I saw this...

So, you know you've watched too much SyFy and have been working on a 'verse too long when, upon flipping through for a book the Atlantis Expedition might've given Ancient!John to better understand Earth, you find a book called Chariots of the Gods and immediately think of the book Daniel Jackson was supposed to have published before joining the SGC about the exact same thing.

Granted, this one came out in the '60s and may have been some sort of inspiration for the orginal Stargate movie, but, goodness. I'd kinda hoped no one thought that sort of thing in real life.
I am an *insane* SyFy fan, but even I don't think aliens ever visited Ancient Earth. I mean, if they have the tech to get here what, honestly, would they want with us?
IDK, Earth was a huge new canvas to draw pictures on? Those figures in the deserts played a large part in Von Dannekien's(I can't remember how to spell it) theories if I remember correctly.

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