The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 28

Day 28 / 258 Days Until I Ship

"Runner" and "Duet" were all I managed today.

The problem I seem to be having with this rewatch is that, the more I get into anything that can vaguely be construed as part of the Ancient!John 'verse, I feel the overwhelming urge to drabble. Even when I'm in the middle of doing other things, like, oh, say writing the next proper installment of the 'verse. I suppose this will go away when I catch up to where I am in the 'verse - the new installment is going to be a rewrite of "Michael," so it's only a few more episodes, really, and then back on the horse. Or something.

Well, actually, I don't suppose they'll actually go away, but my retentive and often painful need to do things in chronological order will keep me from actually writing them. (This need explains such things as the ever-growing, ever-more-detailed timeline. It's my love of databases that covers all the cross-referencing and the upkeep of the glossary).

But onto the episodes. "Runner" I like almost solely for Lorne and Ronon's parts in it - don't get me wrong, I love the rest of it, just, well, Ford hooked on Wraith enzymes and going crazy, while more interesting than the arc his character was on before, is still not all that exciting to me. I truely believe that, were SGA to make any kind of real sense, Sheppard would've killed Ford (or, at least, stunned him more than once) at the end of "The Siege, pt 3." That's my head-canon and I'm sticking to it.

"Duet," while proving to be a fount of drabbles, is also problematic, for different reasons. Mostly in that there are rules people. Lines that simply are not crossed when you're in another person's body. These are unspoken, as the situation has never, in RL, occured, but I'm certain that the SGC would've drawn some up after the whole body-swap incident in "Holiday." And, as amusing as it is to watch (in 10 min segments, as I couldn't take any more at one time) Rodney-as-Cadman, it's also disturbing on a deep, deep level. Like watching Ben Bowder in SG-1 after seeing him in Farscape. Not un-overcome-able, but just weird. I do love Zelenka's science-BAMF in this one, though.

*Pauses for a minute to contemplate Lorne and Zelenka*

*fans self*

Random thoughts include: 1) One of the soldiers Ronon spars with when Elizabeth comes to talk with him in "Duet" has visible tattoos. The first of such in the series not part of some native culture's... culture. Considering all the military personel in SG1 and SGA, I find this very odd. Now, granted, I know my (ex-Special Forces) has none and was postively livid when I got mine, but I also know that many, many people in the military do. The fact that so many don't has always struck me as kinda strange. 2) I really do like high!Ford better than regular ol' Ford. How sad is that? 3) It says something that I still like Cadman so much after "Duet," particularly all the damage she does against my OTP. 4) Ah, Caldwell. I love you too, even when you're being an ass. 5) In fact, I love so many of SGA's secondary characters, it's kinda insane. Parciularly Lorne and Zelenka. They're just... the perfect compliments to their COs. 6) I may be getting punch drunk. 7) Speaking of Ben Bowder, I'm very glad he was too busy with the Farscape miniseries to be cast as John. I just love the one we got so much better, and don't think I'd have cared for the places a Ben-played John probably would've lead us down. 8) Lots of random thoughts for 2 episodes.

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