the whole population of Atlantis drugged for at least 48 hours. Why do we not see fallout from this in later episodes? Or, at least, at the end of "Irresistable"? 'Cause I'm betting he didn't spend those nights alone, if you catch my drift. 4) I find it hard to believe a planet as technologically advanced as Sateda would've been allowed to progress as far as it had in the first place, what with the Wraith being goa'uld-ish that way. 5) As the seasons progress, Teyla's costumes seem to show off less midriff and more cleavage. I'm betting there was a focus group. 6) Ronon's hair is almost as absurd as his backstory.

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Irresistible is funny with uncomfortable implications, much like Duet. Like you said, I can't see him spending the night(s) alone, so you'd think Elizabeth or Teyla (do we see him interacting with other females on Atlantis?) at least a little traumatized by the events.

Really, when I watch that episode I just watch the John & Rodney scenes, because thinking about Lucius and all the power he had over everybody makes me uncomfortable.
I usually skip it when I'm rewatching, but I'm being pedantical about this one, so... I kinda had to.

But yeah. Definate trauma is to be expected. You'd think. But, then again, they never made a big deal (or a deal at all) about Hathor essentially doing the same exact thing to Daneil in "Hathor," so...

I guess being fed on by the Wraith is the closest to actual rape that the producers were willing to go.
*nod* I'm taking screencaps for my McShep tumblr and I don't want to skip any episodes, which means I can't skip ones even if I really want to.

Yeah, I had wondered about Hathor too - they really act like everything is fine, afterward. But I suppose actually dealing with the fallout in any of the episodes would require time taken out of the show itself - less time to cover the plot. I know in some episodes they cut scenes as it is~
IDK. There are *definately* some things in some episodes that only detract from the plot. Dealing with the fallout could have easily slipped into one of them.

And the whole bit where Rodney uses the drug on John at the end? It could've easily been replaced by the simple comment of "You guys okay?" or something along those lines - to let us all know that they know the drug isn't all fun and games - without the story being any lessor for it. Hell, it might've made me like the ending better.
That definitely would have made a much better ending, and it would have acknowledged the potential skeeviness of Lucius and the potion. And how hard could it have been to slip a small reference into an episode here and there? Ugh, PTB. You fail.
I should write for television....

Of course, I'd end up writing things like Firefly and Dollhouse that get cancelled all too soon. But I'd have a cult following.

It would be AMAZING.
Haha, people would call you their Queen just like they call Joss Whedon their King :D