The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 22 - 27

Days 22 - 27

So, yeah. I kinda got behind on "reporting" on this. But today brings me thru "The Intruder."

Well, first, to be blunt, the first time I set out to watch Stargate: Atlantis, I wasn't expecting much. All I really knew about it at the time was that 1) Rodney McKay was in it - and I'd hated the character from what I'd seen of him in SG1 - and that 2) It had been on around the same time that Star Trek: Enterprise was on, and had stolen a lot of it's veiwers - and I was kinda bitter about that. Especially in light that Battlestar Galactica had apparently done the same.

But immediately I was drawn in. I mean, SGA, unlike SG1, has this amazing consistancy about the high-powered intensity of it's episodes. Yes, there's still humour, but somehow, despite the fact that their enemies are space vampires (a correlation I didn't make the first time around until S2, that's how well done it was), it's not campy. At least, not as camp as SG1.

And plus the characters. Like I said, I was extremely... prejusticed towards Rodney at first, but he quickly became one of my fav characters (obviously). And then his relationship with John, and John himself, and the wide cast of supporting characters that you just have to love....

As for the episodes themselves, "Home" is the only one I really dislike, even though I'm not too much a fan of the clip episode "Letters from Pegasus" either. And "The Siege" trio is one of the best multi-parters in the entire franchise. I only hesitate at saying the best because "First Strike" thru "Lifeline" represents, for me, the best of the best in the Stargate 'verse.

Random thoughts include: 1) John and Elizabeth argue a lot more than I seem to remember in S1. Seriously, I had thought I'd been getting overly out-of-character with all their arguing of late in the Ancient!John 'verse, but now I'm begining to wonder if all their not fighting was what was out-of-character. 2) Oh, Rodney. How I love you and your manic love of all things ZedPM. 3) There is a brief scene in "Underground" where Sora and Ford look at each other just before the mission to the Wraith hive that almosts makes me think they could've been an interesting ship, had the Genii not turned out to be evil. Or, you know, Ford hadn't gone crazy. 4) As much as I wanted to like Ford, I never really could, even though his love of explosives is endearing. 5) "The Storm"/"The Eye" would probably have been a better story if condensed into 1 episode. Trying to strech it into 2 only detracts from the story. But, God, is John a BAMF. Though, if my (retired Army Special Forces) father is to be believed, an Air Force officer would never have been given the kind of training nessicary to do what he did then. After all, the Air Force operates primarily in the air. 6) 'Lantis may be a spaceship, but she spends most of her time in the water. Why no Navy people? 7) Though there are a couple of petty officers aboard the Daedalus during "The Intruder." 8) The city probably could've saved more power if old!Elizabeth hadn't gone back into stasis after rotating the final ZPM. Just saying. 9) I dislike Heightmeyer, but cannot objectively deside if that's b/c of her profession or the personality. 10) Ford's escape at the end of "The Siege, Pt 3" is a total cop-out on the part of everyone involved.

Also, there may be an offer for the house on the table soon, so my rewatch may end as soon as 1 August - at least, the intense parts of it.

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9. Definitely more true to life XD Though I don't think I'll ever completely understand those people who talk about how gorgeous Torri Higginson is and those fics that write Elizabeth as "a beautiful woman", but hey - people find different things attractive *shrug* Makes the world more interesting.