1 March 2012 - Part 4

Title: 1 March 2012 [Part 4]
Rating: PG
Words: 1,759
Pairing/Charecter(s): Daniel Jackson, Jack O'Neill, Samantha Carter, Cameron Mitchell, Ancient!John, Rodney McKay; background Sam/Jack, John/Rodney
Warnings/Spoliers: Comes after part 1, 1.5, 2, and 3 and is a future!fic for the Ancient!John 'verse; basic knowledge of the events of SG1 and SGA is suggested
Disclaimer: All characters, situations, quotes et al are properties of their respective owners and I am merely using them under Title 17 of the US Code, § 107, aka the Fair Use Doctrine, without intents to infringe upon or defame anyone's legal rights.
Summary: After 16 years, the Stargate Program is finally revealed.
Notes: So, the 1st third of this chappie I wrote immediately after part 3, months ago. The second third I've been picking my way through ever since, and the last bit I wrote all in one sitting. Hopefully I managed to keep everyone in character, as I've found it surprisingly hard to do when combining the main casts of two shows. It makes me see why there were so few "crossover" episodes between them - 'cause even this much is hard.

1 March 2012 [Part 4]

An Ancient!John Story



question and answer session for


[with annotations by the transcriber]

01 March 2012 – 1346 EST

U Thant Meeting Hall

[And then, suddenly, like a wave it breaks, and the room erupts with noise.]

O'NEILL: [Barely audible above the roar of the crowd, and mostly recovered by later analysis of the tape,] Seriously? That's the best you got?

SHEPPARD: Would you have preferred I come in peace?

O'NEILL: Yeah. Maybe.

SHEPPARD: It'll be fine. Promise. They can't do anything we haven't seen a dozen times over in Pegasus.

JACKSON: And at least the people in this galaxy aren't predisposed towards worshipping you as one of their gods.

SHEPPARD: [Appearing to consider this.] Yeah, always a plus. But still. You lot have like half-a-million first contact movies out there. Everything worth saying has already been said, so I kinda just wing it at this point.

JACKSON: [Disbelievingly.] You just wing it.

MCKAY: He had a speech for a while – this whole thing about their tech being science, not magic – but they kept ignoring it and tried to worship him anyway, so he stopped using it. Thankfully. [At Sheppard's unamused look.] What? It couldn't have been any more 1967 if improbable amounts of tinfoil and hairspray had been involved.

SHEPPARD: Love you too Rodney.

[MCKAY inexplicably reddens and looks away.]

O'NEILL: Yes, well, as delightful as that is, that doesn't change the fact that you made this mess. [O'NEILL gestures towards the gathered members of THE PRESS, who are still deafening in their disbelief, though, through the intervention of several UN military policemen, less so than initially.] You clean it up.

SHEPPARD: Oh, fine.

[He lifts two fingers to his mouth and whistles, loudly and sharply enough that it's heard over the multitude of voices that fill the room. They fall silent almost as one, and he continues:] Look, people of Terra, I get that this is a big moment for you. I really do. But take it from those of us who've had some experience in these matters that it's really best that everyone just calm down before trigger fingers start getting twitchy.

O'NEILL:Remind me why I put you in charge of Atlantis again?

SHEPPARD: [Smartly.] 'Cause the city likes me?

O'NEILL: Yeah, that must be it...

MITCHELL: Well, you can't fault his methods.

JACKSON: Be that as it may, we've... [He glances at his watch.] just under three hours before the President's conference, and it'd probably be best to get as many questions out of the way as possible before then.

[Turning back towards the gathered members of THE PRESS.] But, yes, Colonel Sheppard is, as you say, an alien. More specifically, he's an Ancient, which is to say, a member of the race which built the Stargates and the city of Atlantis, amongst other things. He appears incidentally human because sixty-five million years ago, when his ancestors first came to this galaxy, they chose to seed life here in their image, the end result of which was us.

Because of this similarity, we were able to create for him a false identity as a then-major in the United States Air Force, which allowed him to move freely when he was on-world, as opposed to some of the restrictions we had to place on our other alien allies do to them being, well, too alien in appearance to blend in.

Now, if you'll all just be seated, we'll pick up where we left off with the questions.

[Some time passes before everyone resumes their seats. When everyone is settled, the questioning resumes with-]

REPORTER 55: Andrew Yeager, The Sydney Morning Hearld. Colonel Sheppard, Ian-

SHEPPARD: [Wincing.] Call me John. Please.

REPORTER 55: Yes, well, John. You claim to be an Ancient-

SHEPPARD: I prefer the term Alteran.

REPORTER 55: [Growing flustered,] What can you tell us about your people?

SHEPPARD: Not much that hasn't already been said. [He shrugs.] Most of my people were scientists. Wanted to know everything about everything, with little regard to the consequences. I'm pretty much all that's left.

REPORTER 56: Timothy Johnson, Chicago Tribune. If you're all that's left, what happened to the others?

MCKAY: They Ascended. Basically evolved to the point where they could turn themselves into energy and inhabit a different plane of existence. If you want more information, it should be in packets they probably gave you earlier. They had to declassify it for all the times Doctor Jackson here went all white and glowing.

JACKSON: Twice. I only Ascended twice. And the second time totally doesn't count.

SHEPPARD: Of course it doesn't. [SHEPPARD says breezily.]

JACKSON: [Turning his look of frustration from one end of the table to the other,] You're one to talk, Colonel.

CARTER: As amusing as this is to watch, [She grins.] we are on a time schedule here. And live television.

SHEPPARD: Sorry, ma'am. [He grins at THE PRESS.] Next question?

MITCHELL: [He holds up a hand to silence REPORTER 57.] I dunno, Sheppard. It might be easier if you just gave them Ancient History 101. Save us all a couple headaches.

MCKAY: Don't listen to him. He's just trying to get out of having to answer any questions himself.

MITCHELL: Hey, Doc. If they wanna ask me questions, they can go right ahead. But I tell you nobody's going to want to ask me anything after that little show of his, so we might as well make it as least painful for the rest of us as possible.

CARTER: [With exasperation.] Live television, guys. [She makes as if to continue, but then O'NEILL catches her eye and, though nothing is said, it is enough to keep her from doing so. Though she does sigh. Quite audibly.]

O'NEILL: Mitchell may have a point there, Colonel.

SHEPPARD: [Frowning.] You didn't need to recall Rodney and me for that. Doctor Jackson could've done it just as well.

MCKAY: Better, probably.

[SHEPPARD sends a hard look MCKAY's way. MCKAY seems either not to notice, or to long ago have become imune to it's effects.]

O'NEILL: But not with such flair.

SHEPPARD: Fine. [He snorts.] Don't say I never did anything for you, General. [SHEPPARD leans back in his seat, looking far less excited about the prospect of telling the world about his alien status than he did a quarter hour before.]

First things first: life didn't evolve on this planet. It evolved on Loegria, the Alteran homeworld, in a galaxy so far away from here that light from its stars won't ever reach Avalon before the universe comes to an end.

JACKSON: Avalon being what the Ancients called the Milky Way.

SHEPPARD: Yeah... Anyway, we evolved on Loegria, and around seventy million years ago we reached about the same level of tech Terra's at now.

JACKSON: Terra being what they call Earth.

SHEPPARD: Do you want me to tell the story or not?

JACKSON: Just trying to help.

MITCHELL: [In an aside, to JACKSON.] Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

MCKAY: [Testily.] You would be too if you were pulled out of bed at 0300 local time to come back to Earth and answer questions for the press, who obviously have less of an idea what they're talking about than usual.

MITCHELL: [Eyes going comically wide and looking rather like, if he were standing, he'd start reeling backwards.] Whoa, man! Too much information there.

MCKAY: [Rolling his eyes.] You started it.

SHEPPARD: Rodney, just let it go. I want to get this over with before we can get roped into anything else.

[MCKAY makes a go on motion with his hands.]

SHEPPARD: Now where was I? Oh yeah. So, you've got Loegria seventy million years ago and it starts setting up colonies on nearby worlds. But we'd not invented hyperdrives or the portae yet, so it was slow going. The colonies were largely cut off from the homeworld, which kinda worked in our favour as the two man factions on Loegria nuked each other into non-existence for reasons the colonists never could quite determine. Something to do with their respective religions, probably. Or water. They were always threatening to go to war over one or the other or both.

Over the next five million years or so the colonists develop hyperdrives, build a whole bunch of ships, and generally find themselves so much more advanced than any other species they encounter that it's frankly depressing. More often than not, we end up being worshipped as gods by the people of whatever planet we visit, and a rift forms between those who want to take the easy route and just let the natives believe whatever they want and those who want to tell them the truth.

Eventually, those that wanted to be worshipped as gods – the Haeretici – outnumbered those of us who felt otherwise, and a war broke out. We fought for a thousand years, but eventually fled in our urbes-naves to Avalon. We called this the Schisma.

JACKSON: More information about the Ori, or Haeretici, as John calls them, appears in the information packets we'll be releasing to you about phase two after this Q & A is over. [Casting a sidelong look at SHEPPARD.] What? Just trying to help.

SHEPPARD: Need I remind you there wouldn't have been any more information on the Haeretici if you'd not tried to make friends with them?

JACKSON: How were we supposed to know where the stones would take us?

SHEPPARD: You could've asked.

MCKAY: [Snorting.] Do you seriously think that would've helped?

SHEPPARD: [Sounding quite certain.] Yeah. [Then less so.] Maybe. [Then resignedly.] I dunno. Just... don't do it again.

MCKAY: Don't tell the blood enemies of the Ancients where they ran off too. Great advice. I don't know why no one ever thought of it before.

JACKSON: [Indignant.] At least I didn't blow up an entire solar system!

MCKAY: First of all, it was only five sixths of a solar system – and it's not like it was even an inhabited one at that. And, secondly, how does letting lose an alien holy crusade on this galaxy even compare to the partial destruction of a solar system? Besides, it's not you can't say we didn't get anything out of it...

[JACKSON and MCKAY continue to bicker.]

SHEPPARD: [Turning towards O'NEILL.] Still think it was a good idea to invite us sir?

O'NEILL: Eh. More interesting, to say the least.


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Oh, that is so...them. All of them. I love the fact that they're all up there bickering without any regard to the room full of reporters. Hilarious.
Daniel's biography, particularly an unauthorized one? Oh, that'd definatley be worth a read.


*pauses* wait, are you saying this makes me a kook?
Definitely. It's tough to write a good kook when you're sane, so it takes talent. I think you could probably fake a good kook. ;) Since I know you also live around here, I suspect you could just look around for inspiration...
Well damn ;) Now I've got to go back and re-read the entire press conference XD I giggled the entire way through this. I love declassification fic :D

There are so many things I love about this:

Jack, John, and Mitchell's interactions, the way they were on live television and kept forgetting XD And this bit, of course -

SHEPPARD: Love you too Rodney.
[MCKAY inexplicably reddens and looks away.]
*grins* My goal with this fic is both to amuse and retrospectively foreshadow events in the 'verse. I'm glad it's working.

I'm glad you think I'm getting Mitchell right. I feel whenever I try to write him that I slide too much towards his character in Farscape. It makes it very hard to get a handle on his character.

I liked that bit too.
My goal with this fic is both to amuse and retrospectively foreshadow events in the 'verse.

It's definitely working :D

I don't really get a John Crichton feel from Mitchell. At least not the way you write him! He seems more professional and...sane then John? I don't know, I always got more of a "unhinged" feel from John Crichton. There are similarities for sure, though.
I mean Crichton before S1 - before the peacekeepers start messing with his mind - but yeah.

When you say more *sane* then John, do you mean Sheppard John or Crichton John? 'Cause, while probably true for both, I'm curious now.

Mitchell's just... IDK. When the writer's aren't trying to force you to like him, he's not that bad. - Though his call sign is Shaft, I'll have you know
lol yeah, before S1 definitely.

I meant Crichton John lol. Sorry I didn't clarify, but since we were talking about Mitchell Vs. Crichton I figured first name would be fine :P Mitchell probably is saner than John Sheppard too XD

Sometimes I think I'll be alright with Mitchell, and other times I'm certain I won't care for him. We'll have to see. LOL Does he say why his call sign is Shaft? *would like to know*
Yeah. Since his first name is Cameron, it's short for Cam-Shaft, which is an engine part.

I liked Crazy!Chrichton though. That one with the crackers? To Die For.
Oh, that makes sense. A little less embarrassing then I was hoping for though :P

I love crazy!Crichton. The Crackers episode is one of my top 5 favorites XD HUMANS. ARE. SUPERIOR.