untitled drabble #36

Title: untilted drabble #36
Rating: PG-13
Words: 565
Pairing/Charecter(s): Ancient!John, Lorne, Cadman; John/Rodney, Carson/Cadman
Warnings/Spoliers: this takes place between "Legati" and it's as-yet-unnamed sequel the Ancient!John 'verse, before the episode "Michael" anyway; warnings for language
Disclaimer: Title 17 of the US Code, § 107, aka the Fair Use Doctrine.
Summary: All pilots have call signs, right?
Notes: In attempt to cut back on the urge to drabble, I've been watching episodes of Carrier, about life aboard the USS Nimitz, with the hopes that doing so would force me to finish "Legati" without distraction. Obviously, I was wrong. Also, I never have actually seen Top Gun. I may go watch it right now, if only because there's at least one more drabble I need to get out of my head before I can start work on the yet-unnamed next installment of this 'verse.


An Ancient!John Drabble

"You're here because you're the best-we'll make you better."

Top Gun

He's gathering his things after the weekly officer's meeting when Lieutenant Cadman asks, quite out of the blue, "What's your call sign?"

As it's a military meeting, Rodney's not there (to quote, "Contrary to whatever you may actually think, I do not exist simply to be your walking, talking Cole's Notes for all things Earth-related. Now go pester someone else for a while; some of us have real work to do."), so he looks at Major Lorne for an explanation. When one isn't immediately given, he turns back to Cadman and raises an eyebrow.

She doesn't seem to notice, just continues to pop Wasabi Peas like most other Terrans would eat M&Ms (so, no, it's not like he hasn't been keeping up with his efforts to learn about Terran culture, thank you very much. Lieutenant Cadman is just a force unto herself, to which the laws of the universe as Iohannes knows them rarely seem to apply). "I mean," she says after a moment more, "I've seen seen Top Gun and know plenty of zoomies, and they all have call signs. Tell him, Major."

"Top Gun is about Navy pilots, not Air Force," is all that Lorne tells him.

"Yes, whatever, you're all bus drivers with the need for speed."

"Hey!" Iohannes says, relatively certain he should be offended by this comment.

It seems he's right, or close to it at least, as Lorne just shakes his head exasperatedly at the both of them. "A call sign is a nickname pilots in Earth militaries get to use over radio in combat. Though why she'd think you'd have one, sir, I don't know."

"Right here, you know," Cadman says, tucking the Wasabi Peas back into one of her pockets. "And I was just curious if the SGC assigned the Colonel one when they did the rest of his fake identity. I only ask 'cause I was wondering how they'll manage the interviews the papers'll want to do about that math thing of yours. It's the type of thing the press loves." She shrug. Then, in an artificially sweet voice asks, "What's yours Major?" before continuing in an aside, "They're almost always horribly embarrassing. I met a guy on my midshipman tour called Fungus, short for fucking new guy."

Lorne just snorts and, after seeming to debate it for a moment, admits, "Torch."

Cadman waves at him to elaborate.

In an uncustomary show of prevarication, the Major mutters something about, "going down in flames."

When it becomes clear that Lorne isn't going to elaborate further, Cadman turns back to Iohannes and declares, "See, Colonel. Always embarrassing. So now we need to think of one for you."

"Do we now?"

"Yes. Yes we must." Then, glancing at her watch, "And I totally promised Carson I'd meet him fifteen minutes ago, so we'll have to pick this up later. Tonight, maybe? I'll bring Top Gun, you bring the popcorn, and I'll email you both with the details later. Caio!"

Iohannes stares after her a moment before picking up where he'd left off when she'd started. After a moment more, he asks Lorne, who's doing much the same, "Is it just me, or is Cadman just a genuinely confusing person?"

"She's one-of-a-kind, alright," Lorne agrees. "See you later, sir."

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I smiled the entire way through this. She has a point though - I'm wondering about what Call Sign Iohannes would have, as well as the one John would have (if you see the distinction.) Poor Lorne and John :P
I think Cadman's the Marine version of a "Manic Pixie Dream Girl." Seriously.

As for the call sign... well, I've no idea what it might be, for either. The closest I can get is that I've noticed I've got Ronon calling him "Old Man" a lot, but that's not particularly creative. Or interesting. So... if you've suggestions, feel free to suggest away.
I have no idea. I'm trying to think of moments where John made a fool of himself - if call signs are supposed to be embarrassing :P The only thing I can currently think of is when he shot everybody in Phantoms. So, something like "Shooter?" But that's dumb.
IDK. I found a site with a whole bunch RL one's listed... but I've come up with nothing yet. You're supposed to get them when you're just starting out flying, and, obivously John's not. And, even if he were, he's still the CO of everyone who might give him one, so...

There are a few posibilies:
1) Something refering to him being an Ancient. "Alien" or "ET" or "Old Man" or, hell, even "Gramps," or something.
2) Something that refers backhandedly to Atlantis - "Namor," after the Marvel character from there, or something refering to Plato's dialogues discussing Atlantis.
3) Something else they just give him out of desperation.

This question may never have an answer. Le sigh.
Hmm...I still have no idea. In fics about John's past, he's usually just called "Shep". And I think that's what Mitch and Dex called him in Home.
True, but as a nickname or a call sign?
My beta suggests "Sonic," for both speed and the recklessness of the similarly named hedgehog. I would stipulate adding for his hair as well to this.
I may resort to using this, if I can think of nothing better.