The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 29

Day 29 / 257 Days Until I Ship

Today's selections were "Condemned" thru "The Lost Boys."

Oh, what to say about today's episodes? "Conversion," is an amazing episode - just wonderfully amazing - as is "Trinity," if you excise all the annoying Teyla and Ronon on another planet subplot bits. "Condemned," though, is just stupid (though, BTW, whatever happened to the guy they resecued from the colony?)...

All in all, they were mostly good episodes, though not spectacular, and the source of most the good-ness was less plot and more dialgoue related.

Random thoughts for the day include: 1) During the weeks it takes Rodney to fix the Arcturus Weapon, Ronon and Teyla are on another planet, trading. They are only there a few days. Am I the only one who thinks that's a little odd? 2) I much prefer Jewel Saite as Elia than Keller, though I must admit to loving the internal-irony of it all. 3) All my basis for Elizabeth/Caldwell comes from "Conversion," but I enjoy it. 4) I also find unexpected  squee from all the Lorne and Zelenka scenes, and had totally forgotten they actually had one together in "The Lost Boys" until just now. 5) I have like zero attraction for Ronon normally, but, when he fights? God, is it hot. 6) God, I'm hungry.

And, for a RL note, I've got to go up the Mountains again this weekend - specifically, tomorrow afternoon thru some as-yet-undisclosed time on Monday. IDK what my computer access and writing time will be like, so.... yeah. I'm annoyed.

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My sole liking of "Condemned" is for the low-rent bondage gear. It is way too amusing, and also a great reminder of just how many times John ends up tied up/otherwise restrained/on his knees throughout the series. Otherwise, yeah, totally agree with the assessments.
Is it just me, or does "Condemned" have way too much meta-evaluation of McKay too?

But total agreement on the low-rent bondage gear. As soon as I saw that scene, my mind totally went to velocitygrass' "Every Day In Every Way."
Oh, lord, so many of the later episodes focus way too much on McKay. I mean, I liked him the way he was--irritating and non-PC unapologetically. Then, they had to go making him all Mary Sue-ish, and that tendency started around here-ish. Not even getting into the absurdity of the McKeller arc. Ugh. I generally just tried to ignore the more annoying aspects of this ep.

(And by 'focus way too much on McKay' I mean that the show sort of forgot it was an ensemble cast; I think the writers started vicariously living through him.)
I can see what you mean by that - particularly in S5, and especially with the whole McKeller thing.

Sometimes I enjoyed the focus. Sometimes I didn't. Depends on the episode.
I like Condemned, but mostly for the pretty. They're all dirty and tied up and collared. *ahem* But I understand that's not for everyone.

2. I prefer Jewel Staite as Elia too. Mostly because I think the show did a horrible job writing Keller (and I can supply supporting meta for evidence) and most often she annoys me. Also the scene where she jokes about playing with John's insides kind of...freaks me out. Creepy.

3. I kind of like Elizabeth/Caldwell too!

4. eee, Lorne/Zelenka ♥!

5. Wow. You too? I have no attraction to Ronon/Jason Momoa and feel like an oddball. It's not a common opinion.
1) *Snorts* Everyone seems to like "Condemned" for that reason. My mind went straight to "Every Day in Every Way" by velocitygrass the moment that scene came on screen.

2) I totally agree, but am willing to accept any meta you wish to provide.

3) It's a strange ship, but one that makes sense in my head in some strange way.

4) Yeah, I'm leaning that way too. AO3 is sadly bereft of decent fic to solidify my feelings for this ship though.

5) I objectively see that, yes, he is attractive. But I feel no attraction. I sure Mr. Momoa is devistated by this, but 'tis true. We can start a support group or something.
1. Even if you aren't into the collars and stuff, maybe you could just enjoy the boys all dirty? And Rodney's arms. And there were a couple scenes where John was all growly. *gets dazed* It made you think of Every Day in Every Way because it's popular like that fic?

2. Meta: There's this, which made me nod my head in agreement. But I regard this piece as the sort of holy grail. It really nailed why I don't like Keller and said it in an more eloquent manner than I ever could. The comments are interesting too, though I seem to recall it goes in a Carson vs. Keller direction. Plus? I don't like the way the show shoved the McKeller at us - one of the great things about Stargate was that it provided great moments between a wide variety of characters, which means there's evidence for all kinds of ships. If you give McKeller any deep thought at all (which I can also provide meta for) her and Rodney just wouldn't work. /rant

3. It's a strange ship indeed, considering the animosity between the two characters.

4. I have a Lorne tag on my delicious, I could search it for some Lorne/Zelenka fic if you want.

5. *nod* Exactly! Objectively yes, he's attractive. He just doesn't do anything for me. LOL Yes, I'm sure he has problem sleeping at night knowing that some women don't find him sexually attractive. We should definitely form a support group :D
1) I think I thought of it because of that first scene in the fic, where they're tied up and trying to escape. *fans self*

2) I think you've linked me the 2nd one before, but I'm too exausted to reread and know for sure, so I'll have to check that out in the morning. (Though complete agreement for your arguement.)

3) Ah, but is it real animosity or pulling-at-pigtails? IDK. It lessens, anyway, after Caldwell's goa'uld is removed, so that helps a little.

4) I'd love that.

5) XD. IDK. If I were an actor, I probably would lose sleep if I thought my sexual attractiveness was deminishing.
2. Finally had a chance to read all of this. And, God, when I say I cannot agree enough with them - particularly the second one - believe me, I cannot agree enough.

It's the sort of thing that makes you want to bash the writers over the head and force them to try again.
Sometimes I feel guilty for disliking Keller so much, but she was written so badly. Which sucks, because I loved Jewel Staite in Firefly and I loved her as Ellia.

I don't often tell people of my dislike of Keller, though - I don't want people to assume it's because she gets in the way of my OTP. I can ship around her, that's not the problem. (though I do have several problems with the McKeller romance)

Glad you enjoyed the meta though.

It's the sort of thing that makes you want to bash the writers over the head and force them to try again.

So true.
I am open and honest with my Keller hate. Granted, the way she messes up the OTP is bad enough, but I don't think I'd mind so much if she was an actual character or that the actress playing her wasn't someone I liked forced to act poorly.

Le sigh.
I am open and honest with my Keller hate.

I would be, but I know that because McShep is my OTP, some are going to assume that it's the only reason why I hate her. And I just don't have the energy to defend myself against them.

I think TPTB were just so excited to have Jewel Staite that they never really went beyond that. "We have Jewel Staite! People are going to love her!"
Yes, well, it didn't work out so well for Wonderfalls did it? While she made a wonderful cheating bitch in that show, it got cancelled before her episodes ever came on TV...

I miss Wonderfalls. Dimly. Not as much as Firefly, but there is still genuine missing.
Watch it if you can. It's about this overeducated and underemployed shop girl in a Niagra Falls gift shop who suddenly starts hearing the gift items in her store start talking to her and "forcing" her to do good deads. It's hillarious.
Ooo...I don't have Netflix, so I'll have to look around online and see if I can find it. Thanks for the heads up!