The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 20

Day 20 / 267 Days Until I Ship

Today's episodes were "Flesh and Blood" thru "The Quest."

It's getting harder to dislike Cam. And Vala too. They both still annoy me at times (particularly when Cam's being stupid, or Vala's being a space slut), but I'm over the worst of it now. I've learned to adapt.

But today's episodes were a laregly decent lot. "The Pegasus Project" was, of course, amazing, and has made me really want to get to that point in the Ancient!John 'verse, just 'cause I've so much coolness planned there with this episode. My only complaint is that there's not enough John, and maybe too much mocking towards Rodney. But whatever. I can deal. That's what fanfics are for.

"200" was, naturally, hillarious. And "Flesh and Blood" was a pretty cool, if not amazing, episode. And "The Quest" is a two-parter I can actually get behind - because the Ori are really the only interesting bits left to S10. The Trust and the Lucian Alliance don't really interest me at all - making episodes like "Company of Theives" and "Momento Mori" really not that interesting. (Though it should be noticed that Tau'ri ships have an annoying tendency to be hijacked, and their captains a rather frequent tendency to be killed brutally.)

And don't even get me started on "Univited." Boooring. And pointless.

All that being said, Ba'al remains an interesting enemy, as is Adria. They, at least, keep the series fresh. And I must say that picking through all the Ori episodes for stuff I can use for the Ancient!John 'verse does make things more interesting than they were the first time around.

Today's random thoughts include: 1) I go between hating and admiring The Others. And not just because they've such an apparently unthreating name like The Others. Their policy of non-interferance is both stupid and noble (as are most noble things). Understanding how they can have all that power and not dare use it... well, Niezchie caid it best: He who fights monsters should see to it that he does not become a monster. And when you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back into you. 2) I'm curious if the above sentiment can be used as an arguement for the problem of evil in Christianity. 3) Ba'al. I find you both contemptious, amusing, and possibly the only goa'uld worthy of the power you once commanded. 4) I'd not realized David Andrews - that one Jaffa on Dakara in "Counterstrike" - was in SG1 too. I find this amusing only in that he played Lorian in ENT, and the actors who also play his parents in that show, Trip and T'Pol, show up here as Michael the Wraith and Ishta respectively. 5) Question, if no one ever comes back alive from the quest for the Sangraal, does that mean the people who do come back are dead? And, if so, how do they get back at all? 6) Snakes are evil. See RL for details. 7) I've 9 SG1 episodes left. 8) The urge to hug Vsasir lingers. 9) So does the urge to drabble. So stay tuned for that.

Still not started a new puzzle, as Dad was down from the Mountain House fixing pipes today and dislikes all things I find entertaining. I was able to hide my SG1 watching while on the tredmill, an action he approves of, but I still got dark looks every time he came down the stairs. Le sigh.

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Okay, I should have had this thought earlier, but it only hit me know. How are you watching these? Netflix? Or do you own all the seasons on DVD? I once tried to start SG1 from the start, but I didn't have money for Netflix, so I tried free streaming online and that didn't work out so well...
Netflix instant queue. The only way to watch these things - I tried to rewatch all of VOY a couple years ago by disc and it took me 10 months to do, and that has 7 seasons.

But, yeah, the streaming doesn't work so well on older computers I've found. Which is why I use my Xbox. Makes more a lot more enjoyable watch - and a bigger screen.

And now I'm off to post a drabble, so... :)