The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 30

Day 30 / 253 Days Until I Ship

Today's selections were "The Hive" thru "Grace Under Pressure."

First things first: parents are annoying, particularly when they take you away from your regular plans to carryout their own. Granted, 99% of the time I don't mind, but I wanted to watch some SGA this weekend, and write. I managed a little of both, but not near as much as I liked. So, thanks parents. 

What to say about today's selections? "The Hive" was good, interesting even, but there's something entirely too crackish - bordering on sex!pollen even - about Rodney on the enzyme. Interesting, amusing even, but painful to watch, a la "The Shrine." Considering the crazy he's on in both episodes, and my personal difficulties with crazy, I think I can safely say this is my fault, not the shows.

"Epiphany" is an episode I both adore and hate. Adore, because, well, it's a good idea. Hate, because of Teer. Who is stupid and should be hated. On the plus side, I've thought of a wonderful way to incorperate it into the Ancient!John 'verse. On the negative, I have to push it back into post-"The Pegasus Project" timeframes, so it'll be awhile. Le sigh.

"Critical Mass" is wonderful for the dark side of the Expedition it shows, and, plus, Cadman is a lot more likable in this episode. Plus the plot isn't a simple A + B = C. No, it's complicated and twisty and almost makes me sympathetic to Kavanaugh. Almost. (Plus, Caldwell and latent The X-files squee.)

And what can be said about "Grace Under Pressure" that hasn't been said? It's an amazing episode. It's the Rodney episode. And the way John pulls together a rescue plan that no one else ever would've thought of? So very cool. And feeding into my already clear OTP. It, like "The Defiant One" and "Hotzone," is a perfect episode in my book, and cannot be improved upon. Except for the obvious switching of Sam with John, but, let's be honest, hallusinating Sam in this sort of situation is more likely to be helpful.

Random thoughts: 1) The villaige in "Epiphany" and the Sodon village in SG1 are the same. Right down to the set dressings. I don't care if you reuse things people, but, please, at least try to make it look different, won't you? 2) Teer. Honestly. 3) Wraith Worshipers. Appeal to my highly-tuned sense of alliteration and make a cruel, sick sense. 4) I'm feeling some serious Lorne/Zelenka love, which is interesting, as I've usually only one ship per fandom that I'm ever really interested in. 5) Watched Artic Extreme with Dad, and that was 57 minutes of pain. 6) I napped for 75% of the 4 hour trip home, plus an 1hr this afternoon. How can I still be tired? Explain that one to me. 7) Not looking forward to most of tomorrow's selection either. Le sigh.

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I agree that Rodney on the wraith enzyme is painful to watch. It's kind of amusing, but at the same time so very hurtful. I always want to hug him and soothe his frantic energy.

I would much, much rather have Joe Flanigan's idea of Epiphany. Why'd TPTB have to go and change it? Teer was creepy. She could watch John wherever he was, which means she could peek on him while bathing or masturbating or...IDK, having a breakdown because he thinks he's trapped forever. Also? "I've waited my whole life for you," or "I've known of you my entire life," or however she put it isn't romantic - it's creepy. Way to put a bunch of guilt and obligation at John's feet. I look forward to your re-interpretation of the episode, however.

Grace Under Pressure is fantastic. The way John says, "Hey, buddy," when they reach Rodney is;dj;as
Oh, I didn't know that TPTB messed around with his episode idea? What was it originally? 'Cause creepy doesn't even begin to cover things.

And "Grace Under Pressure" is deserving of all the incoherant typing it can be given. Especially that moment.
Originally Joe's idea was for John and Rodney to be sucked into the time dilation field, and while inside they are worshiped as Gods. That's all I know - whether or not the thing with Teer still would have happened, I have no idea.

Grace Under Pressure is a fantastic Rodney episode - I like to think it's a turning point. Rodney so clearly didn't believe anyone was coming for him - I like to think that after that, he starts to believe. Maybe not that just anyone would come for him, but at least that John would.
It's interesting how TPTB can warp an idea and make it worse. It would've been interesting to see Joe's idea as it was supposed to have been. I wonder why they changed it.

Ditto for "Grace Under Pressure." It's my all-time fav Rodney episode. More or less. "Inferno" is close in the running too.
I have no idea why they changed it, Joe never really said. But I would have liked more episodes like Harmony, that were pretty John & Rodney centric.

"Inferno" is close in the running too.

I like "Inferno". I call it The Great Cockblock Episode.
I like "Inferno". I call it The Great Cockblock Episode.

I like it because it's pure, unmittigated Rodney-genius, with lots of crackish giggling involved (on my part, obviously).
Oh, I adore the Rodney-genius of it too - it's one of my favorite things when Rodney saves the day with his brain :D Smart is so sexy.

But I love how they are both falling over themselves to flirt with Norina, and this translates to pretty much cockblocking one another throughout the entire episode...and then neither gets the girl (that we know). I like to think once things got going they both realized it wasn't so much that they wanted as they didn't want the other to have her, though that's my head!canon rather than anything based in fact.
Oh, I agree with the head!canon. I've plans for the cockblocking in this epsiode. I just need to buck up and write the "Michael" rewrite first.

God. My sense of chronologlly is killing even me at the moment.
Oh, I agree with the head!canon. I've plans for the cockblocking in this epsiode. I just need to buck up and write the "Michael" rewrite first.


I want so many of the fics you've got plans for. I am SO EAGER to have them :P
I'm eager to write them too. But, god, pt2 is coming a lot slower than pt1. I blame my parents for interupting my writing mojo.