The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 21

Day 21 / 266 Days Until I Ship

Today's episodes were "Line in the Sand" thru "Unending," along with The Ark of Truth and Continuum. Which means I am official done with phase one of the rewatch: Stargate: SG-1.

Oh, where to begin? "Line in the Sand" is, on it's surface, a very cliche episode, but Tomin's words: No matter what you say, I will not believe the Book of Origin asks us to massacre innocent people! And I will not stand by while the Holy Doctrine of Good Will and Faith that I have sworn to uphold is twisted into a hammer and used to beat people down! really stuck with me, despite the fact that is now midnight and I watched this like 18 hours ago. Very powerful words. Very powerful episode.

Nothing compared to "The Shroud," though. That truely is an amazing episode. The craziest of all crazy plans... Though why no one thought to blow the gate up after they were done with it, IDK. And plus Jack totally made it perfect.

And "The Road Not Taken" is amazing just for having Lorne and McKay in it. Though I must say this episode (and Continuum) proves to me that I really do find Landry a more believible character when he's evil. Or at least evil-ish.

"Dominon" was a cunning plan, and high-powered ending.

And "Unending," on first blush, is the strangest series finale I've ever seen. But, on the second rewatch (after I stopped sobbing embaressingly over the Asgard), I truely see how this, and not the final distruction of Ba'al and/or the Ori, is the proper ending for the series. Because things don't truely end, do they? As I was saying to popkin16 just the other day: SG1 is the story of the progression of humanity from a somewhat stumbling, young race into a galactic powerhouse. We take up the mantel we have earned as the 5th great race - but, more than that, we only manage it by standing on the shoulders of giants. Not only did we learn from other races' mistakes, but those other races' learned from their own, by not giving us tech too early in our development, and, well, letting us earn the right.

But more on that later. I've a "discertation" I plan to write on the series in the morning, when I'm more awake.

The other episodes, however, were just stupid. Painfully, filler-like stupid. I can't honestly tell you which was worst. And Continuum, while cool, felt more like a normal episode than a real things happen type of thing The Ark of Truth prepares you for. (And The Ark of Truth is tre cool. And a very fitting "end" to the Ori arc.)

Random thoughts include: 1) Adria has the best wardrobe ever. 2) Teal'c has given up his staff weapon at last. Thank god. 3) I'm far more sympathetic to Tomlin this time around. 4) Continuum does have amazing cinemography though. I particularly love the quarter-screen thing they do after they first get to the alt!reality. 5) Just as "Abyss" was the this is Jack episode and "Grace" was Carter's, Daneil's rant to Vala in "Unending" is his, and Teal'c speech to Tomlin in The Ark of Truth is his. 6) The whole fact that Woolsey wanted to kill Daneil in "The Shroud" is totally cool, total character evolment from "Prototype," and completely forgotten when (as far as I know) they next encounter each other in "The Lost Tribe." This saddens me. Deeply. Can we get at least a passing comment? 7) The Asgard! Dead! Sobs. Just knowing I was getting to this point has made me sad for days. 8) I'm surprised that I was able to find any redeeming qualties in S9 & S10, particularly as I hated them so much the first time around.

RL issues include: no new puzzle yet, but plans for that tomorrow. I've been wait-listed for the uni I applied to, which I expected given how late in the year I applied, but even I am surprised by how little effect this has on me. And, of course, "Legati" progress is made, but IDK when I'll be posting it. Hopefully before long.

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