The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 19

Day 19 / 268 Days Until I Ship

Today's episodes were "Ripple Effect" thru "Camelot."

You know, I'd honestly forgotten how good SG1 was with so much of S9. But, when you disregard the stupid and the inane and the annoying, it's really, really still an amazing series. Granted, I the only way I can really do so is to consider S9 the start of it's own "series," seperate from SG1's S1-S8, but it's still pretty amazing.

Take "Ethon," which, on the face of it, is a very cliched episode, but is so very deeply moving that it hurts. (The way Pendergast goes down with the ship? The Rand Leader's betryal? Plus the fact that aetheon was the eagle which ate Promethus' liver every day in greek myth, as well as the name Oddyseus used when trying to figure out if Penelope had been faithful while he was away during The Oddessy? I love allusions. I adore them, and this one is just perfect.)

"Crusade" is another episode that, on the face of it, I should hate, but Vala is actually a character in this one for the first time, not some great space whore, and, well, it's a powerful episode. Add that to "Camelot," which I just finished moments ago and, well, if it weren't almost midnight I would've gone on.

Now, don't get me wrong. "Ripple Effect" was SyFy corny-ness at it's best (if I did like the way that one SG1 was evil.), and "Off the Grid" was just stupid, as were the Cam-centric bits of "Stronghold," but still.

You've got to love Ba'al. And the fact that his clones die every other episode, almost comically, but it's still amazing. And the Ori do have a wonderful scariness about them that, after the initial not another goa'uld-like being blush fades, is actually quite terrifying. And the subversion of Christian mythology, with Merlin and the Holy Grail and even the immaculate conception bit, it quite daring, considering.

I almost love this series again. I miss Jack terribly, and Cam still annoys me half the time, but, god, todays episodes helped me remember why I stuck with it.

Random thoughts include: 1) Daniel's costume in "Off the Grid"? Kinda hot. First time I ever thought that about Daniel. It was very odd. 2) Ba'al is my favourite non-Replicator baddie, just because he's so deviously evil, in a very grey-area way that you've got to respect. Don't get me wrong, he's still evil, but... evil for the right reasons. 3) Vsasir is an Asgard I almost love more than Thor. I've a potentially embaressing desire to hug him after all his appearances. Go figure. 4) Why does anyone keep Dr. Lee around? Save for the comic value? 5) I think I also feel in love with Woolsey a little bit after "The Scourge," which is also potentially embaressing, but totally justifies my unnatural love of "Beautiful as Southern Skies" and solidfies my plans for him, when the Ancient!John 'verse finally gets there. 6) I've watched 194 episodes in 19 days. That's sad, especially considering I've taken longer for S9 than I have for any other season in SG1, including the first two. 7) I keep on getting struck by potential Ancient!John implications for this season, but have to restrain myself, both for timeline and in-character issues. 'Tis sad.

No new puzzle yet, but I've actually made some progress on "Legati." It's amazing.

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I discovered this post just as I was about to start an SG1 episode :P

I did like the way that one SG1 was evil.

I am intrigued.